5 and a half years for schoolteacher

by D.J. Webb

What do you think of a the 5.5 year prison sentence for the 30 year old teacher who absconded with a 15 yo girl, now 16 years of age, to France?


He is hardly a real paedophile – and even less a risk to children at large – and the girl is over 16 and wants to marry him!!! He shouldn’t have just absconded with the girl, but people do much worse (rape etc) and get much shorter sentences. Are you as perplexed as I am?

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  1. “Are you as perplexed as I am?”

    Yes – all of the news reports now say (in the wake of his conviction) that he “abducted” this 15 year old “girl”. Use of the word abduction, is clearly wrong in this case, as nobody denies that the “girl” (in reality young woman) not only went willingly, but actually instigated the entire episode.

    If this guy is guilty of anything, it is that he decided to go along with the plan, even though he knew that he would be the one to take the blame as the “responsible adult”. There are times when the law is or appears to be an ass – this is one of those times.

  2. Nick diPerna

    There was the recent case of a female teacher repeatedly sexually harassing a male pupil (much to his distress). She was banned from teaching, but only after several cautions.

    And the mother of a troubled 16-year-old boy who recently slammed council officials for allowing him to set up home with his sacked 33-year-old care worker after an ‘affair’.

    I think there may be a slight gender bias, even though both lads were technically ‘legal’.

  3. completely over the top.

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  5. Well, Nick,a 33yo care worker setting up home with a 16yo troubled boy – is not a case of paedophilia – but it is an abuse of position. A lot of these cases confuse two issues 1) paedophila (not relevant to a 15yo); and 2) abuse of position or excessive age gap. Actually, a pervy 45 year old who “grooms” a 16yo is no worse – and no better – than one who grooms a 15yo. If I were the father of a 16yo, I wouldn’t want someone that age hanging round – so the age of consent is not the real issue in most of these cases. I wouldn’t stop this teacher from marrying the girl – but I’m not sure he should be a teacher again. Whether he ought to be serving a long prison sentence when rapists only get 2 years, is another question entirely…

  6. Nick diPerna

    Mr Webb. Maybe this is a better comparison recently reported of someone who also escaped a custodial sentence:

    “A mother-of-two who worked in a primary school [age 41] will be on the sex offenders’ register for five years after admitting sexual offences against a 12-year-old boy.

    Former lunchtime supervisor Lorraine King was also given a nine-month community order when she faced Winchester Crown Court for sentencing last Friday, but she escaped a jail sentence.”


    • In a normal society, these would be disciplinary matters, covered up from the external authorities unless there were special circumstances – violence, for example, or gross moral turpitude. That’s how it was when I was a boy. One sign of how degenerate we have become is the intrusion of law into the petty interactions of life.

      • Nick diPerna

        I suppose the public shame and potentially losing your job was enough punishment in itself.

  7. It’s a total monstrosity. That’s what I think.

    Progressivism is, invariably, a holocaust for civil rights. Think of the number of people jailed and ruined for indulging in narcotics. Currently we’re in another sex hysteria, and this time it’s straight men rather than gay ones.

    It is clear no crime was committed here. A regulation was broken, that is all. The judge, waxing moralist, seemed to recognise that Meghan Stammers is anything but a “victim” and so tries to claim harm to anyone else he can think of, including bizarrely “the school community” whatever the fuck that is.

    Two people had a consensual, and apparently mutually enjoyable, romance. That is all. That it is a criminal matter is an utter indictment of our legal system. It’s also another example of what a foul rage the Daily Fail is.

    It’s also by the way worth noting that the judge implied an untruth, by saying that Forrest should have waited until she’s 16. The Feminazis made it illegal for teachers and pupils up to 18, not 16, in the 2003 Sexual Tyranny Act.

    The whole thing is utterly appalling. The only people who seem, ironically, to have acted decently are Forrest and Stammers.