Road Tax?

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  1. There are some that are worse than that, on “Narrow Lane Clieves Hills” in Lancashire, near here. Near the Chimpanzee Type-Writers’ Nissen Hut. In a sort of patch like that shown. then, there’s another great corker of a one, on its own, about 100 yards further up the hill, in’t-middl-oov-road.

    We just drive round the bastards, us. If another car is coming head-on, and we have no choice, we “take the shot”, shift helm, and see who blinks first.

  2. That’s why the ‘Road Fund Licence’ was re-named ‘Vehicle Excise Duty’.

  3. Someone did the same thing around where I live.
    The council’s response was to threaten them with prosecution rather than to actually fix the problem.

  4. Yet people still say that “without the state the roads would collapse” . The government takes the money but does not maintain the roads – after all it is so much more “sexy” to build new roads, rather than maintain existing ones….

  5. The photographs, are a very familar site, we have an abundance of these
    caves littering our roads in Norfolk, let me give you a few tips when driving
    at night on unlit roads, look well ahead, concentrate on the road ahead
    these show up well in headlights and they can in the main be avoided, do
    not drive looking at your bonnet, try an read the road as far as your eye can
    see, this will not only save you from the pot holes, but any other nasties that may lay in wait, that said there are serious issues of vehicle damage, that pot
    holes can cause, they can cause wheel tracking to toe in or out, resulting in
    very quick wear on front tires, ball joint wear, and also break roll bar mountings clean off, exhausts can also be effected by shock transfer, pot holes are not shock obsorber friendly either, and can speed up the leakage of seals and break outer coil springs. if you are stopped by Police and they
    establish a bald tyre on either the inner or outer edge they will still issue a
    a penalty, despite the fact the government negligence of the roads
    caused the problem in the first instant, and you may not be aware of this
    due to the high speed tyres can wear, once “Tracking” is disturbed, if tyres
    get hot and scrub, tyres wear at an alarming speed, to which you will be
    unaware of of, if you think you have a probelm drive car for a few miles
    and put your hand on tyres, if over hot there is a problem, you will see
    uneven wear has started on the inner or outer top edge of the tyre,, keep
    campaigning to councils, they might wake up one day. Motorcyclists
    need to be extra carefull especially of the “Fistulars” that appear in the
    lenghts of the road, they can be deep and take control of a wheel, pre
    motorcross training increases life expectancy greately, keep eyes open
    scan the road for things ahead, avoid these by reading road and carefull

  6. And of course if pot holes are not bad enough, fly tippers are becomming and ever increasing menace, leaving brick rubble, breaze blocks, and numerous other nasty items on the roads as they tip in the hedgerows and ditches in rural england, it looks as if we are seeing the management of increasing decline of public roads and highways.

  7. If the Soviets, in their monstrous self-regard and sneering condescension towards voters, had not compulsorily nationalized the forced collection of “waste”, for “recycling”, with menaces, then people would not fly-tip.

  8. Hence the causation, of the problem.

  9. Anyone know where this photo was taken? Do we have single solid whiute lines in the UK?

  10. I think the white lines is in the piture, I think the picture has been taken with
    a lens to emphasize the pot holes, look into the distance and you will behind
    the car, where the tree branches stick out the road centralises, that is the
    white in the middle.

  11. The question on the solid white line is a good one, normally these are of course broken, but in saying that many roads in rural Norfolk have no lines
    at all, I am sure the photograph is england the hedgerows look familiar, it
    may be they are doing single white lines to save money, presume these
    are time saving to lay as opposed to the broken lines, but in saying that
    you have got me thinking, don’t recall seeing these in my area.