The Terror of the Mail.

The Terror of the Mail..

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  1. I love the Mail they expose the statists crims in government, and the Police,

  2. I fully support the right of any business to allow smoking on their private property.

    Such doctrines as “common carriers” and “public accomidations” (and the whole undermining of the distinction between state and private propety – civil society) is a perversion of late Roman (Imperial) law, and it should be rejected.

    Rejected root and branch.

  3. Of course, drinking as well, it’s all getting expensive that’s another issue,
    I was out today Superdrug are selling cheap booze and wine now, some
    hope at least.

  4. The State has created an entire artificial class of criminals, called “drug-dealers”. I wonder how long it will be before it creates another… “drink-dealers”….and another after that…. “car-dealers”…?

  5. I have just realised something. “Big Tobacco” are now merely “tax farmers” for the state: thta’s why they are allowed to remain in being.

    Antoine Lavoisier was, as well as a brilliant research (early modern ) chemist, a tax-farmer for the French State. And just look what happened to him.

    Big tax-farming- organisations for socialist states may find themselves on the wrong side of an interesting dividing-line, on the eleection of a democratic-people’s revolutionary-liberalist-party, anywhere.

    Since liberalism “knows no borders”, its War Secretariat “may not know any borders” either.

    The Nazis better watch their arses. Even in the “night and fog.”

  6. Well they are already in the process, the tide has indeed turned it is by
    point of fact moving in that direction, one of my relatives was a car dealer,
    he was also an unpaid tax collector as well VAT you know what I mean.

  7. Of course the creation of ciminals of terrorists is difficult to understand to the laymen, in terms of the alchemist is works like this, first take a single element, perferably one who’s suing you, take a half a dozen woodentops, falsify you intitail computor data bases, use these as a foundation stone for the creation of the victim, initiate false arrests on fabricated evidence of false tip offs, continue to falsify data and dossier, built up considerable falsified data, destory contrary data to falsisfied data, Hey Presto, you have your criminal or terrorist. The statist feeders have learned a lot of corrupyed new skills, to this there is not doubt.

  8. PDS dept Norfolk.

    It is important that criminal creation skills be left to the professional elements of policing, where we can work together with our colleagues in both the judicary nad other areas of govenment, contact with judges and coroners is estential, the courts must play thier role in the denial of impartial lawyers and only apoint one from the inner circle to advise and update on how the case is to proceed the creation my at first be gradual, when at a point it can be speeded up for the purpose of false media propaganda to the detriment of the victim, where the victim has evidence to the contrary of our intentions we can rely on the coroner or lawyers to withold such evidence, if the victim sacks his lawyer, and argues the case himself, the judge or authorities can argue he is mad, or the eividnce should be thrown out on the basis or grounds of unreliability,the judge should be made to understand this aspect, this is especially important if the case is heard before a secret court or tribunal, it is important we in government undertsand we all have a role to play to protect out positions, with even MP’s working within the team. to secure the right objective.