What to do about Margaret Thatcher

David Davis

It’s true to say that Sean Gabb’s criticisms of her recond in the above article are a reflection of her strategic failure to roll back the bounds of the state. Libertarians are primarily concerned with this strategic battle above all others.

Nevetherless, the identities of all those people that have been holding death-celebration-riots are interesting. If people like that hate her so much, more than 23 years after she left office, and if more of the rioters were not even born under her premiership, that speaks volumes about the rightness of liberalism, and the wickedness of socialism.

4 responses to “What to do about Margaret Thatcher

  1. Peter W Watson

    Socialism is a humanist philosophy which comes from hell. The first world government which to me was Socialism writ large was at Babel. God showed the world what he thinks of socialism right there. I have been there and there is nothing left but a few burnt bricks. If you want to see it the picture is here – http://www.gearthhacks.com/dlfile8445/Tower-of-Babel,-Iraq.htm

  2. Trouble is, Peter, we have to stop in happening again here now, and we are currently losing.

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