Just one thing…about the Thatcher business…

David Davis

I’m not at all fazed by the intellectual criticisms of Margaret Thatcher’s record, and of her failure to utterly destroy GramscoStaliNazism in the UK and also globally (although she did try.) Indeed, I agree with much of what her critics say, on here and elsewhere.

All political careers “end in failure” as Enoch Powell stated. Hers did too. This may perhaps be an admission about the rightness of conservatism, which is at heart I think a pessimistic philosophy: it is this, because you find that although you want to do so much, you end up being able to do so little.

The socialists don’t get this at all, which is why they _will_ kill people, in megadeaths, always and everywhere, in their enraged frustration, whether they do it now, or…later. They fail at first, then trhow their toys out of the pram, reaching for their guns, knives, skull-flaying-instruments (see “Sendero Luminoso”,  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sendero_Luminoso , for verification) and maules instead. The GreeNazis are going the same way, which is telling and threatening. But….read past my [read more tag] to the end, and see…

She “allowed herself to be badly advised”, which is a British cop-out way of saying “I left too many of my last opponent’s advisers in place in the political machinery of state, and I didn’t kill _all_ the bastards until they were all dead”. Obviously we don’t do this sort of thing now in modern pluralist (sort of) democracies, as we are more mature, and we persist in thinking that argument and discourse will solve logjams.

But she could at least have sacked more of them than she did. Or, if that proved expensive or irritating to the Daily Mirror, sent them to the Lords, or – better – created some sort of quango where they had a grand title and all the lunch-money they desired, and even a “big house, with a duck pond which they could be paid to re-roof”, but could do nothing.

The application of a few very, very discreet and highly-educated escort-girls, carefully chosen (by them, for them, themselves, from a rather small list) would have kept them quiet: and the entire bevy of “maidens” would have cost less than the two Spearfish Torpedos, with which the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ARA_Veinticinco_de_Mayo_%28V-2%29 could have also been sunk in 1982. (Sorry: Libertarians are supposed to deprecate war, but increasingly I find myself leaning towards the “Boromir Solution”. That of course does not mean Blair was right to assault Iraq and Afghanistan, for he was not.)

Really, I suppose what I’m saying is that, if Thatcher had not been, when she was and what she was, and if she had not done what she did, imperfect though it was, then it’s highly doubtful whether we all on here would be being allowed to have this conversation right now.


4 responses to “Just one thing…about the Thatcher business…

  1. Peter W Watson

    Brilliant David.

  2. Mr Harry Price.

    Well I was sufing the world web tonight, and all the rags, there’s parties going on all over the place to clerebrate her death, with many more planned for the weekend, I think this shows England in a bad light, people having to underground party the death of a former state leader, does not give one the impression of a democracy as the government pretents to portray to the world. I think many people relaise we are living in a power drunk dictorial state where there are little or no legal rights, where justice is implimented by a power drunk minority, who get sociopathic enjoyments out of the distruction of peoples lives. I think it in someways reflects badly on how we have allowed the state to take total control of or lives from cradle to grave, with a little help from the EU. I wonder if the predictions about Blairs death will turn into a global party as some have predicted. he’s another one with very few friends in the real world that fact is all to transparent. I don’t see the development of all the increased hatred towards the state being a good thing, it’s looking like pre-revolution russia, I can’t say i like it much, with even old soldiers hating the state to boot.

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