In Flanders Fields

I spent the afternoon in Folkestone Barracks. I found this behind a fire door outside the ladies.

2 responses to “In Flanders Fields

  1. I agree with Sean that WW1 was the single greatest disaster to befall the English People in all their history (even, dare I say it, the British ones too) – with the possible xception of WW2 which was merely the second part of the same conflict after a 21-year-armistice. In the second part, we suffered a lower amount of hundreds of kilodeaths than in the first, but with the concommitant loss of a large part of our liberty.

    Perhaps it is possible to equate quantized amounts of liberty that were “not lost” with kilodeaths paid: I do not know yet for I have not tried to encompass the mathematics of this: but I doubt that the equations wold be “dimensionally-correct”, and therefore they probably are not the right ones.