Margaret Thatcher

David Davis

Guido reports that Margaret Thatcher died this morning.

Let the comment thread commence.

4 responses to “Margaret Thatcher

  1. The Beeb has just confirmed this, so it must be true.

    I think MHT was ultimately a destructive force in England. She did nothing to arrest the forces of disintegration. Instead, she removed most of the institutional restraints on those forces. We were much less free as a nation when she left office than when she came in. She laid the precedents for all that followed.

    This being said, she probably meant well, and almost certainly didn’t set out to defraud those of us who thought she was the solution rather than a new and morbid face of the problem.

  2. Mr Harry Price.

    Yes it is true she went last night, Now, westminister appears to be saying she left a legacy, Yes don’t we F-ing know
    it. she’s gone now, I’ll have a Don Perignon I think.

  3. And fuck you Harry Price.

    The best Prime Minister we’ve had since Churchill, in fact better in some ways. She made me feel proud to be British again (up to 1997 anyway).

  4. The trouble with being a liberal, as Thatcherw as, is that she had to be that in the time she did, and surrounded by the stalistNazi scumbags that she was surrounded by.

    At least Red “traitor Ted” Heath shambled off fully, muttering imprecations and curses nonetheless, but at least he shambled out of our lives.

    The other bastards didn’t.

    Perhaps if Thatcher had been able to truly “abolish socialism” (which she correctly conflated with “nazism”, and which nobody now is allowed to do under the “AGREED TERMS OF PUBLIC DISCOURSE” (I shouted on purpose there, me) then we would not be in this mess now. But in order to do that, she’d have had to do what she did first, which was to “make the state more efficient”, which was a tragedy.