Daily Archives: 6 February, 2013

Give Your MP A Nudge For A Change

by Dick Puddlecote

Give Your MP A Nudge For A Change MPs have been merrily nudging you into conforming to their idea of how you should live your life for over two years now. Here’s your chance to nudge him/her back, and it’ll only take a minute. Continue reading

Thoughts on Gay Marriage

Not looking at the general circumstances, I’m in favour of gay marriage, and have been at least since I first wrote about it in 1989. If two consenting adults want to live together in close union, and can find a consenting minister of religion to bless their union, who are we to object? I also can’t get worked up about polygamy, polyandry, incest, or any other kind of union between consenting adults. To a libertarian, the sole function of state marriage laws is to offer individuals a package of legal agreements and declarations that they could make for themselves if they wanted to find the money and time. Continue reading