Do not view this unless you are over the age of 18 and have a strong stomach – or unless you are William Hague

I’ve been dithering about whether to post this. It is a most unpleasant picture, and I have no doubt it is of a genuine atrocity. Also, I accept that, in any civil conflict, both sides will tell lies. I have no doubt that I am giving access to an atrocity photograph. But I can have no certainty who committed the atrocity. Do not click on the link given above if you are likely to be upset by an image of violent and horrifying death.

This being said, the British Government is among the coalition of troublemakers that is committed to escalating the civil war in Syria, by supplying weapons and other support to men who seem to be bloody savages, and who might, without the assistance already given, have been defeated by now. They seem to have targeted Christians in their campaign of atrocity, and they seem to have among their objectives the destruction of a fairly secular order of things in at least the main cities of the country.

Why is the British Government so keen to support these evil men? Why is it on the brink of pledging our tax money and our moral responsibility for further atrocities of this kind? It is not enough to say that the current government in Syria is a tyranny. The world is full of tyrannies that the British Government either ignores or supports. And most tyrannical governments, unless they are also run by ideologues or lunatics, limit the number of their atrocities unless they are attacked.

We need answers from William Hague that go far beyond the bland propaganda he has been mouthing – mouthing in full knowledge of what he helped to bring about in Libya. SIG

14 responses to “Do not view this unless you are over the age of 18 and have a strong stomach – or unless you are William Hague

  1. Just as well the poor lad wasn’t selling alcohol – it could have been really bad….

    But no worries. Our main man Nick Griffin is going over there to sort them out.

  2. I had to pass up the opportunity to watch a 15yo boy being killed, so didn’t click on the link, but, yes, we are turning Syria into an ideal camp for al-Qaeda in a way that will last for decades. Syria is not going to be a democracy in the foreseeable future, and, like it or not, it was better off under Assad – but in any case we should not be intervening. There is absolutely no British interest there.

  3. john warren

    Just like David, I’m also passing on the opportunity to view. There was a similar (I assume similar) filmed incident of mindless brutality aired a few weeks ago; which is something I’ve been struggling to get out of my mind ever since. Just seeing such cruelty damages and lessens me heart and soul. It also confirms my greatest fears for the future of us all.

    Hague and his French chums, for some reason, want to stoke the flames of evil from this end whilst Russia and China stand ready to pour in more petrol from the other. Meanwhile, all those good men and women who are huddled together in the middle, along with their children, will pay the price for what can only be described monstrous stupidity.

    On the other hand, of course, the crazed butchers who committed gross crimes, will quietly return to their homes to enjoy the hugs and back-slapping. All hell broke lose in 1914. One hundred years later and the world’s politicians haven’t learned a damn thing.

    We truly do only have but one life, if we someday get a paradise option that’s great, meanwhile why can’t we just enjoy our one life the best we may, look after our own… and mind our own bloody-enough business.

  4. No, I don’t think I want to view that one either.

    Perhaps the Foreign Office is still bursting at the seams with primeval hysterical “Arabists”, like it seemed to be in most of the 20th century. While I was at University, it was openly recruiting some of the stranger fellows studying PPE-with-Arabic-History, and the like.

  5. I cannot for the life of me make sense of the Cameron regime’s policies:

    On the one hand, it clearly supports Islamic extremists groups in Syria, and now even appears ready to arm them. And it supported similar groups in Libya in 2011.

    On the other hand, it is creating an ever more oppressive surveillance state at home – all in the name of fighting Islamic extremism.

    Clearly there is some missing factor we are not being told about. But what?

  6. The thing that you are not being told is the fact that any economy that doesn’t let the dollar in to dominate its economy is evil, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Iran, Syria. So you bring down the regime and it matters not if the ensuing chaos causes misery, violence and deprivation for the people, at least we can now get Western corporate money in there and rip it off good and proper.

  7. Hector the Inspector

    Come, come: the problem is the Syrian political system, not the Syrian people, who have no connection with the political system in Syria. The solution is obvious and Mr Hague will already be on it: let’s have lots and lots of Syrians in this country. Then they can start to challenge our Somalis, Jamaicans, Afghans et al for headlines, doing jobs that the natives are too idle and lacking in vibrancy to do.

    But to understand Syria and the genetic roots of the vibrancy there, I would recommend:

  8. Can’t remember where I read it, but isn’t this simply yet another “proxy” war where we have two sides fighting over who gets access to gas and/or oil pipelines in the region…? Specifically, whoever ends up controlling Syria will directly or indirectly significantly affect Russia (Gazprom’s) ability to fix prices in the West…?

  9. @Manu…
    That may be so as regards Russia, which is still a fossil, pre-liberal-capitalist, European-Imperialist-Autocracy: just like the EU in fact. However, the difference is as follows:-
    (1) That whereas “Russia” – the USSR’s successor-state – need not worry about angering its own “captive” Muslim populations in all the ex-USSR-nations, sicne it knows it can slaughter the lot in a few minutes without compunction,
    (2) The EUSSR is trying to “elect a new people” while dissolving the various unsatisfactory ones in its eyes that it has inherited from various nations, and it’s doing this by trying to look nice towards Islamism: the UK is leading the field of course in this respect.

    I expect Hague has been “got at” by all the pan-Arabists infesting the British Foreign Office, just like those I knew as an undergraduate, and who were wetting themselves orgasmically at the thought of their coming jobs and lives. One was my “stroke” in the “Coxes’ VIII” that we went to Cambridge with in 1971, to row against their coxes’ team: I was the “ship-driver” for the day). (We lost by one length on the Cam, but they gave us a bloody good black-tie dinner in Pembroke later.) Wish I could remember his name: He could row well, and coxed Exeter-I…anybody know him, to help me out?

  10. I caved in and looked.

    What disgusting bastards these fellow are. The War Secretariat will take their names.

    The Russians have “previous” at this sort of thing, as at Katyn, where they did _exactly_ the same thing to about 14,000 Polish soldiers and officers. the skeletal remains, when found by the Germans, prove this. Perhaps we’d better let Putin arm the funny liitle boy-Assad, for then the day when these assassins responsible for this picture are similarly treated, will come sooner.

  11. Richard Coeur de Lion

    What exactly have russians got to do with this atrocity,conducted by Hague’s Al Qaeda jihadi mercenaries?

  12. They haven’t, Richard. Not yet anyway. I was merely pointing out what might happen to the foul jihadists (whatever those might be) if Putin got his way and “sent arms and aid” to boy-Assad.

  13. Library internet filter blocked it. If I might paraphrase Delilah-
    Now before
    The bodies come back by the score
    Let me go on record as saying-
    This ain’t our war!

  14. Concerned Briton

    I shall not be viewing the picture, as I can imagine the carnage well enough.

    Being very cynical, I tend to agree with “annarky” though.

    I have no proof and no investigation to back it up, because I have never looked – but it would not surprise me in the least if they are going to be asset stripped, brought under the “IMF” and ‘World Bank’ systems (if they were previously free of the grip), and even swept aside with (pre-planned) powers that are needed to be installed to create some kind of new or strengthened ‘Middle Eastern Union’ or something more “pliable” to the interests of the globalist mission and oligarchy systems.

    I do remember reading about 7 years ago that some of the places now featured in the ‘Arab Spring’ and current turmoil elsewhere were obstacles to this. Unfortunately, again, I cannot back this up at the moment. It is just the cynic in me slotting this vague picture into mind.

    I suppose this cynicism happens when you get repeatedly lied to and your nation (not even at the behest of the people) gets involved in all sorts of ‘regime changes’ and wars in which it has no other obvious connection with.

    I do not believe we should interfere in anything which is not a direct threat to our people.

    I have seen exposes given on the Russia Today news channel (which admittedly has a slant of its own) that showed how sub-groups of the CIA and such were destabilising and agitating countries years prior to the ‘Arab Spring’.

    I also remember Anthony Blair unashamedly telling the British business world to pretty much ‘fill your boots’ over in Iraq after the aftermath left behind from that escapade.

    All these little things start to give you a very bleak view of what might really be going on via the ‘world stage’ our ‘leaders’ are embedded into. As I say, I might be completely unfounded, I am just throwing a comment out there!