E-Cigs: Follow The Money

by Dick Puddlecote

E-Cigs: Follow The Money With a tagline of “when caution can kill”, former ASH Director Clive Bates has written another very intelligent – and important – article on e-cigs and the unintelligent EU’s disgraceful plan to kill them off.

“E-cigarettes represent an amazing market-based, user-driven public health insurgency. From nowhere to €500m in Europe, the market is growing rapidly and already almost equals the market for NRT, according to the European Commission’s consultants (see chart and Matrix report p21)”

Little wonder, then, that big pharma are doing everything in their power to get them banned.

Without anyone in the professional public health field doing anything and without spending any public money, smokers have been quitting, switching and cutting down using e-cigarettes.”

And that is why the tobacco control industry are also doing their utmost to heavily regulate them or render them ineffective.

It’s a simple follow the money exercise. Right there is all you need to know about the e-cigs debate. Remember it whenever you read or hear any of their rotten junk science.

It’s never been about health, you know.

Do go read Clive’s article in full here.gVg-cjRS2TM

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