Problem with Comments

For some reason I don’t understand, comments on this blog by David Webb, Ian B, David Wiggins and Paul Marks are being marked as spam. I’m currently not able to investigate this, but will do what I can to see that normal service is maintained.

11 responses to “Problem with Comments

  1. Nick diPerna

    Marked as spam? Maybe it’s because the guys are ‘canned ham’…


  2. Funnily enough, I received an email the other day saying you could get swine flu from eating tinned pork. Turned out to be just spam.

  3. Yes, I have a fondness for jokes like that. Although even that one surprised me…

  4. David wiggins

    Its probably just the NSA (-;

  5. Julie near Chicago

    More seriously: WordPress is behaving veryirrationally at CCiZ, also. Sending msgs saying we are “posting too quickly,” whatever the heck it thinks that means, when we submit comments. And it won’t take the comment. Open an entirely new tab, start from the home page, and mostly it will take the comment. Although sometimes we have to go through this routine three or four times. And msgs saying we’ve sent a duplicate comment when we never.

    Here a bug, there a bug ….

  6. I’m on the case, but so far I can’t find anything wrong with our settings.

    Personally, I suspect that fascist pig Obama, and those other fascist pigs in Westminster, who are probably (if they have any strategic GramscoFabiaNazi vision, which we all know that they do) trying to upset our site and make us hate each other.

    It’d be a good strategy, for all libertarians all disagree with all other libertarians about everything, as we have often said cheerfully

  7. All my comments on are all disappearing too, presumable as spam.

    So I don’t think the prob is confined to us here.

  8. Julie,

    The wordpress at CCinZ is a local installation running on Cats’s famous home server, whereas the LA Blog runs on’s service.

    Looks like have implemented some new spam heuristics which are overenthusiastic. At this rate, we’ll end up like Samizdata. Come to that, maybe said new heuristics are using some kind of similar “naughty words” filter and being politically incorrect libertarians, we’re triggering it that way.

  9. The main thing is that the comments did, in the end, appear.

    For which – many thanks.

  10. We will check the spam filter regularly, to see if anybody’s got stuck in it.