Hoppe on Socialism and the State

One response to “Hoppe on Socialism and the State

  1. I suspect this is a quote out of context – as it implies that all states are equally bad (indeed all “socialist”).

    And I am fairly sure that H.H.H. does NOT believe that.

    For example, both North Korea and South Korea have a state – but that does not mean that a pro freedom person should not support South Korea against North Korea, in 1951 or now.

    In the real world perfection does not exist – so a person who says they will only deal with perfection is not dealing with reality.

    One tries to improve reality (one does not unthinkingly side with any state – one works to reduce government spending, taxes, regulations and so on) – but one should not try and opt out of reality (either by pretending that all states are equally bad – or by pretending that one can win a major war on one’s own, without an organised state).

    The “Sword of State” is just that – a weapon.

    Those who think to use it to “improve health” or “spread education” are misguided.

    But against force – there sometimes is only the answer of force.

    “But the Sword of State is corrupting”.

    Of course it is.