Turn off the Programming

by Euro Vigilante

A correspondent recently wrote that he was tired of watching mainstream media news programming.

Here was my reply:

My solution, a couple of years ago, was just to stop watching the news. It’s all just government propaganda, anyway, delivered by journalists terrified of losing their lobby correspondent passes, BBC sinecures, and other ‘government beat’ reporting privileges.

Most of their stories – except perhaps sex and sport, which provide us proles with relieving circuses – are just government press releases anyway. The government-licensed media franchises suck them in like manna from heaven and treat them as holy gospel (e.g. The plight of the ‘rebels’ in Syria, as written by a Foreign Office policy wonk).

All genuine news comes from the Internet now anyway (e.g. the horror of the Al Qaeda/MI6/CIA Western-government-supplied ‘rebels’ in Syria releasing Sarin gas on civilians and being appalling cannibals). That’s why the self-appointed ‘authorities’ (who failed to receive their ‘authority’ either from me, you, or God) want to wrap the Internet in chains.

The only other supposedly non-government news-reporting sector is business and finance, but that’s a joke, as 95% of financial firms are government-sponsored enterprises run by government-privileged (e.g. FSA-approved) semi-civil ‘servants’, dependent on government-provided fiat money, fiat money insurance, and unstated guarantees of bail-outs.

Do yourself a favour. Just stop watching ‘the news’. Every time in the future you might then occasionally re-watch it, it becomes extremely obvious how manipulated it is, and how the obvious answer to virtually every ‘problem’ it discusses, is that the government should get booted out of whichever area the ‘problem’ is in (e.g. the NHS, various fomented wars around the world, the state of the roads).

It becomes blindingly obvious that private enterprise, the free market, and free competition should be employed instead, which is why you constantly hear about failures of the NHS to supply health sevices, but never hear stories about semi-free supermarkets failing to deliver food services. (I’m sure the British government would like to have created an NFS, a National Food Service, after its second world war, extended upon its rationing scheme. Even now it is constantly interfering in food services to make them worse (e.g. their war against fat). But the horror of an NFS is just too appalling to contemplate – even for the idiots of Whitehall – with endless queues, miserably bad food, and deaths through malnutrition. So even parliament’s clowns are too reticent to do it in the open. Though expect fat rationing and ‘luxury food’ taxes, anytime soon.)

Alas, never hold your breath waiting for any ‘news’ reporter to ask the dreaded question, “Why doesn’t the government just stop making a continual hash of this and simply get out of the way?”

No licensed mainstream journalist is ever going near that particular elephant in the global media garden, because it’s called ‘news programming’ for a reason. The two main programs are that ‘government is always good and always necessary’ and that ‘we need more government’. However, it’s a mark of high intelligence that these two constant messages are making you so tense. Your mind is obviously rejecting the implants. Avoid the propaganda programming entirely. Do yourself a mental favour.

Turn it off.

As the Oracle said in ‘The Matrix’, you’ll start feeling better straightaway.

10 responses to “Turn off the Programming

  1. Actually the West made a choice a couple of years ago NOT to be the big arms supporter of the Syrian rebels – leaving the Saudis (and other Gulf states) to be the main arms supplyers. Naturally enough they choose to supply weapons and support to the most radical groups (the House of Saud has been in alliance with the most extreme form of Sunni Islam since the early 1700s).

    Would moderate Syrian rebel groups have come out on top had the the British and Americans really backed them in a big way?

    I doubt it – but that should not allow a distortion of history.

    Barack Obama has been President – not John McCain (a man who certainly would have supported favoured rebels groups with vast amounts of weaponary and so on).

    John McCain appears to be a man who still (even at his advanced age) feels he has something to prove – almost as if he is ashamed at having been taken alive during the Vietnam war (although as he was so badly injured after his aircraft was shot down was suicide or fighting to the death ever a practical possibility for him?). His years of torture in the “Hanoi Hilton” being replaced by years of frustration since – defeat in 2000 by a person he thought of as an ex drunk and general nonenity, defeat in 2008 by someone whom he (quite correctly) regards as not loyal to the United States at all (and thus not fit to serve – let alone serve as Commander in Chief). And many years of sneering by the media (who once presented themselves as his friends – due to his habit of attacking more conservative and libertarian Republicans) – for example the campaign against him in 2008 where the media presented McCain as a man so out of touch with the modern world that he “could not use a computer” (that campaign McCain could have crushed by pointing out that this was because all his fingers were so broken during torture that arthritus set in years ago – making it impossible for him to use a keyboard – but McCain’s pride made such an answer very difficult for him). almost as contemptable as the campaign against McCain in the South Carolina primary where he was presented (by “robo calls”) as a the father of a nonwhite child – the child is in fact adopted, but McCain was too angry with the campaign to even lower himself to reply to it (a serious misunderstanding of politics – politics is conducted in the gutter, someone who is not prepared to live there should not be in politics).

    Still that is a long tangent – and it simply makes the point that John McCain is NOT President. There has been no McCain style policy in Syria (although it seems impossible to keep the Senator out of the place – almost as with a moth and a flame….).

    The present situation in Syria certainly can not be blamed on Western intervention (although liars, or all types, will attempt to blame the West for it) as a policy of intervention has not really been followed.

    Although, as I have already said, I doubt a policy of intervention would have done much good (I suspect the most radical rebel groups would have come out on top anyway).

    As for ending the ban on arms supplies next Saturday.

    Well perhaps a policy of arming the moderates would have worked two years ago (although I doubt it), but surely it is too late for this now?

  2. I must be a freak. I became self-aware of phenomenons like group identity from the age of 6 or earlier and have always been mistrustful of the mainstream. My lower working class parents were always the complete opposite, so I don’t know where I get it from. I left home at 22, and to this day, have never had television in my house. I do like some old TV shows and old films though, and enjoy independent commentary on Youtube.

    I’ve struggled to watch most modern Hollywood movies, which in my view, are mostly banal morality stories laced with statist or imperialist propaganda (or whatever the common concerns of the day happen to be). The ‘industry’ is managed by gatekeepers who will water down anything that might challenge your perceptions. I even found the Martrix and Inception predictable, because those concepts are old hat to sci-fi literature.

    It has been speculated that journalists keep close ties to Government because they are lazy and it requires more effort and expense to check independent sources.

  3. If I do have the news on I have the sound off and subtitles on. I always have ‘what are they trying to SELL?’ running in the back of my mind all the time. It’s usually – 95% – more State intervention of one kind or the other.
    I highly recommend Outfoxed. I gave a copy to Sean some time ago I think. It is made by Lefties but no worse for that. It primarly concerns news agendas and media manipulation.

    • I listen to the 7am bulletin on Radio 3. Apart from that, I read many of the articles that get forwarded to me via e-mail. It is difficult to pay no attention whatever to the media. Much of its output is lies or as good as lies. But, though it’s useful to see what lies are currently being pumped out, there is much value in avoiding the overall narrative that they adorn.

  4. Nick diPerna

    Just had another thug come round to check my premises for a TV. The BBC keeps sending them, but I won’t let them in.

  5. Nick diPerna

    Don’t beat yourself up too much Dr Gabb. You’ve shown more than enough resolve in other areas over the years :-).

  6. The “detector vans” are cmpletely empty, by the way. There’s nothing inside them: just a load of dummy aerials and scary-looking stuff on the tops. They can the cruise about slowly in sink-estates, terrorizing single mothers into having to pony up. That way, the state can gererate more crime.

    • They got me when I bought a new DVD recorder with a card. Most thoughtless, I agree. I ignored the brown envelopes for a year, then caved in.