Austerity: We’re all in this together!

5 responses to “Austerity: We’re all in this together!

  1. Peter W Watson

    It is a cost saving exercise; previously they drank Taittinger.

  2. Ahhh…..that’s what I was wondering too!

  3. Can’t afford food? Let them drink champagne!

  4. This shows the harsh reality of the coalition’s austerity programme.

    Labour had planned to increase the order from 5 to 15 boxes, but Osborne cut the increase back to just 10 – a remarkable saving to the taxpayer of 5 boxes or 33%!

    Who said the cuts aren’t “real”?

  5. Calos from Spain.

    Hello, I love your blog about government, I picked up a Bitish paper from the supermarket in Barcelona last week, and establised your government is trying to stop people drinking, I turned the page to find they have had over a 5 million pound subsidy for cheap booze at Westminister. What a Siesta!