Chris Huhn: Here’s to a Diminished Carbon Footprint

Since he’s partly to blame for my £950 gas bill, I call on the Judge to show no mercy to this gross malefactor. Perhaps he should be crucified on the vanes of one of the ten thousand windmills I can see from Deal at low tide.

3 responses to “Chris Huhn: Here’s to a Diminished Carbon Footprint

  1. There’ll be strings pulled,don’t worry, next year at this time he’ll have a top
    job as they alway’s do, and everything about the case forgotten, pity his
    own family betrayed him, point of fact!

  2. Lets hope he gets a giant carbon footprint, right on his arse.

  3. We can only hope Mr Ecks, but knowing those in government, unlikely,
    he i like the rest of them, maybe sent to prison, but out the backdoor
    within a couple of months, new top job next year somewhere, look at lot
    who fiddled their expenses one law for them one for everyone else, the
    puppet masters will soon set to work, they alway’s do.