Woolwich Murder: Some Balance Needed Here


Anjem Choudary doesn’t speak for all Moslems in this country, and this needs to be borne in mind. SIG


4 responses to “Woolwich Murder: Some Balance Needed Here

  1. Choudary didn’t speak at all on the attack itself: he simply refrained from condemning (or condoning) it.

  2. Oh, and for the record: If Mr Choudary thinks the Woolwich Murder was a good thing – and it is possible that he does in a Gerry Adamsish sort of way – the Libertarian Alliance supports his right to do so.

  3. Roger Thornhill

    I too noticed the MCB and the Islamic Society of Britain both put out clear, unequivocal statements, with none of the mumble-swerve talk of “innocents” which used to creep in.

    The two men appear to be, IMHO, a form of drone attack, remotely controlled.

  4. john warren

    85 year old woman handcuffed, arrested and put in a police van for telling a few Muslim ‘worshippers’ to go home. She’s been charged and will appear in court soon. Well maybe not too soon for they’ll no doubt give her time to die now she’s been mentally roughed-up a bit..

    In the past 24 hrs, I’ve received emails from all over the world. Our true friends abroad, even though they are also being terrorised by their own governments, cannot believe what they are hearing. ‘Have the British gone completely mad’ seems to be the most often expressed sentiment.

    An old friend in NZ reminded me that now that the predicted flow of blood has turned the streets red, the funeral pyre also predicted by Profesor E Powell, will soon be ready for lighting. I feel sure he’s right.

    Pushing old ladies around after hiding from criminals bent on murder doesn’t look good for the plod in Kent. The people might soon object to it. They will certainly be obliged to take note of it.

    If the government AND plod are against the principles of free speech what other way is left for people to go?