A diagrammatic representation of Hoppe’s paleolibertarian system

This diagram by Marco de Wit is based on Hoppe’s The Economics and Ethics of Private Property. A summary of Hoppe’s epistemological views can be found at http://mises.org/esandtam.asp

de Wit summarizes paleolibertarianism as “propertarian libertarianism plus sociobiologically based sociology.” He defines the first proposition in terms of Stephan Kinsella’s essay “Who is a Libertarian?” and the second in accordance with standard norms of sociobiology. This will be the first of several posts including de Wit’s diagrams illustrative of key paleolibertarian concepts, presented for the purpose of information and discussion and as work-in-progress.

deWit on Hoppe

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  1. Yet more diagrams.

    This blog seems to have spots – does it also have a temperature?

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