What to do about political parties in the UK, and about democracy

David Davis

First of all, please could I admonish all the Chimpanzee-Type-writers who have posting rights from the Nissen Hut, that each chimpanzee ought to post his name is italics, and in blue, at the head of each post that he lets to be typed by the junior-chimpanzees? I’ve been doing it for years, but some of the other chimpanzees, particularly the “newbugs” recently inducted in the “1995 conscript class”, don’t seem to be complying with this order. It’s merely the good old collectivist principle of “best practice”, which of course drives most forms of modern British State Repression, that prompts me to ask this favour, of course in the interests of “enhanced health and safety”.

Then, what of all this “swivel-eyed-loons” business? We certainly can’t suggest on here who said it, or even if it had been said, but it doesn’t sound like something that even fascist-leftoid journos (most of the buggers) in 2013-Britain would make up as a story. It is entirely plausible to believe that the “party hierachies” of all three components of the ruling-LibLabCon Party would believe this, in their hearts, about their “activists” “on the ground” … That phrase, which I have heard a lot from politico-apparatchiks, says volumes about where ordinary people are perceived to be, and by dint of implication, where the politicos are instead.

I can certainly envisage Dread-Millibanana privately saying this kind of sneeringly arrogant stuff about LabourNazi party activists too. So this abstraction in itself – which is to say, a probably widely and deeply-held belief at “top levels” – that the “grass roots” are to be despised and are some sort of scum to be grittingly-tolerated but to remain unloved and preferably kept out of sight of the BBC’s cameras (‘coz THEY SMELL), is widespread in the British Political-EnemyClass.

In view of history, it would be a pity if the British Tory Party was to implode suddenly and especially right now. If it did and it did it through sudden realised mass-exasperation from the “masses” against the “political class”, then this is exclusively the fault of its “leaders”, who have allowed themselves to be seduced into the infernal maw of Eurosocialism, and all the delights that this offers movers-and-shakers, through lots of opaque processes hidden behind a seemingly benign technocracy.

UKIP is perhaps not ready, not quite, to take on the enormous responsibility of trying to dismantle, by itself, one of the planet’s most internally-powerful and potentially-repressive State-machineries that was ever put together. Who would be their Home Secretary, for instance – with authority to completely neutralise, for example, senior police chiefs who bridled and dissembled and shuffled their feet, and spoke quietly to “well-placed-journalists on the Guardian and at the BBC” when told to “take care of” … well, whoever they were “asked” to take care of?

The enormous and unguessable distance, placed unilaterally between politicians and “The People” and done by the politicians, is now so mined with traps and so on, that it’s hard to see quite how the gap can be rebridged without some terrible catastrophes happening in the meantime.


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  1. Mea culpa on the naming.

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