The Late Kim Jong-Il: A Man of many Talents

10 responses to “The Late Kim Jong-Il: A Man of many Talents

  1. Eh?
    Was that really worth posting?

  2. Well, badgerostripeyone, er, I think the point we are making is that to properly defeat someone who would like you to be dead, you have to lampoon him and satirize him first.

    Hitler is of course the admitted model for the North Korean StaliNazi dynasty. The only difference then between us and out forebears who trashed him, was that people were (then) sharper at detecting mortal threats in those days, and therefore Hitler didn’t get to start one of his own in time. it only took our forebears about five years to realise the scale of the threat, and to react (finally.)

    Look at the Kimboy “photo-opportunities”. you know! Kim Jong-Un “looking at things”. Joseph Goebbels actually invented the genre. Look at the tnes of thousands of slaves, marching in perfect synchrony. What does that remind us of? Look at Hitler’s publicly-stated “demands” for this or that – and he was humoured until 1st Sept 1939. Fuck, we even gave him Czechoslovakia, on a plate, for fuck’s sake – probably because the French government was too scared to mobilise….If they had, perhaps Hitler’s generals might have shot him at last.

  3. The result, of course, of Hitler’s general Staffs shooting him in 1938 would have brought about…..

    THE CHURCHILL MEMORANDUM !!!!! (See sidebar now.)

  4. Chris Morriss

    OK, I guess that’s taught me for saying the leaping fat singing lady earlier was naff.
    This is quite another world!

  5. Mr Harry Price.

    I don’t know what he doing at the moment, but three hours ago, he was playing fireworks with anti aircfaft missiles blowing his own planes up. He looks good on Web Cam. I like the video, Everybody is Kung Few Fighting, Kim Jong is as fast as lightenting, looks as if he shit his pants.

  6. Mr Harry Price.

    Yes, you’re right, That was military university he went to, they must have
    taught music and Kung Few.

  7. Mr Harry Price.

    It’s really a puppet show, the generals are out of the crop, and they’ve
    editored the strings out so you can’t see them. puppet man.

  8. Is this real? Well I suppose no one dared tell him he could not sing.

    As for Hitler – he could paint well enough (when he took his time – when he was painting for a few coins to buy some food, his standards tended to collapse). But he never mastered the human form – which is why he was rejected from art school. He could paint buildings well enough – but did not have the mathematical qualifications for architecture school. Perhaps he should have stayed a soldier (oddly enouh the army suited him) – but the Bavarian Army basically ended after World War One.

    The North Korean mixture of Marxism with monarchy (and with mystical elements) is clearly heretical – and Comrade Barack Obama may well deal with the heretics at some point (I will not shed any tears if he does – especially if he, or the Chinese, act before the latest Kim blows up a city somewhere).

    Of course, as he is a Frankfurt School person, Comrade Barack himself might will be considered a heretic by Karl Marx……..

    But that is another story……

    By the way – I am told that Barack Obama himself has a good singing voice., An advantage over the Kim dynasty.