Short animated documentary about police accountability and civil liberties

Dear Libertarians,

I got your email address from your excellent blog and I thought I’d write to you to draw attention to a short documentary we’ve just released online.

My partner Gemma Atkinson was assaulted by the police for filming them on the London Underground. The case was written about at the time by Paul Lewis and Henry Porter in the Guardian

Gemma took a lawyer on and started proceedings against the MET, looking to take them to the high court to change the law. After a long struggle the MET altered their guidelines and settled out of court.

We didn’t feel that this was enough, so, being filmmakers, we used the settlement money to fund a short animation about the case and about wider issues of Police accountability.

Although the police had changed the guidelines, that of course doesn’t get much publicity, so we wanted this film to inform people of their rights.

This monday we released the film as part of a coordinated online campaign and it has already been seen by 10 000 people and been shared all over the world. You can watch it here:

The film’s website has information about citizens rights in filming and photographing the police. I hope this might be of interest to you and your readers, so please do share it if you like the film.

Thanks a lot for your time,

Take care


Fred Grace


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2 responses to “Short animated documentary about police accountability and civil liberties

  1. Super little film. Thanks for posting the link.

  2. This is very interesting I have just been through this process and the MP
    Chloe Smith resolution, I will dig out the files and write about it later.