Blood of Alexandria: Another Fine Review

This is the 3rd Aelric novel. It is like the first two with lots of plot twists and buckets of blood but with more of both. Its a fine story. (spoiler alert) One thing I want to bring up is that our hero makes a momentious decision towards the end. As readers know, he is what we would call a secular humanist and it one of his goals to save civilization or at least the Empire of the Romans. He is horrified by what absolutely has to be done to accomplish this. Is humanity worth saving? Aelic finds the detritus of one who answered this question in their time. They found keys to a door which just keeps on opening for our race. But he in his time decided man was not ready for this key. Aelric could turn that key and revive this empire of unjust taxation, pointless violence, God’s vicegerent on earth and white marble. Yes he decides to carry on with his goal but also leave the key for others to find. He knows that humanity with the power of knowledge is not worth saving without freedom for all– a job for many of our little lifetimes to fulfill and renew.

3 responses to “Blood of Alexandria: Another Fine Review

  1. It’s actually a fucking brilliant story. I trembled in my boots, I have to say, at some of the sheer and stark violence reported therein, by Aelric, and (of course) perpetrated by others. It was not nice to behold, and gave me nightmares for some days.

    But you get over it after a bit, and in the realisation that modern states do just as ghastly things – some even of the same things – .to “their people”, in the task of dissolving the people and electing a new one, you reach equanimity.

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