I Need Feminism Because…

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  1. Nick diPerna

    I Need Feminism Because… I like a good laugh.

  2. Oddly enough femmism, of the radical political sort, has often been pushed by men – not just Frankfurt School types (seeking replacements for the industrial workers who had “failed” the Marxist cause), but by French collectivists (going all the way back to Rousseau and co) and even (yes!) those old classic conspiracy theory fodder – the Bavarian Illuminarti.

    What better way of underminging such central features of traditional society )(for collectivists have long known that to win they must undermine traditional society) as the family, than to turn women against such things. And make women think that it is all their own idea – and that collectivism will “liberate” them.

  3. You have control over yourself. That’s all you should expect to get. No one will give you control because no one has authority to do so. And be specific. Control over what? Other People? To hell with that. I’m no authoritarian and I urge you to not be one either, especially now that tyranny is trending. Good luck with that.

  4. Or maybe I misunderstood your protest. Perhaps such a complex idea or request can’t be adequately displayed with ten words on a piece of paper.

  5. Lynn Atkinson

    In the UK we had superiority. The men did all the brutish work for us, going to war, burying the dead, providing our homes and food. But that was not enough for the failed women like Germain Greer. Now look at what she and her ilk have engineered! A MESS and millions of unhappy women!

  6. Nick diPerna

    The Daddy State has become the ultimate provider, privileging women at the expense of men who are still the greatest net tax contributors.

    As a modern man, you’re reminded not to expect anything in return for the dinner you just bought her. I’m fine with that, but why does she always leave her purse at home? That’s how I sum up modern feminism.

  7. What is the origin of this photo? Is it meant genuinely, or is it satire?

  8. Outside of standard leftist skills of lying, the feministas have , residing within themselves, exactly ZERO power. The problem is the millions of manginas and, even worse, white-knighting male nitwits who jump to swallow the femmi-bullshit.

  9. I’ve often thought that the way to deal with FemiNazism is through sex. Unfortunately, this strategic assault won’t get executed, for most men are too weak and will crumple up after a few days of self-deprivation, specially the very very young men and boys, those under say about 45/50. As I say, it will never work: for some men, perhaps several tens or hundreds of millions, will break ranks and fail to submit to Army Discipline. But it is an idea.

    Since no woman is capable of shagging another – however hard they pretend – men should collectively state that no woman will be shagged – or “pleasured” (whatever that may mean) by any man, anywhere at any time, for any reason, henceforth, until all the intellectual-FemiNazis on the planet (this will take quite some time) have been “dellivered” to the War Secretariat, for “questioning”. As deprivation begins to set in, say after a few months I would estimate, there will come a trickle of individuals: some may bear the marks of attempted lynching by their enraged and frustrated sisters who will rightly blame their enforced celibacy upon the FemiNazis’ writings and exhortations, but the trickle will slowly increase in time. We may get them all, or we may not: chances are that by the time FemiNazism is obliterated as a policy-position, the hardened and bitter and most wicked citadel-occupiers will have died anyway.

    After a few weeks or perhaps months, many ordinary women will also break ranks and “offer” themselves. Since we have been here for perhaps 200,000 years as a modern hominid species and over 6 million since Hominids diverged from classical Great Apes, it cannot be that sex is something that is purely “done to women by men”: There had to be some complicitness, and still has to be, on the part of all those Hominid females, or else all human copulation would be classed as rape, which it clearly cannot be.

    If “all” men were to agree to absolutely deny sex (for ever) to all women except those who agree to reject FemiNazism permanently and all its works, we will soon start to see a crumbling of this false doctrine I think. I don’t know – it’s just a thought.

  10. Nick diPerna

    Mr Davis. I’ve actually heard people from the ‘Manosphere’ (the coalition of Men’s Rights Activists – MRAs, Pick-up Artists – PUAs and Men Going Their Own Way – MGTOWs) talk about a sex or marriage strike.

    The FemiNazis have already responded with proposed state controlled sperm banks and compulsory male castration clinics. Taxation, positive discrimination and divorce legislation, is already doing an excellent job of transferring consumer power from men to women. Now all they need is some good sperm cells from a few men of their choosing.

    There could already be a backlash though, because women are starting to come forward declaring how unfulfilling their lives are after long exposure to a ‘Sex and The City’ lifestyle. The Daily Filth reported today that one million children are growing up without a male role model – men being absent from homes and even schools.

    My idea of romance is a 3 course meal at the local KFC. Well it’s kept me out of trouble so far…

  11. Just came up on YouTube today:

  12. What is “Sex and the City”? I admit that I have heard of it, and wondered what it is, but have not the “get-up-and-go” to go to some city or other and find out. I suppose I migt find whatever it is in Liverpool or perhaps Manchester? No more than 50 miles or so: I could raise steam for that.