Most unforgivably evil weapon of the 20th century?

11 responses to “Most unforgivably evil weapon of the 20th century?

  1. I’m trying to figure out if this is for real? Looking at the design I don’t think it can work as described.
    Reminds me of Clouseau’s boss (what was his name?) who shot himself in the nose while trying to light a cigarette with a lighter shaped like a gun, only he picked up a real gun by mistake.
    I suppose the two novelty items would make a good pair!

  2. What about a gun made to look like a cigarette lighter?

  3. Yes it is real Hugo, The cigarettes are stored in the handle of the gun, when
    you pull the trigger, the top pops up, exposing the cigarettes, relavitively
    simple mechanism, I remember these type of guns from the 60’s also made
    lighters in the form of mini pocket guns. It did not fire the cigarettes that’s
    a sales gimmick.

  4. A few years ago, there were versions of lighters on sale in the UK, these were a mini gun design, that were electronic, I haven’t seen these on sale for about a decade now, I think they were banned under the new imitation firearms laws, they came from china and asia, were very cheap to buy, from markets and curios.

  5. The ultimate would be a gun-shaped cigarette holder that lights one on the way out while cooking a burger, pouring a whisky and dispensing salt.

    Drawing board time!

  6. Is that all you do eat and drink and smoke, I can’t see anyone designing such a lighter, if you’ve got that much drawing board time buy a camping
    stove and have a picnic in the office, and pay someone 250 an hour to toss
    the burger and pour the whisky for you Ha…..Ha….

  7. I know a better one, T, what about a TV set made to look like a gun, I was
    also going to include car, but I think we already have one, called a tank.

  8. Don’t underestimate Legiron there, Karl. He may very well come up with one, and then you’ll want one, and he’ll say “Ner-Ner-Na-Ner-Ner!”

  9. legiron – sounds good.

  10. Don’t upset him to much, he may come up with that goes, Bang,Bang,Bang,
    and they say Bang!