George Formby in Child Sex Allegations

Comic Icons: George Formby(AP) – London, 3rd June 2013: The body of deceased comedian George Formby should be exhumed, to see if he was the notorious “Rock Man,” says Moira Perge of the KidS care! charity.

In recent days, the British show business community has been rocked by allegations that Formby, who died in 1961, was a violent paedophile who abused children as young as two days old at the top of Blackpool Tower. A woman, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, claims she suffered abuse over a four day period in 1932. “He touched me, he did,” the victim told the Associated Press from her bed in a Birkenhead care home. “I’m sure it was him. I’ll never forget his leering face as he held the stick of rock in his hand. Ooh, it was right disgusting what he done to me. He ruined me life, I think.”

Speaking from a Blackpool City Council conference in the Maldives, Moira Perge called for an immediate investigation of the claims. “These are appalling crimes,” she said. “We need to send out a message that no one, no matter how far he may think himself beyond the reach of justice, is safe.” she added: “Above all, we need to know if he was buried with a stick of Blackpool rock. If so, it will be plain that he took his sick secret with him to the grave.”

Inspector Woo of the Merseyside Police Authority confirmed that Operation Bloodmoney has been set up to investigate the claims. He said: “We are looking for a man in his late 90s who may once have taken sandwiches to Formby as he rested between bouts of abuse. Five hundred officers have been assigned to the search. Interpol has been alerted. We expect an arrest within days.”

George Formby was a much-loved British Comedian between the Wars. He also had a television series on the BBC that ended in 1957. It is believed that he may have met Jimmy Savile in the late 1940s.

No one at the BBC was available for comment. But it is believed that the British Film Institute is burning all the negatives of Formby’s film performances. His statue has already been removed from display in Wigan. An on-line petition has been started to have all reference to him deleted from Wikipedia.

4 responses to “George Formby in Child Sex Allegations

  1. Crass and insulting and in very poor taste. Does nothing to critique the Saville allegations it attempts to satirize, instead makes this blog look like the home of grumbling idiots longing after a mythical golden age where their kind was in charge.

  2. “Their kind”?–Want to elaborate on that pal?

    Their kind being old-fashioned believers in evidence and the appliance of reason as opposed to marxiod feminist controlled lying bullshiters aided and abetted by the “scandal” peddled by an ignorant and scummy (non-existent) witch hunting media.
    The more I look into the Yewtree twaddle , the more convinced I am that Saville is entirely innocent on all counts.

    Check out “Anna Racoon” and “The Death of the Life of Jimmy Saville” blogs for some insight into the shite that passes for “evidence” these days.

  3. To be sure, if Jimmy Savile had been *guilty* on even half the counts, he’d never have had time to fix things for anyone else.