The Face of Evil

8 responses to “The Face of Evil

  1. He’s a very very very clever guy. Could we not turn him, and use him? His friends used others. He could be “used” too, if the price was right for him.

    He could be useful, before we “resettle him elsewhere”. (We will, don’t worry. South Georgia is too warm, also.)

  2. The loathsome little swine looks more deranged than ever.

  3. I don’t think we should offer him death. I think we should try to use his gifts, which are manifold. He is clever, if venally-dishonest in shallow senses. which he thinks are deep, but are not.

    So long as we are more powerful than him, he does not need to die. The “Boromir Moment” was a wrong interpretation of how Blair, or the Ring, could be used. Then, we could “resettle him”, afterwards.

    Because we are right and he is wrong.

  4. The face of evil is brought to Traitors Gate.

  5. Calos from Spain.

    He is a Freemason who believes in Globalisation and state control, he is
    responsible for the death of a great many people, he must be brought to

  6. He is a white-collar psychopath–he can’t be “used” in any meaningful sense.

  7. Norbert of Nottingham

    Mr Gabb — do you seriously believe an effeminate sixth-form narcissist like Blair could have done what he did without the direction (not to mention funding) of intelligent and forceful men like Lord Levy? If you do, you still have some way to go before you understand how British politics works. But at least fearlessly and ferociously impugning Blair won’t get you into Searchlight’s bad books.