The Truth about Socialism

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  1. Yes indeed, And it must never be forgotten.

  2. On this issue, the left seems to pursue two opposing tactics.

    One is to distance yourself from Stalin and co,. and to emphasize how brutal and awful it all was. The goal of this approach is to appear nice, humanistic blah blah blah and possibly, hopefully, one day even successfully depict Stalin as a mad authoritarian right-winger. (Remember right-wing = satanic)

    The other tactic is to play down the horrors of these regimes, to honour their ideological antecedents and their noble intentions, their achievements, etc,. Sometimes this stretches as far as “to make an omlette” style stuff, but that is tactically foolish. Better to furiously denounce say, Robert Conquest or someone like that as a deliberate liar and fraud.

    Sometimes the two tactics will be used in the one article, or even the one sentence! A most unusual tension.

    (unrelated, but it’s bugging me now: I heard that insufferably smug gobshite Will Self on some BBC panel show claiming that by applying Occam’s Razor, we find that Tory opposition to gay marriage is a result of “homophobia”. How could a politically contrived medico-social “phobia” hidden away in the minds of these MPs, and discernable only to…you guessed it, people who disagree with them!, be the most parsimonious explanation for why they are against gay marriage?! Applying Occam’s Razor, surely their opposition to gay marriage is down to..well, the reasons they state for their bloody opinion! This practise of sniffing out socially unacceptable thought-illness, of presuming the worst, most base motives for your opponent’s position is becoming quite sickening. That’s all you have to do now to appear smart – presume, and then state bluntly that your opponent does not merely disagree with you, but is in fact a wicked, mentally-ill (?) heretic and hey presto! – round of applause for the right-on Mr Self, who can apparently lash out with any harebrained accusation he likes, with total impunity. Rant over)

  3. One can walk through the deepest thoughts of Mr “Will” Self without getting one’s feet wet.

    As for collectivism……

    Collectivists (of various sorts) have a problem when they deny they support terror . For if they want voluntary collectivsm – it is already available to them. Communal living (both religious and secular) is already legal, they can have it (right now). So why get involved in politics?

    The only logical answer is that they wish to impose (by force and fear) collectivism on other people.

  4. Yes, good point. Virtue used to consist of doing something good and anticipating no reward but the personal satisfaction. Now in order to be virtuous one must petition the state to spend everyone else’s money on your “virtuous” cause and demonise those who think this is stupid and wrong.

  5. Is this poster available as a small (not too small) sticker?. I’ll buy some.

  6. There are sites where you can create your own stickers. Shop around for the best prices though, they vary greatly.

    Those casualty figures seem very inflated. I read ‘Mao’s Great Famine’ by Frank Dikotter which seemed very authoritative indeed, bags of sources, and he put the number at a minimum of 45 million and a possible 60.

    Robert Conquest’s ‘The Great Terror’ (revised) puts Stalin’s murders of all kinds at a probable 15 million and possible 20.

    Normally I’d be inclined to accept Hitler’s 21 million, without thinking too much about it, but since Stalin and Mao’s numbers are questionable here, I’m wondering about him too.

    There might well be a lot of double counting. Not that it makes any of these monsters better or worse than the others, but reasonably correct statistics are essential in any debate.

  7. The grea famine was only one part of the murders of Mao – for more see “Mao: The Untold Story”. Although, yes,,149 million is too high.

  8. Bart Rummel’s “Death by Government” is a start. It credits Mao’s toll as 35 million (with the Soviets on a career total of 62 million. The Chicom figure seems too low however.

  9. Norbert of Nottingham

    There’s no crime to killing people in the cause of equality, freedom and justice. Why else were such people as P. Mandelson, D. Aaronovitch and J. Reid communists in their youth? Why else are David and Ed so proud of their poppa?

  10. Thanks. I’ll check out both those books.

    ‘Chicom’? — I don’t do games.

  11. Mr W Blower

    We woke up this morning to see tents pitched on the hospital car park to treat patients on account they have run out of resources through mismanagement, we have people laying in the road waiting three hours for an ambulance in sub zero temperatures, the front pages of the EDP and local rags make a sad image, a third world impression on the concious mind. We witnessed the unexplainable deletions of records dissaparing from comuptor systems, is this the left overs of New labour Socialisim, or the birth of conservatism, which brainy person knows the answer to this question. Who is guilty S. or C.

  12. I hate to agree with him but I have some sympathy for “Norbert’s” sarcasm. People should be ashamed of having been Communists – and they are clearly are NOT ashamed, therefore they are vile (it really is that brutally simple).

    Some Communists really do repent (Mr Chambers of “Witness” is an example) – but these people have not repented, they are just opportunists who have no shame.

    Mr W. Blower – one does not need to be brainy to answer your question – as the horror of “Mid Staffs” (and so many other places) occured under the last Labour government, and the present top person at the NHS (so beloved by Mr Cameron – in spite of this person being in charge of “Mid Staffs” at the exact time the deaths occured) is an “ex” Communist (yet another one who seems to have no shame over his past – no repentance).

    Even with good people in charge I do not believe the NHS would work – but the people in charge are not good (far from it).

    As for the “Conservatives” who just let the Reds continue to run everything (appointing life long socialists to all the “quangos” and so on). The Conservative party is my “tribe£ (“born into it” as is the custom in my part of the world), but I have never hid my contempt for Mr Cameron. I will now do the sterotype thing and say I have never met a single Association member here who voted for him to be leader of the Conservative and Unionist Party – but I really have not.

  13. Mr W Blower

    Good point, but what the hells going on, people complaining about false
    death certificates, incorrect medical records, tents on car parks, has it
    broken down beyond repair, look at the mortaility rates in these places,
    hoe does someone go into a hospital for an operation, and die because
    they forgot to give him his diabetic medication, it’s mad, many can’t
    even read english or fill in the most basic form, is this the future of health
    care in the UK we must ask. It’s disfunctional diabolic in every sense of
    the word., I would expect to see tents in a war zone, not in what used to
    middle england. Where is this going to the knackers Yard.

  14. Mr W Blower

    I normally look at the local rags, the headlines looked alien, “Tents Put Up To Take 999 patients” I thought I must be dreaming so I went on a fact finding mission, yes it’s true, I thought may be some how during the night I had been sleep walking got a flight to Iraq without realising it, but no, I was indeed in England, God the headlines are good, Chloe Smith has made an interesting comment as per normal, Quote, However, clearly patients and their loved ones deserve proper treatment, in a proper facility on their behalf, I would demand an ergent explination on their behalf, Health Minister then adds, This is clearly some unacceptable poor standard of care for patients in Norfolk, again we will witnesses costly investigation after investigation, without no proper resolves of the situation, demented bureaucracy in action. The funny thing is they have just spent thousands on glossy magazines, trying to convince fools it’s a first class centre of excellence, what a health authority indeed!

  15. Mr W Blower

    Of course the situation is one of conclusive insanity, they are spending thousands of pounds on investigations in these departments such as the DVLA NHS as a result of them tapping wrong digits into computor data, or on account of loosing a peice of A4 paper internally. Is this socialism, the creation of demented madness.

  16. Calos from Spain

    I just go on my friends computor, it’s all on the world web sites, mail Europe, all papers in morning. I glad I go home next week, scared if I become sick, I no like what i read on front page of mail, they got tents up.

  17. Mr W Blower.

    Of course when we look at that particular example of socialism, that particular hospital was a creation of New Labour, Firstly the Hospital was built on the back of a loan, the interest is 70% much of the income goes towards the loan payments, the hopital is also plagued by the extortion salaries of pen pushers, and outside paper contracts, they have serious problems with sickness, with staff being on sick for two or three years a time, in reality very little money is spent at ground level on patients. As we see in the rags tis morning, we have public service workers on gardening leave for up to five years, lucky old police, they take a long time with thier disciplinary proceedings that’s for sure. My advice calos with a three hour wait for an ambulance, use the Green Cross Code when crossing the Road.

  18. Calos from spain.

    From,Ccalos, thank you so much, the truth about socialism the NHS. I learn
    about Green Cross Code.