More on the Philpott Scandal

By a(nother) Northern Correspondent

By coincidence, my wife was a probation officer in Clydebank years ago (late Sixties/early Seventies) and says it was a very well run town. The children’s department was particularly good and the lady who ran it had her office walls covered with pictures of “her” children who had been in the council’s care , graduating from university, getting married and so on. The councillors too were very conscientious, especially the communists who included the famous Jimmy Reid.

Of course, the guts was kicked out of the place by the closure of the shipyard and the councillors helped to organised the sit in and other demonstrations. They even called out the council workers on strike, including my wife, who told Jimmy Reid she didn’t do that sort of thing. “You will this time” he said. “Yes boss” said she. “Don’t you dare call me boss!” said Reid.

By another coincidence, Derby is my home town and I have the misfortune to share it with the likes of Philpott. Of course, if he had been made to work each day – even digging holes and filling them in again – he would have had less time and energy for his appalling lifestyle.

Since the Sixties, the production of bastard children has been a career option for women of low attainments. They automatically get a house or flat and the state is like a complaisant husband to them, winking at successive “baby fathers”. With as many children as the Philpott menage, the income can be large indeed. A local councillor told me that the total for the family (2 women , 17 children) was over £50,000 per year. He initially suspected that the fire had been a ploy which went wrong to get themselves a larger council house.

Back in the Sixties, I was working in a small family business and noted two things in that time of full employment. There was a hard core of men who just were not going to work. Some had maybe got badly shaken up in the war. The Labour Exchange (now called the Jobcentre) used to send them round. They had to be “genuinely seeking work” to qualify for benefit. I was very young and would interview them to find out what sort of work they had done and whether they might be suitable. “Just sign the bloody card, Mister” most would say. They were not interested in work but could go back and claim benefit if I did that. So I told the Labour Exchange to stop sending them.

A girl in our office got pregnant. The directors were kindly men and did not dismiss her, as many employers then would have done. In larger offices, it was usual policy because the mothers of girls working there did not want their daughters associating with “that sort”. However, the directors did ask whether the young man was going to live up to his responsibilities and marry her. “Oh No” she said, “I get an extra £10 a week as a single mother”. In those day’s a basic workman’s wage was around £11-15 per week). The Labour politician, Roy Jenkins, called this “the civilised society”.

It is very likely that Philpott’s lady friends are the daughters or granddaughters of such women. They are frequently grandmothers in their thirties. Later I had the job of trying to employ the offspring of these arrangements. They were often quite pleasant young men but had no stability in their lives. When they had a week’s wages in their pockets, we would often not see them until they had spent it all. The best thing we ever did was to switch to monthly payment. They had never had to think that far ahead in their lives before. The school system had left most of them illiterate and innumerate – and at enormous expense too.

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  1. There may in fact now be no solution to this problem.

    One would be true revolution, in which the perperators of this awful human disaster, who did it all entirely on purpose, get wasted in various unpleasant ways, and/or have all their assets and those of both their immediate and also extended families, confiscated – including all the second and third homes in Tuscany, Anglesey (a favourite one for them, I find) and other lovely and beautiful places where the payes can’t afford to live.

    But this probably will not do, for most libertarians would not “stand for it”.

    The other way, and it will take a lot longer and be more painful) will be to hive out the provision of education from states, and give it to anyone, or no-one, who wanted (or not) to provide any for people other than his own children. The “curriculum” will very very rapidly begin to resemble the status-quo before socialism got its teeth into Mankind’s ankles. And the incidence of Philpotts, or whatever they are called, will fall, in line with that improvement.

    But that won’t happen either.

  2. Mr W Blower.

    How did you know about the properties in Tuscany, I thought I only knew these secrets, a few years ago, we had a scandal at the Little Plumstead Hospital in Norfolk, senior staff had accessed all the patients bank accounts and cleaned them out involving sums of tens of thousands of pounds. Investigations and suicides followed, with a cloudy cover up by our court, coroner and local press, a number of investigations followed, although in secret, leaks came out that those running the Home office facility had been stealing from the allocated budget, at the time it was suggested there had been serious internal fraud, there were claims then the money had ended up in Europe and various other places, I remember Tuscany being named, shortly after the investigations, the running of the hospital was transfered out of the county to another health service provider and has since been closed down. What is about Tuscany, is it a good place to hide dirty money, I have been to Anglesey, not the best place to live, some very strong currents in those parts.

  3. Old Skipper Crabs Claw,

    You to lads don’t mention Cornwall everything is being bought up here,
    no proerties for the local boy’s.

  4. Mr Harry Price.

    Of the most important point about Philpot speaks for it’s self, he is being portrayed as some sort of materialised Demon of society, blame it all on the DHSS, David Cameron joining the band wagon tonight. But in fact Philpot was also a victim, firstly who created the system in the first place, not Philpot, not those like him but the state it’s self, for decades they having been making it pay to have children, even to the middle class working familes being given incentives to breed with such perks as long term maternity leave, minium income guarantees. Firstly, it was the state who created and moulded the Philpot lifestyle, we all now people in Philpots circumstances have no control over their won destiny, but are effectively prisoners of state policy, I don’t envy his life one bit, hardly a life of luxury one may conclude from the facts from the facts of his case history, I must say welfare in England is a great life, living on a dump of a council estate in England, you summer holiday in pig pen back garden. We all know Philpot would never have got a job, at least not a proper one in anyevent, his class background would never have allowed his to do well in England, no doubt he twigged that one at least, unfortunately he wasn’t born with the face of a “Freemason” so those doors would have remained closed to him, I think he did in reality all he could do, I think as I read more and reflect on the case, the whole Phipot family were victims of the state, in truth the Wankers in government who created Philpot famlies via mismanagement of the budgets and government policies, we see them now trying to pass the buck on the likes of Philpot stereotypes, Mr Correspondent, may be your writngs reflect to another time zone, we don’t fire woman for getting pregnant, that’s what they do, it’s not a crime and neither will it ever be. I have some good advice for those who work in government, and suck blood from the welfare claimants, all you who work in the probation service, prison service, or justice authorites, stop living off the back of this evil oppressive system, instead of slagging these pople off, give up your jobs and 40,000 a year salaries, get a real job, stop being sponges on the backs of their predicament, and treating them with lesser rights than animals. Of course we all know about the old Northern protestant work ethic, that’s no doubt why you have such high employment up there, Clearly works well I might say! We all know the welfare state was created to create jobs for the middle wet classes, the proof is conclusive in this respect, that where a hudge bulk of the money really goes.

    • No, MP wasn’t a victim. No one forced him into a life of benefit maximisation. Most other people of his kind have avoided the temptation to live as he did. The benefits system made his way of life possible. Its projectors may have encouraged him in various ways. Those people profited from his existence more than he ever did from their system. But, in all the important decisions of his life, there was no element of compulsion. He chose to produce so many children as a means of milking the benefit system. He then chose to act in a culpably negligent manner that led to the death of six of his children.

      In no reasonable sense can he be called a victim. The system within which he flourished should be dismantled. That doesn’t stop him from being criminal trash undeserving of pity.

  5. Mr Harry Price.

    Of course, I never said he deserved pity, what I said was I didn’t feel his life was one luxury, of course he was a victim, why did the system not find him a job in the first place for instance, they knew he was on welfare, they more happy to have cosy middle class lifestyles than getting people back to work. More to the point, how do those on welfare get back to work with no jobs to go to, anyway you say he’s criminal trash, he’s very expensive trash, he’s now going to cost the tax payer 42,000 a year to keep in prison, kind of trash I would not want in my dustbin. Of course we here much of criminal trash argument now, either criminals or scroungers, I recall being in the Norwich Police station Cell corridor one night, the cells were full to capacity, I noted none of the detained had even been interviewed let alone charged, one of Royalist Goons in uniform suddenly suddenly stated it’s a pity we don’t have a can of Zyclon B for our guests, we need say no more about what Britain has turned into, and the way the countries going politically. Yet another complaint watered down by our great British Peelers.

  6. Mr Harry Price.

    Secondy, the government calls Philopt a wefare criminal, I note the proposed plans of a new privatised prison building programe being proposed, no wonder the government wants everybody sent to prison, and who will be the stakeholders who pick up yearly shares checks at the expense of the tax payer, the very government it’s self. At least now we have the freedom of information act, so we can see who these people are. the whole system from top to toe, is just designed to make them money, and provide over salaried jobs to middle england, point of fact.

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