Sean Gabb on Gay Marriage

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“I have never shared or understood the moral prejudice against homosexual acts.Even as a boy, I thought the legal penalties were unjust. A quarter of a centuryago, I wrote an essay in which, among much else, I called for gay marriage to beallowed….”

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5 responses to “Sean Gabb on Gay Marriage

  1. Good place for it – a taki magazine – Homosexual sex is a perversion, unnatural and from a theological point of view,homosexual “marriage” can only be seen as utterly Satanic. Doesn’t get a lot clearer than than. Want to know what God thinks of socialism? Visit Babylon. Want to know what He thinks of homosexual “marriage”? Visit Sodom, if you can find it.

  2. This is a splendid essay. Including all pertinent facts, and reasoning from them in a rational, practical manner. This is a rarity in American libertarian thinking, which is usually either rational or practical, but seldom both. I’ve quoted from it and riffed on it, and was inspired to coin a new word to discuss it, here:

  3. Hm. It won’t let me edit. Sorry about the sentence fragment.

  4. Sodom, did indeed exist, however, I fare religion will not halt the issue of
    gay marriage, it appears to contradict the freedom of choice of certain people, I have to say in honesty, my motto, is this people do what they will,
    but do not interfer we me or my existance, or that of another person.