Old Holborn blog deleted

David Davis

While we are popping pills and burying Thatcher, it’s important to bring people’s attention to the fact that the Old Holborn blog seems to have been taken down. I found that out through Guido Fawkes. Apparently it’s something to do with Old Holborn pointing out how Liverpudlians are eternally grief-stricken and self-pitying over some event called Hillsborough.

I do not propose to say anything more about that event, apparently something to do with a football match somewhere or other, since anyone who tries to speak sensibly about it encounters “an accident.” And I don’t want this blog to go the same way. But you all know to what I am referring.

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  1. Too much sensitivity to insults nowadays, if you ask me.

  2. Have you read what he wrote? Do you seriously defend him? Horrible bastard got what he deserved

  3. Can’t read it now as he’s got decapitated (and by whom, eh?)

    And who really believes that Liverpool, as a socialist concept, is not a purposefully-directed weapon of anti-liberal destruction, using wallowing self pity as a weapon of war?

  4. And as it’s seemingly all on Twatter, how do you know it’s “him” and not someone calling himself/herself “Old Holborn” or whatever. We all know that Twatter is frequented by dozens (perhaps that many) of dangerous scumbags who are not exactly of a liberal persuasion.

    And if it was “him”, then all that enybody who objected had to do was to do what I believe is called “unfollow” him. Diddums-crying to the rozzers is the tactic of a Nazi.

  5. I’m not on Twitter so I’ve no idea what he said. His Farcebook account is gone too. The story has made it as far as a mention on the BBC.

    Looks like the pitchforks and flaming brands are heading for Castle Holbenstein. The irony is, he only wrote words. They plan real violence, and they believe that makes them ‘in the right’.

  6. The Nazis had other tactics as I recall which did not involve due process

  7. I quite liked Liverpool went I visited the place – a walk round from the railway station to the port and many interesting buildings can be seen (although both Cathedrals are problematic – in the Catholic one I kept thinking of the Cathedral that might have been built. [had it not been for World War II and the rise of Modernism……. ] and the Anglican one, although famously large, is also rather plain) although, alas, war destroyed the great Customs House.

    As for the folk – I know nothing of them (I do not tend to talk to people – I am not a friendly sort).

    But all this “is Liverpool good or bad” is BESIDE THE POINT.

    The point is CENSORSHIP.

    Old Holborn (whatever he may, or may not, have written) has been censored – and David Davis and Sean Gabb are correct, it is chilling.

  8. The point is, I think that the Saying-Nazis may be starting to “take down” the larger and more widely-read blogs, for what used under CommuNazism in the Eastern Bloc to be called “technical reasons”.

    They find now that they can’t exactly do it via some instrument called a “Leveson”: it won’t quite work the way that people like High-Grant wanted. So the Saying-Nazis have really got to manufacture situations in which something said about someone who is “sensitive” about something, or who has “been affected by the content of the programme”, such as 2,000% of all “Liverpool people” are about “Gillshorougb” or “Jmiae Bugler”, can be construed as “hate speech”, or some such description.

    It will teach us on here to be even more careful than we are, and to speak with increasingly forked tongues.

    I do not yet envisage, I hope, a day when _all_ comments on the Libertarian Alliance Blog will ever be “pre-moderated”. But we always have to keep our options open. Sean will no doubt agree, for neither he nor I can afford to get sued or otherwise “ruined”, in ways that the modern British States has devised.

  9. I’m from Liverpool and proudly so but this is outrageous. Even if someone said, “Glad Scouse bastards are dead” about Hillsborough or something, I would probably argue with them but never try to have them be legally silenced
    We must also remember it WAS just one person (from Southport, Merseyside) who reported this, and not all Scousers are such overly sentimental tossers.

  10. Those police who covered up that case should be hung drawn and quartered,
    robbed the people of justice, the bastards.

  11. Chris Morriss

    I always found OH to be a bit of a dickhead to be honest about most things. But his comments on the essential nature of those from Liverpool have always appeared to get to the essence of those from that miserable and rancid city.

  12. Never been to Liverpool. The whining, self-righteous accent is enough for me.

  13. Now it can be told Old Holborn – is Insp gadget!

  14. Maxali (@AloSweety)

    My philosophy ..if you cant have anything nice to say ..say nothing ..one can make a point politely ….think on .

  15. I think Maxali has a point. Ignorant people tend to use abusive language. They think, like many Brits who shout at foreigners, that this somehow makes people agree with them. Funny enough it never works when used on me. I just automatically presume they are talking twaddle.

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  17. Perhaps Old Holborn was not being abusive, but perhaps speaking simple truths?
    We can’t exactly now know, for the State has removed all that he said form anyone’s ability to discuss it, so as to prevent discussion of his disappearance. Such discussion, we are to understand, I think, would lead to adverse consequences for questioners and discussers, as is the action of a tyrannical state – since such people, who’d want to go over Old Holborn’s words as in a court, so to speak, can be considered to “have something to hide”?

  18. What has gone on exactly?. OH has previous form for getting a bit hysterical over people on the net putting him in “danger”. The link to Gweeds does not clearly state that the state has put OH off the air. Facts before panic please.

    Christ–I go away for a day trip and everything goes shit-shaped.

  19. Libertarians all read from the same script and are two a penny these days. Who cares if Old Holborn is gone or not? With so many cocks talking rubbish in the world why worry about Holby’s absence?

  20. “we should we care” if Old Holborn is censored.

    Darroch – if you have to ask, I am not sure you will understand the aswer.

    As for people (libertarians or not) clearing expressing radically unpopular opinions. Sadly that is not true.

    Many people (including many people who call themselves libertarians) are terrified of expressing anti P.C. opinions.

    “Oh the enlightened ones are in favour of Social Justice – we had better be in favour of Social Justice also, so that the university people and the media like us”.

    But Social Justice radically conflicts with the nonaggression principle.

    “Well then let us ditch the nonaggression principle”.

    I did not read what Old Holborn is supposed to have said – perhaps it really was very rude.

    But I would rather have him still about, than cowardly shits who will ditch “NAP” (as they call it – .i.e. the old principle of justice of to-each-their-own) and replace it with Social Justice (i.e. the principle of to-each-what-the-rulers-think-they-should-have) in the hope of being popular with the P,C. crowd in the universities and the media.

  21. Just an ordinary guy...

    Christ, I’m out of the country for a few weeks and Holborn is nobbled by the Stazi.
    I really do wonder how Liverpudlians “get off” on all this orchestrated grief. You don’t see Brummies wailing and gnashing over the pub bombings do you. Just dignified respect and memory. Same goes for other parts of the UK.
    Maybe it’s all to do with the prospect of “compo”.

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