£100 Reward for Conviction of Real Hate Criminal

This awful crime is worth mentioning.

If a native in a ski mask had punched Miss Oni on the nose while shouting “White Power!” the Plod would have torn the place apart in search of the villain. Every inch of CCTV footage would have been examined. Every known or probable BNP and EDL member within a five mile radius would have been pulled in for questioning. Someone would eventually have been found, and the Beeb would have given the resulting trial blanket publicity.

Instead, she was a non-white living in a Moslem area and dressing like a “goreh.” If some demented, and probably jealous, cow got up as a black pillar box chose to ruin her life with a pot of acid, that was only the enforcement of “community standards.” The Plod seem to have logged the crime, before going back to their preferred job of persecuting motorists. And they whine that no one likes them.

Women’s equality is one of the glories of our civilisation. If a woman wants to hide her face and body from view, that should be her right. Equally, if a woman wants to take pride in her charms, that should be her right. It was rightly established thirty years ago that dressing “provocatively” was no mitigation for sexual assault. Where are the feminists and the lefties now to scream blue murder at this?

I hope the plastic surgeons can put Miss Oni back together. The Libertarian Alliance offers a reward of £100 for any information that leads to the arrest and punishment of whoever did this to her. We wish it could be a hundred times that much.

68 responses to “£100 Reward for Conviction of Real Hate Criminal

  1. Put a further £100 into the pot and please email me when the cash is needed.

  2. It is apparent, this behaviour imported from asia, has reached the mainland,
    it is of most importance, the person responsible for this wicked deed is
    caught, we must send out the right signal and sentence, to those who
    committ such act’s evil, I hope the police have refered her case to the
    CICB for her sake at least.

  3. Those bastard plods, they make me puke!

  4. She should get a decent lawyer, sue the plods for breach of duty, how come they spend £20,ooo on a the theft of a banana in prosecution costs, and have done nothing about this, where the hell is her M.P. for gods sake, what are they being payed for, we’re the ones to blame, should call for proper enquiry into this case, plods heads must roll! Give this case plenty of publicity on the blogs.

  5. Yes one hundred Pounds from me also.

    The person who did this needs to be put in prison – for a very long tme indeed.

  6. Yes agreed, if we show we are soft on this type of crime it will escalate,
    ten years minium without parole!

  7. I will put in £100 also.

  8. Can’t afford to put any money in, but will sure create a tidal wave for the
    wooden tops, rest assured.

  9. I just did a quick web search, this case is on the international web, certainly
    does not look good for the peelers, is anyone suggesting the motive for the
    police investigation failures have underlying motives, have they recorded
    the crime priority wrongly this is a good possibility, needs proper investigation by professionals, totally barbaric crime.

  10. PS, I have just taken a few minutes to do some reference, any journalist or member of the public who has concenrs about Police Investigation of crime, can write with their concerns to the PSD department of that particular force, in this case it appears responsibility would lay, with the PSD department C/O the Metropolitan Police, they are required to reply within 14 day’s of any letter, I hope this has been helpful.

  11. I’m off to bed. Before I go, however, here’s further thoughts on the matter.

    We’ve offered a grand total of £400 so far as a reward. That will do nothing to get a conviction. Anyone who hasn’t so far come forward won’t get out of bed to earn that. I suggest we just send the money to Miss Oni. I will call The Independent on Monday and get a c/o address. I will send £100 in cash. That will at least let her go to the hairdresser, or pay for a few comforts.

    We can still make a political point, by challenging any activist Moslems to do the same. But, now we’ve offered the money, let’s make sure it does some good.

    The newspapers are filled with reports of disgusting crimes. This one, though, has left me appalled, and that has nothing to do with politics.

  12. You are giving up a bit quickly Sean – it is only a couple of days since you launched the appeal.

    I tend towards despair – but even I would not give up so fast.

    Please reconsider.

  13. Please let me know the address to send the money Sean. £400 is prob too little to get a rat-out but it might help the young lady.

  14. This case has snowballed on the web now, plenty of pages, the police may
    have to do something in veiw of all the publicity the case is creating. if they
    can’t catch a rat with this much media coverage they never will.

  15. Waving the white flag from the trench, before even firing a shot, paul.

  16. No Karl – Sean was not being cowardly. It was despair.

    We all know the “Black Dog”.

    As for the lady – if cosmetic surgery can help it will be paid for, But the skin of the face is the hardest job for any cosmetic surgeon.

    I still believe that the criminal can be found and punished – my offer stands.

  17. That is very generious of you Dr Gabb.

  18. A hundred Pound reward for information to solve each and every crime would bankrupt Bill Gates.

  19. I think you mean a £400 reward… right?

    If this matter takes off it could bring many interviews, which in turn would bring you more chance to push your writing, which would increase your exposure, which would please your publisher no end – if not more than a lot. Win-win or what?

    Tongue in cheek that statement really for I do absolutely share your sense of outrage over this cowardly attack on a harmless 20 year old girl. Acid thrown in a woman’s face during darkness; which probably meant her eyes were wide open! God almighty isn’t that a dreadfully painful thought?

    These foul criminals must be stopped. The police should forget being pc for at least a few days and consider this a murder crime. They should put in place all the resources they can muster – it really is that important. Catch these criminals for God’s sake before they have time to think about appeasing their foolish religion once again.

    Those guilty, should be used to set an example by way of a long sentence with hard labour.

  20. I have a just done some research on this crime, it appears to have been committed at night after she got of the bus, by a “Woman Muslim” wearing a veil, who followed her and then threw the acid in her face, there are possibilities, either this was a planned crime where the person knew who she was and layed in wait, or the perpetrator was looking for any random target, of course, there is another problem with this case, it could have been a man disguised as a woman wearing a veil, possibility, this appears to be the second acid attack in London listed on the web, it appears to be a crime import, that originates from “Taliban” practices, they use sulpheric acid, in some cases as far as I can establish, it leaves the victim scared for life, the injuries inflicted are very costly to treat over long periods, and leave damage to face, it is important, this practice is not allowed to become established in the UK, must be given priority status to ensure anyone involved in these kind of inindiscriminate attacks are caught and example made as deterrent to others who consider committing such acts.

    • I was wondering if it might be a man. But it could easily have been a woman. It says little about the local Moslems that no one has come forward with information, and that there seems to have been no widespread condemnation in the mosques – though I could be wrong on this.

      Regarding Islamic dress codes, I’m not an expert. However, I was once assured by a fairly senior Moslem scholar that women are only expected to dress modestly by the standards of the society in which they live. The black pillar box couture appears to be a modern affectation, imposed by threats of violence. I know several Moslem women, and they dress normally, without having lapsed from their religion.

  21. Could be mail or female, may not even be a muslim, someone disguised as
    one with alernative motive, anyway they very seldom inform on each other
    they are not like the english iin this respect, many wear this black piilar
    box attire now even in Norfolk, it’s common practice, mind you I do not
    believe people should be subject to state control on what clothes they wear,
    it’s a matter of personal choice, It will be interesting to see what developments are made if any on this case, police appeared to be a bit slow
    at the start, Das Boot has gone as they say, could be far away!

  22. My view is, and has always been, that the only people allowed by law to wear masks in the UK should be those professionally diagnosed to be afflicted with a medical problem. Someone like the victim in this case for instance; a young woman who now will be afraid to show her face – even to friend. Someone now living in pain and daily fearful of what the future might hold. How limited it might now be. I only wish I could give the poor girl a big, re-assuring hug.

    The wearing of a mask in public by anyone else should of course be outlawed. The very idea of masks would have been unthinkable 40 or 50 years ago. Will the carrying of knives be the next thing asked for? Imagine a glass of acid in one hand, a knife in the other and a mask to hide the criminal’s face. Sounds like a crazy idea but we’re already two thirds there.

  23. Augusto el Avocado

    Import the third world, get third world vibrancy. And who wanted us to import the third world? It was never voted for and has had hugely harmful effects, but the price of opposing it is moral opprobrium and exclusion from power. As is the price of raising the vast and hugely important differences between different groups of Homo sapiens. How on earth can that happen in a democracy? Well, I don’t think it has happened in a democracy. And from Mr Gabb’s recent implicit declaration of whom he fears, I think he knows exactly what kind of cracy we are living under.

    You should also remember this case:


    There is, of course, no discussion of the “ethnic dimension” to it. Better that acid-throwing flourish in the UK than thought-crime be permitted.

  24. You seem to have wandered onto the wrong site John. Forbidding freedoms on the grounds that someone might do something bad is nothing to do with liberty. Our freedoms are vanishing rapidly and plenty of people are doing bad things. The right to conceal ones face is a freedom and a number of people have gone about the streets masked–it was not common but happened in the 17th/18th century and declined in the 19th. Personal weapons are tools of protection for decent people far more than the are the implements of scum (or they would be in a free society as decent people would arm themselves for protection and the decent far outnumber the scum). Acid is a weapon that only real human sewage would use anyway and is so messy to deploy that it is a weapon of attack only.
    If this poor girl had lived in a decent society and had a pistol on her, even with acid splashed in her face, she might have had the presence of mind to put a couple of rounds between the shoulder-blades of her escaping attacker and that would have been true justice as well as an excellant discouragement for any other potential acid-splashers out there.

  25. Masks – it depends on the circumstances At a comic book convention (or whatever) they are fine. However, when I was checking I.Ds (which I did for many years as a security guard) if someone said “I can not show you my face – it is against my religion”, my reply would have been “then I can not check your face against this ID – please leave”,

    As for the police – soon we may reach the Chicago situation.

    In Chicago the rulers have announced that people should no longer telephone 911 (their version of 999) in a “non life threatening situation”.

    Why, if this is the case, bother to have a police force at all? After all in a “life threatening situation” the police are not going to get to you (assuming they even try to do so – not likely in Chicago) before you are dead, And you are not allowed to have weapons to defend yourself – the Supreme Court ruled that Chicago had no right to ban firearms (but Chicago does not believe in this “rule of law” thing). 506 murders last year (actually it is far more than that – as anyone who dies an age of over 55 is “assumed” to have died of natural causes), someone having acid thrown in their face would not raise much interest in Chicago.

    Of course the Chicago police do have a function – to HELP COLLECT TAXES AND ENFORCE THE ORDERS OF THE REGIME.

    That may be our future in Britain as well.

  26. Paul–Masks–at a private venue–fine–their property:their rules (up to a point). It would not be too clever for banks/building societies to say masks are OK: however, please note that only the decent obey rules–those who stage armed robberies will come in with masks on anyway–so the “rule” is meaningless. In a shopping mall “No masks/hoodies” might deter some non-serious yobs–but serious wrongdoers could go to the bogs and change their gear/appearance. No masks would only deter lightweights.

    As for the police–you are a bit behind the times. Our own dear plod declared –I think at least 10 years ago–that there were new numbers to call the police and 999 should only be used for emergencys, which presumably means life-threatening situations(is acid splashing a “life-threatening” situation?–one might be blinded/disfigured for life but actual death is unlikely). In fainess, 999 and 911 have ALWAYS supposed to be for emergencies only and a lot of idiots have used them for trivial reasons.

    It was long ago established in the US at least (and in this country although I am a little hazy about the UK details) that the police serve the state and have no obligation to protect the tax livestovk.

  27. Mr Ecks: How can a free and decent society consist of people who choose to wear masks and/or carry pistols? In a free and decent society who would need or want to? The air is free so breath it. The sun is free so open your face to it.

    The mask used in this case was to hide identity – that is the way that criminals avoid detection, arrest and punishment should the crime in some other way be proven. It’s the very opposite of freedom surely? Other than used temporarily by highwaymen, or for smoke and fog protection, or a scarf being wrapped high on a winters day, I’ve never before read or heard of a man or woman regularly walking English streets their faces covered by a mask.

    In making my remark, I was referring to the fact that the carrying of knife fits the wearing of a mask. Pistols are already totally banned in the UK. Therefore the English have become dis-armed. Knives or not outlawed to the same extent and, in any event, kitchen knives can be obtained within seconds. Therefore the users have not been dis-armed. Pistols to fit the pocket have been the preferred weapon of defence by westerners for two centuries – knives remain more popular with Moslem men; being ancient weapons that supposedly display the users bravery, courage and pride.

    You accuse me of wandering (as in ‘mind’ I assume) Mr Ecks. I, in turn, accuse you of hitting the bottle a little too early today.

    Mind you, I do readily confess to not being totally convinced yet about full-blown libertarianism. I suppose I remain in part an old-style conservative by nature. So what about pouring me one?

  28. The purpose of a mask (outside science fiction/comic conventions) is the concealment of identity.(The 17th/18th C mask-wearers were often slumming or brothel-creeping and wanted to protect their identity) If someone wants to conceal their identity or face that is their business. If they try to commit genuine crimes, genuine wrongdoing, while masked then give them extra punishment.
    As you say, you are a onservative rather than a libertarian. Unfortunately, partial support for freedom also entails partial support of tyranny.

  29. PS–I would be happy to stand you a drink even though I am a teetotaler.

  30. Some of the comments interesting, although a bit complex, seem to have wandered someway of
    the subect, I think the main point is these crimes are imported issues. Of course you’re arguments about guns have no merit, likely point of fact, the person would have probably shot
    her if guns were available in UK, Britain is a changing culture, we are seeing
    this start to manifest into mainstream society and of course it will continue to do so, the changes are ongoing, blame David Blunket and that TB man.

  31. Secondly, JW, I am against widespread gun ownership in the UK, I hold the
    view many people should not have them, even some in the army, people are
    so thick here they would shoot anyone for anything, that being the main
    problem of course, if I thought there was any hope of responsible gun control
    I would vote for it tomorrow. Secondly if you defend yourself here with a knife
    you get arrested, and the attacker is portrayed as the victim, that’s the way
    things are in this Fu**ing counrty

  32. Lot to think about here.

    Good point about the police – Mr Ecks. I know enough ex (and serving) police officers to know that force is going down hill.

    On masks – of course motor cycle helmets serve as de facto masks.

    A big no-no for someone to go into a place of business wearing one of those – or should be a big no-no.

    As for the masks worn in Venice (and so on) – yes I do understand what you are saying. Although they are only worn for special events now.

    In public – in some parts of the United States they even try and ban tinted windows on cars (“we must be able to see you at all times”) which is demented.

  33. Good point Dr Gabb.

  34. Karl. No chance whatsoever of a gun being used in this particular case. A bullet to the head more often than not kills instantly and therefore painlessly. Acid thrown causes immense pain, destroys tissue and scars for life and can of course kill. Allah intends that the cruelest of punishments are metred out to those who displease him; apparently.

    Mr Ecks. Is brothel creeping mask wearers really the best you can come up with? I thought you might tell me something along the lines that all judges used to, in the olden days, reverse their wigs before passing sentence. A masking good idea to protect them from criminals which then caught on (part-time) amongst the female populace.

    This is not a thing to be playing lightly however and I’m deeply saddened and angered by it. I’ll put my £100 in the pot when Sean asks me to.

  35. Yes,well that’s good I think this girl could certainly do with some compensation, Well I’m sure we’ve all displeased Allah today, I still don’t
    think the gun owenership is a good idea, we’ll probably have shootings in
    shopping malls if that came about. It does scar for life, had a look on the
    slide shows on the web, goggle,”Acid Throwm In Womans face” shows the long therm after effects the on victims some children, dirty deed I must say, premeditated evil!

  36. Yes it was kind of JW I must say.

  37. Sean £25.00 best I can do at the moment, email me when you want the
    money, will sent it to you, when you want it.

  38. Incidentally paul, did you know tinted glass is illegal in UK police make you
    remove it on roadside, I think after viewing the slide show on google I might
    start wearing a mask myself, what in god’s name as the country come to.
    what a terrible ordeal she has suffered, Just hope she makes a good recovery will be keeping my fingers crossed for her.

  39. Tom Burroughes

    Appalling picture. I hope the lowlife or lowlifes who did this are hit with full weight of the law.

  40. Yes Tom, now you’re here perhaps you can throw a little in the pot as well,
    I think rat life is the word to use here, I have been doing a bit of research
    on this particular practice, it seems last year alone there were some 1,500
    cases reported world wide, I going to look into this in more detail and find
    out a lot more about it, An interesting few hours of research this will be.

  41. The police have gone dow hill paul. it’s become a cancer of crime and
    corruption, just today further scandal, stealing of childrens idenities without
    knowledge of their parents, sitiuation is serious, out of control, they are getting clean
    away with it with the full help of those we entrust to implement
    justice, The whole system has become YUK.

  42. The correct name for this type of crime is officially decribed as “Vitolage” throwing acid into ones face, it is not used as a crime of robbery or theft, but committed for a range of other motives, as follows: Used out of jealousy or for revenge for some previous act. In south asia the usage is normally confined to refusal of sexual advances by woman, or the refusal of marriage, men punish them by the act of vitolage. In some other asian countries it is an established part of the domestic violence culture. In Islamic countires it is used against woman who refuse or deny orders to wear the “Hijab”. The most effective medical treatment invloves the use of an acid neutrailising agent, the quicker this is applied the better for the victim, if treatment is delayed, can burn through the skin and even damage bone tissue, blinds people and causes long term psychological damage, can require considerable surgery and long term after treatment, Hope this has been an education.

  43. No Karl – I did not know that tinted glass was illegal in Britain. So people in summer have to sit in the glare of the sun?

    Sometimes I think I should give up reading political stuff – I know it is cowardly to hide from the truth, but I am not sure I can take much more bad news.

  44. Yes indeed, the police have power to impound vehicle, many new cars now do not supply tinted as an option, people
    have got round this by using the self adhesive tinting kits, but police just
    make you remove them, I once had an alpine in the 80’s had the tinted
    glass, I liked it, but this is now aparently illegal, you don’t see any tinted
    screens these day’s, have a look next time you go out driving, I now this
    is true, the police were stopping cars on PCL, telling drivers it was illegal
    impounding cars until removed. or glass changed.

  45. I’m not sure about this tinted-glass-thing. Round here, evey single people mover on the school run has tinted windows all round. You can’t see who’s driving, let alone the people in the back.

    Karl, are your facts right?

  46. That’s odd, on PCL the police were tugging cars and impounding them for
    tinted glass, claimed it was illegal, I must say you don’t see to much of it
    round here now, and the police were also pulling people for it along the
    Gt Yarmouth seafront for it. My facts are only based on what I saw on Police
    Camera Live, and what I witnessed in my own county, I will do some research and let you know, it could be the police are wrong.

  47. David, I have just had a look at the law. you might like to refer to Window Tinting and Law Ebay guide, “Google This”. It appears to be a somewhat complex matter, hence the police impounding vehicles and removing from the road. It appears to state that all windows must allow 70% light into vehicle, or police have the power to impound, the site states that some car manufactures broke the law, by selling cars on UK market, that did not meet the required spec, I must only then presume the cars impounded fell into that catagory, from what can see on the subject, the police have on board test equipment to check incomming light levels, I think on the basis of what I have just read, I’ll keep away from tinted windows. on the basis of the facts they appear be attracting woodentops to cars, like bees to honey! The law looks rediculously complex, as you would expect, plenty of information on the google site, best to stay away from tints, lot less hastle, just another good excuse the police can use to pull you over. It appears to be a complex issue judging by the web pages with a great deal of misinterpretation of the law, this is the kind the lawyers love.

  48. Mind you funny law, you can wear sun glasses that do not allow 70% light
    transmission and still drive. How odd.

  49. Interestingly, I just got my gossen out and took a reading in room light, and
    then did another with a sunglass lens over the dome, the needle dropped
    considerably over one stop, this means an average pair of sun glasses
    allows one stop less light transmission, ie, 1. stop half as much light 50%,
    dark sun glasses wolud of course allow much less light transmission.
    I hope we won’t find ourselves arrested whilst driving wearing sun glasses,
    the police would no doubt love this one, Sir, you must accompany me to
    the police station as you have been impounded, you can be released as
    soon as you pay £180,00 release fee. Anything can happen these day’s!

  50. Alexander Lovatt

    I too would like to promise 100 pounds, a promise I will be delighted to fulfil and commit to not reneging upon.

    • Thanks for that. I will tot up the sums promised and tell the Independent. I will also publish the address for sending private donations to Miss Oni.

      • Alexander Lovatt

        Marvellous, I would be delighted to make a private donation to Miss. Oni, One hopes that the succour it might offer her will ameliorate somewhat for both the terrible attack and the authorities’ actions, or lack thereof.

  51. Richard Smyth.

    Looks a bit grim i was doing searches 0f You Tube last night, muslim law has been introduced in certain parts of London, East End area, they had ilamic patrols out, confiscating any one found in the mosque area carrying alcohol, also targetting prostitutes, and putting up leaflets, “This is a Muslim Area” police where taking them down. “Scary”. Didn’t like the footage one bit.

  52. Yes, I saw it on You Tube News, Islamic patrol guarding the mosque areas,
    stopping people in the street and searching them for alcohol. Bit of a shock
    I must say, by the way richard there is an S in islamic.

  53. Interestingly, most American libertarians wouldn’t even mention this crime, let alone offer a reward, because they’d be afraid of sounding “intolerant” or “racist” or “Islamophobic.” So, to jolt them a little bit, I’m reprinting it here. Thanks!

  54. Sean, Maybe twenty years ago I attempted to offer a cash reward to anyone with knowledge of a theft from my business premises. I telephoned several newspapers but they refused to place the ad. They told me they could only run an advertisement of that type if it was placed by the police. They suggested that I work with them. However I knew the police would then want to do an investigation, which would distract employees at best or upset them at worse should they be questioned. In the end I chose not to taket the matter further. Things might be different now of course and I’m sure you know what your doing, nevertheless I thought it best to put you on guard just in case.

  55. Islamaphobic, Come on will you!

  56. “In public – in some parts of the United States they even try and ban tinted windows on cars (“we must be able to see you at all times”) which is demented.” Indeed they do. I was ticketed by a cop in Boulder Colorado, recently, because my windows were TOO tinted. I checked with my own local police, and different degrees of tinting are allowed in different areas.

  57. They are trying to impliment a similar policy here BC, at the moment they
    use this excuse to stop your car, on the basis of the same argument. It’s
    all part of the North Korean dictatorship we have in england at the moment.