I’ve just added a new contributor to this Blog. He will post as Mustela nivalis.

Also, I’ve closed all postings over 21 days old to further comments. Our Blog Master may decide to change this back. I only suggest that older postings are more prone to attracting spam of various kinds.

My main change – and I defer both to our BM and to the weight of general opinion – is to reconfigure the commenting system, so that later comments are displayed first. I like this, because I don’t need to scroll down and down and down to look for the newest comments. As said, however, this is a change that may be reversed.

Something else I’d like to do is install a proper Facebook module, so that posts can be fully linked. Sadly, this means more digging round on the instruction pages than I have time for at present.


14 responses to “Housekeeping

  1. Others may differ. Of course, that’s just my opinion. And thus, it appears that the answer to a comment has been said before the comment being replied to. This is because we naturally read from top to bottom. It can be rather confusing. I don’t personally like a “most recent first” comment ordering.

  2. A comments system that works without deleting what is written 1 time out of every 3 comments is as fancy as it needs to get thank you.

  3. Because you’ve objected, please feel privileged that I’ve changed it back.

  4. The Blogmaster replies:-

    In principle, I will go along with closing comments to 21+ days. The spam problem has not been very large, but it comes in from time to time and can be irritating to have to go and delete it all from the holding-safe.

    We may decide to re-open comments artificially on items which attract a lot of interest over longer times. I will see how it goes.

    Let’s also see how the new comment-ordering gets on, for a little time. Many other places use it. That doesn’t mean it’s right, but let’s have a go. If enough people complain, we will change it back to what was before.

    What we will do is let it run like it is now set, for a period of 28 days. Then, we will run a poll in a special post about this matter, and I undertake that we will do what the majority of readers decide is best.

    Not like this government at all, then, are we.

  5. Sorry David, I’ve pre-empted you by changing the ordering back. Shall I change it yet again, so you can run the poll?

  6. No, leave it for now, Sean. Let’s think about it for a day or so and then maybe poll people. The best sort of philosophy is a sort of conservative one, which is – if in doubt, to do nowt I think.

  7. I’ll be interested to see what this Mustella woman has to say. Does she have a CV you could email me?

  8. Er sorry, misread it: you said “mustela” and that it’s a man. That’s fine anyway.

  9. Mustela nivalis

    I’d prefer the first comments to be at the top. It suits better the way most people will want to read them following the original entry.
    Mustela nivalis is Latin for Least Weasel (male, in this case).

  10. I may have provoked a dispute between Top-Enders and Bottom-Enders that will dwarf our arguments over Margaret Thatcher and even the left-libertarians….

  11. Julie near Chicago

    I too would like to vote several times *g* for “earliest comment first–top, latest last–bottom,” please.

    I’ve noticed the spam-on-ancient-postings problem myself, and I sympathize with whomever has to dredge through the mess. Nevertheless, it’s wonderful to be able to add to discussions long thought finished, especially because current events can prompt more thought on, or evidence for or against, earlier claims, opinions, or viewpoints. Could there be a compromise whereby comments can be added for at least a year? (Three weeks really does seem an awfully short time.)

    Thanks for all your efforts, and for eliciting opinions on proposed changes as well. :)

  12. With regard to comments on old posts, does anyone notice them? I do, because I’ve ticked the right box in WordPress. But how many other people have made that effort?

  13. I do go read then sometimes. It is, occasionally, illuminating because as someone up there said – new facts and evidence can change one’s perception of an argument.

  14. New comments turn up on the front page, so may attract attention. I still get occasional replies to old threads I’ve subscribed to as well. I remember that one Carson thread ran for about three years before finally (so far) dying. It was like one of those horror movies where every time the psycho-killer is apparently dead, up he gets again.