Orwell on Modern England


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  1. The Romans didit with bread and circuses too

  2. Gelgore Rowel

    Proles and animals are free.

  3. This analysis is fundamentally correct.

    I work in a workplace with around 30 staff, where the nature of the work lends itself to lengthy discussions of various happenings and things in the news. I believe that these people are broadly representative of British society.

    It has long been a habit of mine to make a mental note of the major topics that are discussed, which are typically as follows: football, my last/next holiday, authoritarian “solutions” to social problems (eg take everyone’s DNA, shoot drug dealers), sexual adventures, beer (including the best local pubs), food.

    There are two people who occasionally venture into politics and they both broadly socialist.

    I have often wondered what level of repression would be needed to induce them to think about civil liberties or property rights.

    My feeling is that only the open confiscation of a major asset like their car (or their television before an important match!) or the disappearance of a +close+ family member into a concentration camp would register.

    I even doubt that a drone strike against a neighbour would cause any great concern, providing that their property was not affected and no pets were scared.

    I am quite convinced that there is no measure of surveillance, no level of petty interference and no measure of censorship that would cause them the slightest concern.

    I believe that this gloomy conclusion is fully born out by recent European history, where even the most unjust and repressive regimes have only faltered due to military defeat or economic collapse.

  4. Concerned Briton

    Unfortunately, I have to agree with Peter. He might as well be talking about my workplace.

    Good people one and all (and being in a manufacturing environment I am thankful that we do not have to suffer extreme political-correctness which I gather must stifle a corporate/retail office environment like a glass being put over a bee in the height of summer)…..but on the surface of it, it is primarily a very small focus of topics on offer.

    It is what I have come to term “dinner party safe” conversations.

    These are things such as football, the contestants on TV contest shows, the new car or next purchase, the lawn mower or whatever, planned holidays, gossip over who said what to whom and who is going out with who, how much somebody drank the weekend/night before.

    Apart from that, like Peter, it swings to extremes. Liberty and justice are regularly thrown out of the window. It seems the nation has lost the capacity to even think, let alone be capable of defending the principles of what so many have previously fought for.

    Yasmin Alibhai Brown was on the radio just the other week with her usual emotional guff about nobody should have the right to offend and “hurt the feelings” of somebody else, because it causes some kind of mental trauma just like a knife (or something).

    How such absurd debates manage to get air time is a signal of how far things are deteriorated and how much so many fundamental norms of yesterday are “up for grabs” to be changed by the usual suspects.

    But as somebody with strong opinions on a whole manner of issues, “dinner party safe” conversations have increasingly got on my nerves.

    Whilst it is good to ‘relax’ from serious matters now and again, given the propensity for this trivia to dominate conversations and thoughts, it is no wonder that we are sliding down the plug hole.

    When it is not vacuous nonsense, it is often a parroting of liberal sentiments and clichés without any genuine thought or study of their own whatsoever.

    Add in a demographic transplant which are people not particularly steeped in our historic outlooks and norms, and not particularly inclined to hold them either, and it does not help the “libertarian” cause for the future.

    But as for population in general, I watched an interesting video the other month from the London Forum, which explained the Communist era studies which claimed that only somewhere around 5% of people are capable of true independent thought and being a basis for change/revolution. The rest either do nothing or go with the herd.

    Maybe there is something in it.

    It reminds me if a cartoon sketch, where a two people are discussing history:-

    One character says: “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”.

    The other one replies: “Those who DO learn from history are doomed to watch everybody else repeat it”……