Proof that Evil Traitor Heath Infected with Evil Paedo Virus by Evil Shape-shifting Lizard Jimothy Saveloy

Oh, but I’m getting so bored by the paedo witchhunt that I can barely feel alarmed by the latest turns in its lunacy. A Coronation Street actor is now being done for an alleged assault 46 years ago – the complainant is now 61! I suggest that anyone who waits this long before making a complaint should be ignored without further investigation. There should be a limitation on child sex prosecutions of three years from the date of the alleged offence, or one year from the complainant’s reaching the age of 18, whichever is longer.

This isn’t because I think well of people who have sex with persons under the age of consent – I don’t – but because the present law is almost self-evidently unjust, and will eventually bring the criminal justice system into ridicule and contempt.

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  1. john warren

    Isn’t it rich? Aren’t we a pair? We got away with so much it hardly seems fair.

  2. Erm….. Stuart Hall just pleaded guilty to sex offences over 20 years old. If your barnpot idea was the law this would never have happened.

  3. Yes I am bored of the witch hunt as well.I am bored of the fact none of the politicians such as Ted Heath were ever brought to trial.A blatant homosexual was warned as to his future conduct by the Privy Council.despite obtaining boys from Savile to ingratiate himself.Was he blackmailed to cede british sovereignty by joining the EU.Do you ever shake your head and question why none of the politicians,and royalty are ever banged to rights.Is there such a thing as carte blanche as I am led to believe?Do you think we should forget about their little shenanigans and brush it under the carpet.There is more to come out,please be patient.The ancient singers and actors are expendable now.When the Savile story broke I remember some unsavoury events 40 years ago concerning Ted,nobody believed at the time.

  4. The femmi-commissars–as IanB -pointed out are trying for a Steven Lawrence moment. The Gilbert & Sullivan rousts of all these old timers are to send the message that the police are in the hags pocket. Any man who has looked at women in a manner she didn’t care for, any time in the last 70 years, will be treated by the blue pork as if he had been caught 19 minutes ago, wearing a ski-mask and carrying a knife in a schoolgirls bedroom.

  5. Mrs Bissy Bodyl

    He never married you know he never married, he alway’s stayed single.

  6. Sounds about right to me.

  7. Made me laugh the statement they made today, they’re going to prison for
    a long time, many don’t have much time left look how old they are!

  8. Stuart Hall pleaded guilty?. Ever heard the words “plea bargain”?. Beloved of the Federal tyranny, how it works is that they line up so many bullshit charges that if you go to a Jury trial and lose you will get 500 years of jail time. Accept a guilty plea to a lesser list of crimes and you will be hit by a pamphlet being thrown at you rather than the book. Of course you will still be a criminal and ruined for life but, with the laws stacked against you to such a degree that 83% of federal cases end in conviction and the most rotten gang of crooks in the Western Hemi prosecuting, the lesser of two weevils wins. Hall was probably drawn a lovely picture of the public-hate that would come his way in a Jury trial and, if he lost, the very real prospect of dying (at his age I wouldn’t even buy green bananas ) in jail vs a lesser roust and lighter punishment despite being branded a sex criminal for all time.

  9. I think your’re right, there was a time when we used to see Not Guilty verdicts at the local court, those day’s have gone, again this was down to the labour government, they now have a proceedure now where cases have to be refered to MP’s regarding law breaking in public office, Smith won;t except issues from alleged republicans, perhaps they should be allowed access to republican MP’s, the policy of the new local resolution proceedures are an injustice in themselves, denial of an impartial lawyer or any lawyer, and only legal redress via an MP, who in honesty is going to little in the way of justice for nay alleged republican where ever they may be. You’re right about crooks, these are very serious croooks involved in all sorts of illegal methods of prosecution, hev you seen the costs of the cases thus far, millions and millions, the funny thing is the local rag obtained the FOI documents on the local hospital and police, have copies, doctors and nurses watching porn at work, local police watching porn. We have had cases of very serious sexual assualts in the NSH, no prosecutions, many cases have been refered to the GMC again no prosecutions, one law for the state one for everybody else. This business about being ruiend for life, or having to life a life in poverty as a result of being falsely arrested is a bollocks, brought in by nut cases.

  10. Firstly, we must all remember that children are now state-property: this was always part of the GFNs’ agenda. We’re getting towards the final 25% of the GramscoFabiaNazi time-focussed-and-tactically-moderated-strategic-plan, and the fucking bastards’ “objectives” are now “in view”. Even they, wicked though they were , are and will forever be, couldn’t bring themselves to plan ahead without their major result “coming in” in more than 13-14 decades. Quintus Fabius Cunctator had rather shorter horizons than even that, and he wanted his plan to work in under 15 years or so, and he succeeded.

    Secondly, the rise of the EphemerAztec-Celebrity-AdulaCulture, which I think was done on purpose (why else subvert not only news-coverage and opinion on the broadcast/press media, but also “popular culture”?) has meant that nobody alive today either actually knows (or even can quite remember) who all these tired old pensioner males are.

    Have you noticed? Nobody arrested or charged is actually….a woman…? (Are there no women who seduce young males in studios and classrooms and so forth?

    I could name one…I remember her very well, and she was actually a rather pretty brunette 35-year old unmarried woman (she’d been co-opted at 17 shillings an hour (for overseas readers, in 1967 this was quite a lot of money) by my poor mad mother to teach me “more maths for your A-level studies”, and I was 15, and you could see the lace of her (always blue or pink they were) slip gradually showing more and more inches as she sat right next to and over me, and it was very lovely! Stuff that happened was very very delicious…and I could name her, but I will not, so the bastards can sod off. It’s nobody’s effing business anyway, least of all Gestapo prosecutors (they can waterboard me if they like, I still won’t grass that lovely little woman up.) It was a very private matter and she would be 81 or 82 now. I remember – she drove a white Triumph Herald 1250 (remember those anyone?) and use to collect me, take me to “hers” , where we’d “work”, and drive me home, afterwards. I learned (some) maths that year I can tell you now.

    Aside from that, these poor male pensioners are being used in a “modelling experiment” – which was the point where I got distracted by memories. What’s really happening is that the state-prosecutors of the SonderGericht division are trying out how it plays, if they stick selections of dreadful charges onto poor old gits who nobody remembers, but that the charges are such as to whip up mass-media-directed-mobs in righteous indignation and hysteria. They’re trying to negate the obvious advantages of a Jury-Trial, by so publicly-poisoning the entire “watching masses” that it’d be impossible to field an impartial Jury against someone who had done something to even very very slightly displease the state.

    The poor old gits, of course, who nobody remembers, were once famous “TV Icons”. Isn’t this what the foul Aztecs and Incas and all those awful knife-wielding Nazi pre-capitalist-barbarian “civillisations” did to people – often those whom they’d given all the food and all the girls (or boys?) to for a year, or so…? To do what they willed? Are we truly regressing to pre-capitalist-barbarism, under socialism?

    Or not?

    Discuss. Go on…You know that you want to.

  11. A bit late to this thread, but… My heart sank when I saw the Hall guilty plea. Yewtree needed a first scalp, and now they have it. The concept of justice has been entirely trampled now by a stampeding mob frenzied by moral panic.

    I can understand why an elderly man in his position would accept a plea bargain, for the reasons described by Ecks above. But it is sad.

    Ecks quotes me, some time ago, saying they want a Steven Lawrence Moment. I still stand by that. The thing they are after though is a complete repudiation of the 1970s. It represents the period between the two Feminist waves, when First Wave Political Correctness all but collapsed, and before Second Wave PC had been installed, under which we now live.

    First Wave PC was the Victorian/Progressive system. It was installed at the behest of upper class matrons, seeking a puritan value system to maximise their own benefit (strict control of men and morality, such as temperance, censorship etc). They then demanded the vote in the expectation that women voters would maintain that system in place. Having achieved as much as they could, FW Feminism withered away. Intelligent educated women gravitated to marxism and other such ideologies. As such, there was nobody left minding the Feminist store; and as a consequence, that first wave of PC broke down.

    It turned out that women en masse, even with the vote, didn’t really like it that much; because it restricted their freedom too. Feminists believed that women are naturally reluctant virgins who only have sex due to male pressure. That isn’t true. When the Pill arrived, the women were truly free. And Puritanism wasn’t what most of them wanted.

    So, the second wave arose, out of a small cabal of upper class, prudish protestant and Jewish princesses. By tying themselves to the Left, they could pretend to be new and radical, even though all they were doing was resurrecting the aged Victorian system. (A few more liberal feminist writers spotted this, and denounced the Radicals as “Neo-Victorian” in the Village Voice, but were sadly ignored).

    One has to grudgingly admire them for their success. The breakdown of the Victorian system by 1970 was so complete that people less motivated- or less mad- would have thought the situation hopeless. But they persevered. It took torrents of propaganda, endless political manouevering, moral panics of an insane nature like Satanic Ritual Abuse, and a cunning alliances with remants of first wave puritanism on the American Religous Right, the adoption of “trauma” narratives from loony therapists, the Recovered Memory cult, and enormous dogged persistence, but they did it. They reinstalled sexual Puritanism.

    Hence the need to kill, specifically, the 1970s. It represents the world without puritan feminist rules. It represents a time when they were not in control. It is thus vital to their campaign to show this period as one of horror, degradation and misery. It is saying, “look, when you tried freedom, see what happened! Do you want that again?”.

    People have forgotten that men like Savile and Hall and Dave Lee Travis were once, in the 70s, genuinely big names, admired by millions, especially youngsters. By the 1980s, they had become rather faded stars as the 1970s became tragically unhip, with memories of flared trousers and everything made of nylon. The Smashie And Nicey characters represented that perfectly; these two faded, naff, minor celebs past their sell-by date. A bit creepy, old hat, representatives of an era that had entirely passed in the wake of Punk and Alternative Comedy and so on. Nowadays, it is rather hard to believe that they were ever cool, and so the idea that any young woman might have thrown herself at them seems so hard to believe; indeed the women themselves, now older, would have found that they had once done so hard to believe. Unlike the big rock stars who (besides being considered generally left wing and thus jolly good sorts) are stil considered admirable and “cool”, if in a retro-nostalgia kind of a way, and who everyone knows had numerous underage girls on their tour buses and who, surely, some of whom must have been more insistent than a naive young groupie expected- these faded 70s has beens were perfect targets for represnting the repudiation of the era. Because all one can imagine today is a naff old man in an ugly sweater and combover, seedily fiddling with a naive waif. The mental image is important. In the mind, we might well create a sympathetic mental image of a young Mick Jagger with a fangirl. But not that silly old fucker off It’s A Knockout. Perfect!

    Well, the Radicals have played their joker on this one, and it looks like they’re not heading for an early bath. (How long before we hear of Eddie Waring in his pork pie hat, doing something unspeakable?) This is the damnation of an era. An era when the matrons briefly lost control of everybody else. They will not willingly let that happen again.

    Dark times ahead, I fear.

    • Ian – The next time you grace one of my frivolous comments with an essay, please tell David or me, so we can move it to the front page. I have now moved it there, for general inspection and comment.

  12. Is there any poof Ted was a real traitor, was he one of the cambridge boy’s,
    god only F-ing knows the truth about him in veiw of whats now comming

  13. Charlie Jaffa

    As a unifying narrative for the current hysteria, I have yet to read a more plausible one than Ian B’s above. I think the new puritanism is likely to be a mostly unspoken mindset based on certain unquestioned habits of thought among the neopuritans, rather than an actual conscious conspiracy. They seem to be more in need of some kind of secular religion, some dogma or -ism that gives purpose to their lives, than the average person.

    In fact, the Left have always struck me as being overtly religious, both more utopian and dogmatic, and I think this is what accounts for their successes since the decline of traditional religious belief. They are simply more motivated, more irrationally optimistic than their less activist opponents. Another way of saying this is that libertarians and conservatives are generally lazier and more risk-averse, because they take a more rational and realistic view of their chances.

    Should we seek to emulate the Left’s false certainty, it’s broad-stroke primary colour view of moral objectivism? I think that would be unwise, partly because we would lose our reason for existence if we simply became a clone of the enemy, but mainly because it doesn’t work in the long run. People with rose-tinted spectacles have a tendency to misread the traffic lights and accelerate when they ought to brake. This is the utopian left’s weakness. Perhaps there can be some happy fusion between possessing an accurate picture of reality and enjoying the inspiring motivation of a coherent belief system.

  14. I would like to see some poof, Ted was a traitor where’s the poof, why don’t
    they release the privy councils docments, no doubt they will have been
    computorised by now the originals shredded. we need poof, eeven if he is

  15. Charlie Jaffa- thanks. In answer to your point about religiosity, the Anglo-Left arose out of intense religious fervour in the nineteenth century. It is another long story worthy of an even longer post I don’t have time right now. Towards the end of the C19, they gradually abandoned religious motivation and replaced it with pseudo-scientific motivations, but the fervour remained.

    Sean, I wasn’t intending an essay. I just started typing and ended up with an essay, if a short one :)

    • Well, Ian, we’ve moved it to the front page. Let me repeat our offer of full posting rights. So long as it won’t get David or me into trouble, you can say anything you like.

  16. To really make my point on this properly, rather than the threadbare sketch above, I’d have to write a series of articles I think, Sean. I think I’d like to do that, and now may be an opportune moment. If you’d like that.

  17. I’ve signed up Sean, but now I’m a little worried, since I’ve just realised that this means that David will be forcing me into a nissen hut, to pound on an aged typewriter.

  18. Yep, Ian, you’ll join the rows of chimpanzees. Don’t worry, they keep themselves to themselves most of the time, and they don’t out carousing and smashing up bus-stops much.

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