Young Man Wanted

Note: If you fancy applying for this, don’t mention that you saw the advert here. Do that, and you’ll find yourself counting the paving stones in Great Smith Street. SIG

Adam Smith Institute Gap year position
Three days left

If you are about to leave school to start a gap year this is for you. If you know someone who is and might be interested, please tell them! We are looking for a bright, enthusiastic student on their gap year between school and university to come and work for us. The role would be a mixture of administrative work around the office and helping the ASI team with their research and policy work on an ad hoc basis.

It’s a great opportunity if you want to gain some experience in an exciting think tank. We are nice, fun people to work with, so candidates should enjoy working with others as part of a team. You should be interested in our work and willing to roll up your sleeves to do some of the less glamorous work around the office too.

This position pays £6.31/hour, and depending on the candidate is either a six-month or year-long position.

If you’d like to apply, send the following to

  1. an up-to-date CV;
  2. two hundred words about yourself and why you think you’d be good for the job;
  3. a four hundred word blogpost in the style of the ASI blog about why liberty is the best policy in an area of your choosing.

Applications close on June 22nd.

4 responses to “Young Man Wanted

  1. Golly, that is great. It’s a good opportuntiy actually, to rub up against proper minimal-statists.

    That is way way better than trying to “work for”, let is say “Nick” “Clegg”. Or even “David” “Cameron”. It might, depending on your age, even beat stacking shelves in a supermarket.

    So what would you prefer to do then?

  2. I suppose a 54-year-old who graduated in 1980 would be ineligible!

  3. Edward Spalton

    What a pity I am 70 this year – but I haven’t started my gap year of been to university. Would excluding me be ageist, I wonde?