Water: what can they have been thinking?

by Richard North

Water: what can they have been thinking?000aMail 013-col.jpg

Even if they had sought to do this deliberately, I don’t think it could have been possible for the establishment to deliver a more graphic and insulting “two fingers” to the British people.

This is an establishment totally out of touch, one that is completely divorced from popular sentiment and has not the first idea just quite how devastatingly insulting this gesture is. In the history of the nation, this is a “let them eat cake” moment, when people realise that our ruling classes have totally lost it, that there is not one redeeming feature to them.


7 responses to “Water: what can they have been thinking?

  1. Nick diPerna

    Some years ago, I remember on a news programme one of their PR people saying something on the lines of “the public are sick of hearing ‘horror stories’ about people using water hoses during bans”, in a very calm and confident manner with a hint of resignation. What a manipulative sounding little prick I thought at the time.

    Our Tory foreman even shopped a local resident living next to our factory for using one.

    • Unless it’s to report someone for nocturnal gardening after his wife has “gone away,” I think grassing to the pigs is to be deprecated.

  2. Nick diPerna

    Agree Mr Gabb. I think he was taken in by all the PR propaganda at the time which equated hosepipe use with terrorism.

  3. Well, that seems perfectly reasonable to me. We need the State to protect us from terrorists, paedophiles and water wasters. God Save The State!

  4. Sticking to the point here, we must, as thinking libertarians, distinguish publicly and eternally the difference between tax evasion (which is illegal everywhere) and tax avoidance, which is merely the applying of the rules of taxation as current wherever, to how much is the least amount of tax that one – or a firm – must legally pay _somewhere_ or other…

    My students are aghast now, owing to the Wire-less Tele-vision, that it is entirely legal to register oneself or one’s firm in a given jurisdiction for tax purposes, and pay tax there rather than, say, here, at a different (usually lower) rate. They are being conditioned to read arrticles like this one in the DM to mean that the buggers are “evading paying tax” – which is fo course the deliberately fostered impression.

    So what shall we do about this then?

  5. Nick diPerna

    davidncl. Nice article. My local newspaper deletes my comments when I suggest councils are ‘legalised Mafias’.

    I find it disturbing that “Middle-class patients are generally treated better,
    and have the requisite skills to manipulate the system for their own ends.”

    These “requisite skills” are used in so many other publicly funded situations to gain advantage over the ordinary man on the street. It would appear that ‘equality’ and ‘social justice’ are indeed just legitimising ideologies for working-class oppression and middle-class privileging.