Our Future is Green!

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  1. Wrong kind of wind.Hot air emanating from both ends of greeny groups and politicians is simply unsustainable over the long term. All that toxic gas is having a detrimental effect on the nation’s health. We need to get fracking.

  2. I live in Cyprus and can see 42 of the ghastly monstrosities from my house…

    We had strong winds last week which caused some local damage – trees down, tiles blown of roofs, satellite dishes blown down, etc.

    But 5 of the 42 turbines have not moved since – they normally drive them when there is no wind but these are completely still…

    11% of the whole wind farm damaged by, um… wind!

    I laugh every time I look at them!

  3. Nick diPerna

    Thanks to VAT, council tax, green taxes and a myriad of other ‘stealth taxes’; half a low-earner’s wage goes to the taxman.

  4. What depresses me is that when this nonsense is finally over, there will be no reckoning with its perpetrators. It will be slowly and quietly put aside with a slightly embarrassed cough; history will be rewritten by Whigs, nobody will even have to apologise, let alone face punishment, for inflicting a grotesque and ruinous ideology on society.

    • This particular rip-off, rather like the Iraq War, is different. It has taken place in the full glare of the Internet. We need a list of these people, and of their wickedness, to stand as their eternal monument.

      Any further discussions on this point should take place in private. I do have an idea I’d like to share with Ian B.

  5. I have often been or record about the kind of retributive punishments to be visited, voluntolduarily, upon _all_ GreeNazis, even those who were “only following orders” – actually especially those ones, for they had the choice of obeying evil masters or not. Some of the punishments are very exciting, and take quite some time, and do not involve physical harm to their bodies at all by another human being. But if I told you all, I would have to kill you.

  6. You have my email, Sean.

    But if it’s that “let’s go scrumping and blame it on David Davis because he’s old and can’t run fast” thing again, I told you last time…

  7. Very good post.

    As for “has anyone seen Battle Royale” – yes I have.