Emma West in Court Today – 23rd May 2013

According to “Jeff Bean,” posting to some of the comments sections of this Blog: “I have just seen Croydon Crown court listings and it shows 23rd May 2013 Emma Louise West is appearing now. She has well and truly been slipped under the radar.”

I’ve just checked the listings too. Though I can’t find a permanent url for linking, the name certainly appears. She was in Court 4. Whether she will be there again tomorrow I’m not able to say.

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  1. john warren

    And there they will all sit, po-faced and pious members of the legal profession all waiting to make an example of a woman who they will ‘prove’, to the satisfaction of any old Judge, used un-called for foul language when debating the benefits, or not, of the UK’s immigration policy. When is a hate crime not a crime? When it should rightly remain the gift of free speech handed down to us by our forebears.

    Whilst outside the criminal court, in the streets of London, there can be seen the butchered head of a drummer-boy rolling in a gutter foaming of much blood. One of the butchers directly responsible for the ensuing river of blood, is being carefully airlifted for urgent medical treatment.

    Currently in England, 49 separate police investigations are running in regard to Muslim grooming gangs. Why is the BBC not broadcasting any of that news? It is news isn’t it? They broadcasted an awful lot when Emma West committed her so-called crime. When she verbally and bravely took on several dozen immigrants, they were spreading that news for several days. But now very little, if any, news now about vulnerable young white girls who have been repeatedly raped by gangs of Muslim beasts. What the hell is going on in this bloody country of ours?

    One day, sooner or later, some of us will either have to wake up, get up and fight, or roll over and die. That’s how serious it has now become.
    This situation might be reversed if the UK was financially strong but we aren’t, we are totally, absolutely broke. Without the huge cash sums that daily roll in from all the various car taxes (including so-called motoring fines) being regularly rung from motorists, this nation of ours couldn’t genuinely afford to feed the starving and homeless with a plate of fish and chips.

    Enjoy another good Friday my fellow libertarians.

  2. Julie near Chicago

    The pieces I’ve seen (admittedly not many) all refer to it as a “killing.” Not one says “murder.” –In the headline or subject line, I mean.

  3. I understood from the Court that the 23rd was for what is called “For Mention” – and does not require Emma’s attendance. Apparently, it is some kind of procedure whereby the prosecution or defence can bring matters to the notice of the court or judge……below is the reply I received to my constant enquiries

    ..From: Nurse, Wendy
    Sent: 21 May 2013 15:30
    To: Croydon Crown, Enquiries

    From: Nurse, Wendy
    Sent: 21 May 2013 15:30
    To: Croydon Crown, Enquiries

    This case has no date for any trial as yet. There will be a hearing on 23 May 2013 but this is only for a mention


  4. I spoke to a very pleasant lady this afternoon 24th May 2012 from Croydon Crown court, who was very understanding about my concern over the amount of time it is taking to prosecute Emma West. She told me that Emma is in very poor health and the case is now scheduled for the 24th June, depending on how she is at that time. Poor woman.

  5. Vigorniensis

    What injections have they given Emma? Have they poisoned her?

  6. @Vigorniensis…
    …I know that name. (Is that what I think you meant? When were you up? Might I even know you?)

    I expect that she’s in poor health because the fucking GramscoFabiaNazi bastards have made her that way on purpose, through stress.

  7. Hi,
    I have written before about the wife’s ongoing court case for the same charge dating back to july 2006 and I will not bore you with the details as I have written in depth on our trauma and ordeal.She is unrecognisable from the pretty woman I married.She has ovedosed on drugs and tried frequently to starve herself to death,She weighs now just over 5 stones again.I know when I was charged with the same offences,all blatant lies of Blunkett’s hearsay evidence,the police were knocking on the door again with 2 whitecoats.I do not now what was going on as I was in the cells in darkness for 4 nights at Wimbledon on another trumped up charge.The same bobbies were involved again working for the good old political correct Merton safer neighbourhood teams.This is despite 2 suspensions for perjury.
    Intesting fact the local authority had accessed the wife’s medical records and knew she had a previos breakdown when a provacative act of extreme violence and abuse by 50 neighbours,and many imported from outside,led to us being charged with racial aggravated abuse.This is the most heinous crime in the United Kingdom.An eviction was immediately issued and 4 court injunctions each from Croydon Court.My wife had collapsed but I was forced to attend and submitted to a baying frenzied mob heckling me.I was banned from 200 -400 metres of my own home by Judge Parker a lady district judge at Croydon Magistrates Court.I am sure you can all see the ramifications in this as I am also my wife’s principal carer.
    Emma’s case seems to be following a smilar path.
    My wife was too ill to attend court and sfter about 2 years the Official Solicitor took on her case as a protected witness,She was then charged with failing to comply with the legal process.
    We are now in spring 2013 and legal has been scrapped.A forensic solicitor has examined the wife and now claims she has capacity to defend herself in court.Her ptrotected witness status has been removed and she is no longer entitled to legal aid .She will have to substitute privately funded legal defence if she wishes to continue.Mysteriously the original charge of racial aggravated harrassment has been removed after 7 years,persumably as there was no evidence except hearsay.My wife has complied with the lawful process to the best of her ability without exception.
    However the local authority backdated her into 10000 pounds rent arrears and after transfering the housing stock to Merton Priory Homes the housing association has issued another eviction for unpaid rent.The amount was deemed unlawful by the housing officer at London borough of Merton and the amount has been reduced and a payment plan submitted by the housing association which we have paid since it’s inception.I trust this is in the housing officer’s own handwriting as she visited the premises on that day and tis would constitute a written contract.

    Good luck Emma and don’t let them grind you down as your family needs you.Stay strong you have our support always.

  8. john warren

    David Davies:

    Cruel man to leave the curious among us in the dark. Who is Vigorniensis? Is ‘he’ a ‘she’ maybe?

    No clue to be had from her, his, their, its comment. Is what it is hot or cold? Is it an illness or a cure? Can’t find her, him, it or them in the dictionary. Who is Vigorniensis? (some wretched government plant only you know about perhaps – you’ll pay a tidy price if it is)

    Tell us what you know for God’s sake man. I’ve gardening to do.

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  11. Asian countries for Asians.

    Black countries for Blacks.

    but White countries for everybody?

    That’s GENOCIDE!

    Anti-racist is a codeword for Anti-White