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Politics for Beginners

Dick Out And About: Filling In The Gaps

by Dick Puddlecote

Dick Out And About: Filling In The Gaps IBNLogo.PNG
Over at the IBT, I thought it was worth pointing out what the BBC’s Graham Satchell forgot to say in Monday’s report on e-cigs.

To read the article, click here or on the screen-capped image below.


Politically incorrect film reviews – A Lincoln convertible

by Robert Henderson


Politically incorrect film reviews – A Lincoln convertible

Robert Henderson

Main cast: Daniel Day-Lewis, Sally Field, Tommy Lee Jones, James Spader, David

Strathairn, Peter McRobbie, Lee Pace (There is a very extensive cast, but Day-Lewis is so dominant in terms of screen time that the main cast could have been him alone)

Director Stephen Spielberg

Running time: 150 minutes

What is the most damning word that can be applied to a film? I suspect it is dull. That is the word for Lincoln. Too many characters, too much poorly orchestrated verbal scrummaging in Congress, an avalanche of posturing earnestness and a good deal of ham acting – yes, that’s you James Spader I am particularly wincing at for your Republican fixer William N. Bilbo and you Tommy Lee Jones for your painfully ridiculous abolitionist Thaddeus Stephens, a man unable to open his mouth without engaging in abuse. The only performance of any note is that of Daniel Day-Lewis as Lincoln. Continue reading