A Nice Explanation of the Trinity

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  1. Hugo Miller


  2. Percy Bill

    Ah, so now the Libertarian Alliance is in the business of saving souls?

  3. Chris Morriss

    What is the point of this silly diagram?

    • If you don’t want England to become an Islamic state, you’d better start acquainting yourself with our Christian heritage.

      I had a debate with a Moslem evangelist a while ago in Ashford. He came up to me with a condescending look that got right on my tits. I waited a few minutes, while he committed himself to trying to bring me over, then launched into a full defence of Christianity and the Crusades. I also ripped into Islam and the Koran. He didn’t pull out a machete, but he did get an old man with a beard over to start whining at me.

  4. This is a clearer and better description of the attributes of the Trinity:

    In each case, contradiction of each of the “is not” statements leads to a specific heresy.

    • I agree with John that the diagram he gives is better. The diagram that I give has a psychological temptation to the Arian Heresy, so far as it places the Father above the Son.

  5. Is there any statement, anywhere, that says that classical liberals, minimal-statists, or libertarians, or indeed people holding any integration of undifferentiated-vector-components of all or any of these three stands of thought, ought not to believe in a Just and Merciful God?

    No, I did say “a merciful God”.

    Not like Allah at all – sorry. No I can’t buy the hypothesis that Allah is merciful – not ny the “Acts Of His Apostles”, acted out daily in “His” Creation (if indeed it is “his”) – specially in chop-chop-square. No, I’d not like as a conscious lliving human with a living, thinking, real-time-modelling brain, to be treated “mercifully” in that way: no, not.)

  6. Chris Morriss

    Since I see no reason to believe that the ‘father figure’ god of whom Jesus spoke is the same as the amoral, vengeful, tribal god of the old testament, these diagrams are meaningless.
    Islam is simply a heretical version of Judaism. I hope that Christianity is a great deal more than that.

    • It can be argued that the Greeks and not the Jews were the Chosen Race, and that Christ was given a Jewish mother only to keep the Greeks from bursting with self-importance.

  7. Johannes Kantelberg
  8. So… our made up nonsense is better than their made up nonsense?