Sisters Merciless.

by Anna Raccoon

Note: I am among the many who rejoiced when Bobby Sands starved himself to death in 1981. SIG

Sisters Merciless.

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Two fine young women, photographed in time-honoured fashion with the ubiquitous smiling policeman outside the home of the British Prime Minister. It is a scene impossible today; the days when disagreeing with the prevailing politics meant writing a letter in green ink to your local newspaper – whilst not forgetting to doff your cap to the vicar en route to the post box, have gone forever.

Today you must have an ‘event’ to mark your displeasure. You must destroy another human being, preferably several at the same time, to ensure that your voice is heard. It matters not that several of those humans being might have been of the same political hue as yourself – who knows what political persuasions could be sitting next to each other on the No 16 bus in the morning – the entire membership of the Libertarian Party, though they would probably be in a taxi.

What matters is that people should be ‘shocked’ by what you have done, prepared to make concessions to you in order that you shouldn’t be tempted to do it again. For we could all do it; there is nothing innately difficult about carrying a bomb into a crowded place, nothing intellectual about figuring out how to make that bomb. You merely need to believe that seeing the flag of which you approve flying over the public buildings that you frequent is more important than the life of total strangers.

Dolours Price and her sister Marian never stood a chance to think otherwise; they had been groomed since childhood to believe that unnatural practices were acceptable, normal even. That they should abuse their fellow human beings as their Father had, and their Grandfather before that. That sort of grooming is lauded in some circles, eulogised in song, feted by Hollywood celebrities, immortalised in art.

Price’s links to the IRA go back to before her birth. During the 1950s, her father, Albert, was interned by the Irish Government in the Curragh Camp, alongside Ruairi O Bradaigh, who would go on to become president of Sinn Fein and later of Republican Sinn Fein. Her aunt, Bridie Dolan, also an active republican, lost her sight and both hands after hand grenades she was handling exploded prematurely.

Dolours was not the first to believe that blasting human beings to smithereens was a reasonable response to the Irish political conundrum. That dubious honour belonged to James McCormick in 1939. He was bombing Coventry when the Luftwaffe was just a twinkle in Hitler’s eye. Dolours was the first woman though.

It was not only the terrible injuries inflicted on 200 Londoners outside the Old Bailey that frosty March morning in 1973, nor the death of one man that the Guardian this morning only grudgingly admit may have been the result of being caught in the bomb blast. It was the sheer disbelief that this carnage was the handiwork of two women.

We never quite allowed ourself to believe that it was intentionally so. When she tried to starve herself to death, we fed her. When she complained that she was suffering psychological injuries as a result of being so fed, we let her go home. There she became an alcoholic and a drug addict

Price had been counseled for depression and alcoholism for more than a decade after being convicted of using forged prescriptions to acquire drugs in 2001.

She married the Belfast bus driver’s son, turned quintessential Hollywood ‘Irishman’, Stephen Rea, along the way. Stephen Rea was to become the ‘voice’ of Gerry Adams, when Margaret Thatcher stopped the BBC from hanging onto Adams’ measly words ‘live’ on the six o’clock news. Before she and Stephen divorced, she gave birth to two sons, Danny and Oscar – have they too been groomed to relish the thought of leaving parts of human limbs hanging from trees several metres away from their owner’s body as a political solution?

One of ironical repercussions of Dolours’ girls ‘day out in London with fellow bombers’, is that today, the politicians in Downing Street are hidden away behind high gates. No longer can teenage girls be photographed next to the front door of Downing Street – we are more divorced from our politicians than we ever were in 1973. We are angrier than we ever were. We have less voice than we ever did.

Hundreds of people have lain in hospital beds in agony and anguish to achieve this result. Too many have died.

Dolours and her sister Marian were released from prison on ‘compassionate grounds’ in 1980. A Royal Prerogative of Mercy, which included a licence relating to the life sentence they received for their part in the Old Bailey bombings. Marian is now back in prison, recalled under that licence for continuing to take part in dissident IRA activities. There are calls for renewed ‘mercy’ for her.

Last night, Dolours died peacefully in her own bed. In Belfast, Northern Ireland. Still part of the United Kingdom.

Gerry Adams said: ”Dolours had a very tough life, like many people.

Nowhere near as tough as the life she inflicted on those who held different political views from her. Some would say – not tough enough.


11 responses to “Sisters Merciless.

  1. Ah the Marxists (and pro Nazis) of the IRA (Official or Provisional, or off shoots, or INLA) I can not say I burst into tears when they die either.

    Jerry Adams father let the bonfires that helped guide the German bombers to attack Belfast – Catholics died in those raids (just as as Protestants did) but Adams did not care.

    Of course the man’s fore father was Colonel John Adams of Lincolnshire (back in the 1600s), but it is not healthy to remind him of that.

  2. Anna, you are of course allowed your opinion, but you in some arears appear to give a distored veiw, firstly my family have along background in the army, my grand father was in Ireland in the 19,00’s he was shot by an IRA sniper, so i think I am in a better position to sit as judge than you, Of course it is true about what happened with the Germans, the IRA even tried to talk the germans in to providing large numbers of weapons, however they declined with the plan, much of the issues you try and describe in reality relate to secterian conflict, murder, hate on both sides of the divide, it’s wrong to point blame at anyone in such a complex secterian conflic, firstly, you had not had the bad fourtue to have met Cornel “Smyth,” he was the man responsible for the shoot to kill policy in ireland during that time, he gave the order to shoot catholics on sight even if they did not have their hands in the air, he was responsible for the innocent murders of many catholics, I have seen the photographs of his disgusting crimes, Smyth had an appointment with justice, he was shot in the head whilst having dinner in cork, this was carried out by an IRA ac unit, he did much to cause the conflict, that historically brought people like Dolous sisters into the conflict in the first place, you have to grow up anna, face the reality of the conflict and the underlining causes, the british, although I am one , have been responsible for a number of atrocities, that caused the initial ignition of the conflict, including the use of torture, I should now, coments like yours do not help those in pursuit of peace, Dolous was a victim in some way’s and created by the actions of people like “Smyth,” we should pray for all souls of the dead, and trying to light the dead embers of a burnt out fire do little to secure peace of future generations, like the conservatives, they have not changed, they have a sinister motive to return to war, same old retoric against republicans, so backward as they are, colnel symth is the one man I refuse to pray for, I blame people like him for much of the trouble in the first instant, the IRA have not been beaten I doubt they ever will, the truth is they nearly bankrupted the U.K. there can be no resurection of the former conflicts, the conservatives must never be alowed to acheiev this objective, under any circumstances.

  3. Confuse everyone – be Catholic Irish and in the British military.

    My grandfather was – and so were a lot of other Catholic Irish (and this has always been so).

  4. What is with the name, “Synth” or Smith, history shows us they are alway’s
    involved in diabolical abuses against inncoent republicans, in this new age
    of enlightened communications, all dictators face justice for their crimes,

  5. the ditactors of yesteryear, are confined to the history of evolution, recent
    history shows, they may run from their and hide from their crimes, but
    in the end justice prevails, As Abraham Lincon, once said, the day of recogning will be soon upon us, the day of the dictator, and those who
    committ disgusting abuses is over………………………………………………………

  6. Yes, Paul, you are right about colonel Adams, but although one may have
    an ancestory of the british army,it does not conclude themselves to join it,
    or have the same political ideologies, these day’s people no longer walk in
    the footsteps of their forefathers, we live in the world of the “Free Thinker.
    Demoracy is no longer the control of an army revolver…………………………

  7. Secondly, anna it is sad fact inocent poeple got killed during the conflict,
    in the main the objectives were only to attack, those connected with the
    politics or the military, hence why they changed direction and use what
    is termed by experts, as the Hydrict war. All people should denounce
    violence, especially writers who have the gift of influence.

  8. Anna, we should never rejoice in death, history shows us the spirit and
    entity of Repuplicanism will never die, political ideologies cannot be
    killed or die, ask the Romans, they know this, it is like snow, whilst in
    one place it melts, in another if falls.

  9. Mind you Anna, like all mortal men of the flesh, I do have my monments
    of minute, hypocracy, I have been known to pop a bottle or two under the
    right circumstances, choice of menue I presume, as Dr Livingstone said.

  10. Mind you Anna, now we have the liverpool Care Pathway in tory dominated
    areas, you might get lucky and dance you’re feet off, what rejoicement.

  11. The war still continues, republican suspects being detained and silenced by
    Blackmail, with tories using their office to committ discgusting abuses against
    suspects, tourture, blackamil, beatings. ins’t that so Chloe Simth, republicans
    cast your eye’s on this! And the secret trials they are conducting in their
    was against the I.R.A.