The Secret Court and the Media.

by Anna Raccoon

Note: My only point of disagreement with Mrs Raccoon is her comparison of the newspapers to the coal miners. Though it was rather expensive and not always reliable, the coal dug out by the members of the NUM was good for keeping us warm. For about a century now, the only worthwhile use for the newspapers has been supplanted by the manufacturers of toilet paper. SIG

The Secret Court and the Media.

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The ‘news’ has to be massaged and imbued with emotive content to interest the Media.

That which most of us would consider ‘news’ – citizens jailed without trial or representation; pension funds raided; savings devalued; citizens starved to death; citizens arrested on the basis of anonymous information; politicians defrauding public funds, is not ‘news’ to the Media. They know all about it. They gather in their drinking holes at the end of day and gossip about it. They meet on the golf course on their days off and laugh at the more salacious details. They pass each other in the corridors of power and say ‘Oy, did you hear…’

It is only when they are presented with someone prepared to be photographed, and give them some personal emotive details, that events become ‘newsworthy’ and they consider it their ‘sacred duty’, one which ‘must not be interfered with’, that it becomes fodder to fill the pages between the adverts for walk-in baths and hearing aids. The scandal of MPs expenses was known of for definitely months – witness the number of different papers that were offered the proof and declined on price grounds – and quite probably years, before the Daily Telegraph stumped up the money and fed us the story of duck moats and bath plugs that we are so familiar with. Until then – not a murmur.

The supposed ‘scandal’ of Jimmy Savile, we are now told, was known of years before his death. Were there any anonymous calls to child-line from concerned journalists unable to stand up the story, but worried that children might be at risk? Not a one. Meirion Jones tells us in the Pollard report that he had been concerned for ten years or more about Savile’s activities at Duncroft – had he phoned Barnardos and told them that he was the nephew of the head mistress and had concerns that should be investigated? Do you seriously imagine that Duncroft would not have been investigated on the basis of information from such an apparently ‘informed’ source? Did he care that children were still at risk? Until Savile died and he could have his ‘story’, illustrated by talking heads and emotive ‘facts’ – not a murmur.

So it is with the latest Court of Protection scandal. Wanda Maddocks. Do you imagine that this happened last week, and not one scrap of information had escaped from the ‘secret court’? Not a bit of it. The case had been reported many times. I will repeat that. Many times. Not by the media though.

What has happened this week is that Wanda Maddocks is now out of prison, and her Father has died, so his affairs are no longer under the Court of Protection, and thus the Media are free to publish a picture of her, and one of her Father, and include some emotive headlines. ‘Wanda Maddocks was secretly jailed for trying to save her Father’. Wanda Maddocks was jailed in 2012.

The case was published in Bailii in August 2012. but the media did not consider it was news fit for our ears that a woman had been jailed for contempt of a court order that she should not remove her father from his care home and care for him herself.

The case was published on 39 Essex Street’s web site in August 2012 but the media did not consider it was news fit for our ears then.

The case was published in Mental Health Law On-line in November 2012 but the media did not consider it was news fit for our ears then.

The case was published in Local Government News in November 2012 but the media did not consider it was news fit for our ears then.

The case was published in Brunswick Healthcare Review in November 2012 but the media did not consider it was news fit for our ears then.

It only became ‘news’ when the media were able to take pictures of Wanda Maddocks and name her Father. Not when she was jailed, not when her Father was forcibly taken back to the nursing home, not when she feared he was being starved. That isn’t news.

And not because there was any injunction on publishing the fact that a woman had been jailed for disobeying a court order not to care for her Father – the story was already in the public domain, freely available. You just couldn’t name her – but you could report the facts. Now which do you consider is newsworthy – the woman’s name – or the facts?

‘News’ isn’t important things happening in our society. ‘News’ is salacious details illustrated with photographs that sell newspaper advertising. Remember that when they start crying about how important the main stream media are to democracy. ‘They’ are only important to themselves. ‘Facts’ are what pay wages.

The more I think about it, the more I feel that journalists are just modern day coal miners. A redundant industry trying to force us to continue consuming the product of their inky fingers.

Abused children, jailed daughters, profligate politicians – they are mere pawns to be put on a high shelf until they can be turned into stories to further careers.


16 responses to “The Secret Court and the Media.

  1. Couldn’t agree more Sean. The landlady does well highlighting yet another home-grown obscenity whilst at the same time demonstrating how little she really knows about those who worked with old king coal.

    If coal really was no longer needed when Mrs Thatcher sharpened her claws, then why do we, in 2013, continue to import coal in absolutely huge quantities?

    Some people insist British coal was low grade – not good enough for UK power stations. I say that’s a load of tosh. Some pits hewed very good grade coal some poor. Precisely the way it is with coal that comes from pits in Eastern Europe or elsewhere in the world. (Mining and transportation costs abroad are generally lower but the complex reasons for that are better debated elsewhere)

    Some say the UK’s excessively greedy mine-workers did themselves in. Yet more rubbish. Our coal miners wanted – quite rightly I say – the best possible wage for risking precious health whilst doing a bloody awful job. However, they were branded greedy scum-bags and tossed to the lions by a load of toss-pot politicians who were busily securing salaried fortunes for themselves whilst doing absolutely fuck-all for anyone else.

    Be careful which side you choose my friends because more than one list is being compiled. Don’t oppose the side that’s hurting the most for when they turn they’ll be inclined to show little mercy.

    • Dear John,

      The worst thing the miners ever did was to elect and then follow Arthur Scargill. If it ever turned out he’d been taking bribes from MHT, I’d not be surprised.

  2. Coal miners did have a dangerous dirty job, they were paid considerably
    less than self contained air divers per day, some civil engineering jobs
    that were not so dirtyor dangerous paid far more. Miners were treated like working class slaves I think they were shit on.has anyone been in a mine
    for instance or gone down a shaft to see what it’s like.

  3. Mr J Grimsdale

    Well people could away’s fabricate evidence to that effect, it’s easy these
    day’s, still not getting away from mining was a very dangerous job and
    they were underpaid in relation to others areas with similar danger

  4. Clark Kent Dipt ph J.

    One cannot blame the media for taking up stories, point of fact it’s the way they make their living, I might say A. Racoon, is it not the state that have created the media, they use it when it suites them and have done so with great success in the past, remember who brought Blair to power, firstly, we live in a back stabbing society now, people are only to glad to leak information against the goverment, even within their own tight ranks, where do you think so much of comes from in the first place, we live in an information state, where you can find out just about anything, confidential state information from the police,or medical records easy meat,anyway, what’s wrong with exposing criminals in government, they call everybody else criminals, this is why their welfare reforms will come unstuck, the true facts are being leaked by their own people while they provide us with the false facts. Surely, you would not blame the media for exposing such facts, do we not have a right to know, who, and how, the mechanisims of government are being run in a so called democracy. Do we not have the right to know people are dying in hospitals, or the governemt is involved in touture, or illegally holding political prisoners. Yes, I think we do. Why should we settle for cover up’s deceptions, no F-ing way.This is not North Korea, China, or Russia pre-1965.

  5. Sean, I had the misfortune to be in Barnsley last week. Arthur’s power base of course. The Gods must have been turning the place upside down looking for the rat. Never a great town but depressingly bad now. Miners still being kicked I guess. Little help in the way of redevelopment from anyone. I felt bad.

  6. They might find Scargill in Barnsley – unless he’s still in the Barbican (but no longer at the NUM’s expense):

    • King Arthur was never very bright. I suspect he still doesn’t realise his own enabling role in bringing about the destruction of the British coal industry.

  7. Anyway “Love Conqures All” I wonder where he is, he must be quite old
    now, seperated from his former wife, probably remarried.

  8. Well he’s 75 now, being evicted from his flat at the barbican, probably now
    lives in his cottage at Worsbrough.

  9. Anyway, I wonder why so many people hate Arthur anyway, the conservatives had already laid out their battle plan long before the strikes, they cared little about them, in any shape or form, they were not even human in their eyes, what’s wrong with fighting to the death when the battle is lost anyway, it does no harm. I suspect the only people who hate Arthur are probably tories anyway, they tell lies, I got a letter from the tory councilor today, in the letter he claims rates have not gone up, well I now many people can’t read the tiny print on the rate bills, especially as they get old, but in fact the rates have gone up 4%, I think his claims that rates have not gone up in four years is clearlly “Paragraph Porky” I now some people are slow in rural england, but lets face it Chloe not me, I like the claims about labour, Quote labour have “Voted” to raise your household bills, try as hard as I like, I don’t recall labour voting for this, what nonsense Chloe. I like this one we have to fight to get all the potholes repaired and pavements maintained. What, who are you fighting for, this is tory council run under a tory governement, don’t blame labour for that, cut some of the Police at the substation, would the dustman say the bins are alway’s full of tea bags I ask. Lets face the truth who can you beleive in government. Was Arthur wrong or Maggie T. Politics is complex, government tells so many falsehoods. I don’t believe them point of fact, I don’t believe them about the coal mines, because I know what tory politics is about.

  10. Hugo Miller

    The term ‘newspaper’ is a misnomer. In these days of instant communication we learn our ‘news’ from the TV or internet long before the newpapers have even gone to press. This is why there is so much hysteria about ‘climate change’ and other stuff – we hear about every natural disaster worldwide within minutes. Not so long ago we would have waited weeks – if at all – to learn about these things from returning sailors, so there was much less bad news from around the world.
    Going off at a slight tangent, being a bit of a nerd I always read the small print at the foot of tv commercials.I saw a claim recently that ‘81% of 165 women agree’. Now I know that 165 divides by five, so 80% of 165 is easy. But what the Hell is 81% of 165? Sometimes I think they do these things just to test us!

  11. Not that difficult Hugo it’s 133.65 reoccurring.

  12. Anyway, why is when we turn on the TV the headlines are about India or some far off land, why can’t we hear about british news, what’s going on in india is nothing to do with me, I don’t want to know, I like reading the small print on the rate bills, sneaky rises they hope people can’t see, of course paul, what is the motive for corrupted crim figues, why produce a document claiming there has been 2,000 burglaries in an area when there is only 250, why make false claims areas have drugs problems, when in reality this is not true, why make corrupted false documents in the first place. Why are the police being allowed to fabricate fake and false dossiers against people who sue them, what is the motive, under what law. This is not a defence in relation to their crimes. Could it be to justify their existance, using the laws of economics should these peoiple should not not exist, I think there is a real motive at work, can you see it, of course you can!

  13. Hugo Miller

    Ok, I should have said what is 81% of 165 women!

  14. Hugo are you really a girl? What a remarkable disguise.