UK politics: “I have never been a huge fan of Cameron”

By Richard North

Note: I had an argument with young Mr Montgomerie in 2009. I resisted the urge then to call him an idiot child. Some urges, however, just shouldn’t be resisted. By the way, my own preferred outcome for the next election is a small Tory overall majority, on about 15 per cent of the registered vote. Vile and useless as these people are, they are still marginally better than Labour. SIG

UK politics: “I have never been a huge fan of Cameron” Obviously, the way to get on in life is to brown-nose The Leader on his way up, and then forget everything you said when he is on his way down.

TH 025-one.jpg

The above is Tim Montgomerie on 6 December 2009, the fourth anniversary of David Cameron becoming the leader of the Conservative Party.

And now, little Timmy has fallen out of love. Today, he says …

TH 025-two.jpg

How times change when you’ve got a nice safe job behind that Murdoch paywall.

2 responses to “UK politics: “I have never been a huge fan of Cameron”

  1. Right on again with this one Sean. Thanks for pointing it out. Not too sure about another Tory government though. There seems to be no politician on the horizon of any colour who could effectively pilot this country down to a soft landing.

    The old girl’s in a stall attitude right now and could fall off the wing at any time. Just get those food stocks in – best thing any man can do for his family. If I’m wrong, you can always buy in a couple of hogs (not used the word pigs in case I confuse you). Safest meat you could possibly invest in however. Half the population hate it. (not used the word… oh forget it!)

  2. Tim Monty is a bit of a …..

    And bears ….. in the woods.

    Water is wet.

    Circles are not square.

    A is A.

    All is as expected.