Shock Horror: Statistics that don’t look like barefaced lies!

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British Men Are Officially Lazy Slobs

Survey reveals bad habits as men “simply can’t be bothered”

Four men out of five admit that they often wear the same pair of underwear two days in a row, a survey on Britain men’s bad habits has revealed.

The results showed a litany of shocking behaviour from both single men and men living with a partner, including a lack of both personal and domestic cleanliness.

Among the survey results published by, the sock subscription company, are British men who say they rarely do any domestic cleaning, and a worrying percentage who say they have never cleaned a bathroom in their lives.

“We’re all well aware that men have been letting standards slip over recent years,” said Mark Hall, gentleman creation officer at, “but these figures just go to show how far we as a nation have let ourselves go where men simply can’t be bothered.

“And it’s a terrible slippery slope,” said Hall, “Once men stop caring for themselves and their immediate surroundings, they also stop caring for those around them.”

The Men’s Personal Habits Survey showed:

80% – Admitted wearing the same pair of underpants for at least two days in a row

76% – Admitted wearing the same pair of socks for at least four days in a row

74% – Never polish their shoes, or routinely wear shoes that do not need polishing

71% – Have eaten dinner straight out of the tin on more than one occasion

67% – Can’t remember the last time they changed the sheets on their bed

62% – Apart from the interview, have never worn a suit to work

57% – Will fish a dirty plate out of the washing-up if there’s nothing clean

44% – Would eat the remains of the previous night’s takeaway for breakfast

34% – Have never done any housework

21% – Have never cleaned the bathroom or toilet

17% – Have never emptied the kitchen bin

“We’re all guilty of at least one of these,” said ‘s Mark Hall, “But once this sort of behaviour becomes habit right across the country, the male race is in real trouble.”

“We see it as our job at Socked to help put an end to this decline, one pair of fresh clean socks at a time, if need be.”



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2036 men were surveyed (April 2013) throughout the UK

11 responses to “Shock Horror: Statistics that don’t look like barefaced lies!

  1. Well, yes of course. You see, all those so-called “tasks” require a backup-set of other “supporting tasks”, for which, when you are busy saving the world, take up (yet more) time which you don’t have in the first place…because you are executing the major tasks. Socks pale into relative insignificance if you are trying to influence American Global Strategic Policy, or overturn coalitions.

    So, it’s time to get really, really very very far up the noses of the FemiNazis, so here goes:-

    It could be one reason why a man might choose to “take a wife”. Preparing fresh socks, underpants etc, cleaning the bathroom and so on, some perhaps necessary, others less so, can be thus “performed in the background” while one is engaged in saving the world.

    The more wives a man “takes”, the more tasks can be “performed in the background”, thus freeing up more time for the man to even delegate some of the world-saving-activities for which he can’t find a window in his “primary executive time schedule”.

    Perhaps Mohammed was onto something? I think he’d got at least six wives, if not eleven, even if not all at one go: and the “concubines” were there merely for the sex-stuff, as the wives would have been too tired, what with all the “tasking” they had to perform. At least wives don’t have to trudge to desert wells to fetch water any more. (And if we could secure a larger supply of concubines, then we’d not even need to demand that our wives do, er, other stuff…)

  2. I have always found one wife quite sufficient for my needs.

  3. I wonder if a man took a wife to wash socks and pants, is she a wife or a
    slave, why does the man not wash her knickers one may ask, good point. Or
    better wash his own pants and socks.

  4. I note that my satirical observations are being poorly received.

  5. Mr Harry Price

    I’m not so sure, some of the reading makes one wish he was twenty again, and having ownership of an oil well, indeed it can’t be all that bad having a small army of woman to take care of you needs surely, there must be certain positives I’m sure.

  6. I Just got the rates bill in from the council, the rates have gone up by 2%
    so it say’s Police and Crime commissioner bill it indates a total rate rise
    of 3.8% and the tories have the cheek to claim their cutting costs.

  7. The extra 3.8% is the “salary and perquisites” of the “Crime Commissioner”. That’s the lefty bastard that everybody elected last year on about 5% of the votariat. The only part of the votariat that voted will of course have been the criminals, who need someone elected who will look after their profession and interests.

    The strategic solution is to
    (a) abolish nearly all policing activity, sacking the fellas so they can go and, well, do something,
    (b) arm all taxpayers who are freeholders of immovable property including businesses that pay for leases, with firearms.

    But I expect that this comment will be badly received also.

  8. Yes brilliant idea, we can sake all the bastards and have a voluntary Police Service, their all involved in corruption anyway good way to get rid of them. I don’t now about the firearms bit some nutters out there in these areas. The crime commisssioner here was already on the Police chair he just resigned and stood as commissioner, they used minor police records against the other candidates to make them stand down, so there was no one else to vote for. David Cameron just came on TV say’s they are a low cost government 4% rise in 12 months, he should pull the otherone it’s got bells on it.

  9. Well glad I’m not in business now, they sue you for anything, you can see
    the HS paying visited and on the way falling over taking 100,000 pound
    compo cheque, yes this is england.

  10. Water rates have gone again this year as well, must be that Mr Magic motivator they have hired, wonder if he’s the brother of the council clerk.