What has happened to Emma West?


What has happened to Emma West?

Posted on January 8, 2013by Robert Henderson
Robert Henderson
It is now 14 months since Emma West was charged with racially aggravated public order offences after she got into an argument on a tram which led her to make loud complaint about the effects of mass immigration. This was captured by a passenger on a mobile phone and uploaded to YouTube. The details of her arrest and treatment plus a link to the incident on YouTube can be found at http://englandcalling.wordpress.com/2011/12/01/emma-west-immigration-and-the-liberal-totalitarian-state/.
Three times her trial has been delayed, on the third occasion in early September last year (http://englandcalling.wordpress.com/2012/09/08/emma-west-trial-delayed-for-the-third-time/).

No further trial date was set then and to the best of my knowledge none has been set since her last appearance in court. (If anyone has more up to date information please let me know). On each occasion the delay was ascribed to the need to complete psychiatric reports on Miss West. It stretches credulity way beyond breaking to believe such reports could not have been completed long ago.
Why has there been this inexcusable and increasingly absurd delay? Despite being put into a high security prison for more than a month (http://englandcalling.wordpress.com/2011/12/07/emma-west-immigration-and-the-liberal-totalitarian-state-part-2/) and having the risk that her son be taken into care, Miss West has made it clear throughout that she wishes to plead Not Guilty. The reason for the delay probably lies in that plea. The liberal elite rely on people charged with such offences being intimidated into pleading Guilty. A full blown trial would mean public discussion of the consequences of mass immigration and the ruthless measures which the liberal elite use to suppress such debate. They greatly fear that because it would risk the politically correct emperor being shown to have no clothes. .
The facts of the case speak for themselves: the behaviour of the authorities is not compatible with a free society.
UPDATE 9/1/2013
Miss West was scheduled to come to trial on 2 January, but the case was adjourned for the fourth time because an unspecified expert was not available. A new trial date has not been set ( http://www.thisiscroydontoday.co.uk/Trial-alleged-tram-racist-Emma-West-adjourned/story-17782550-detail/story.html).
The continuing and ever more absurd delay suggests that the powers-that-be are in a quandary about what to do. It is unlikely Miss West will change her plea to Guilty after this length of time and the awful prospect for the authorities of a trial in which the official omerta against speaking honestly about race and immigration will be broken looms ever larger. On the other hand, if the case is dropped it will be a signal to the public that the liberal elite are afraid of any public challenge to their creed.
Miss West has also been charged with assaults against the police:
West was also due to appear at Croydon Magistrates’ Court on Monday charged with assaulting two police officers at her home on March 3, 2012.
She denies both charges and the trial has been rescheduled to occur on March 4.” (Ibid)
To the best of my knowledge this is the first time these charges have appeared in the media. If the assaults took place ten months ago it is a little difficult to understand why the case has not already been tried as it is magistrate court case or why the case did not proceed on its original January date , which I take to have been 7 January. It will be interesting to see if it does take place on 4 March. If it does not, and the Crown Court case on the race-related charges has not been heard by then, it will be a strong indication that the CPS want the racial abuse case out of the way before she is tried for the alleged assault. It could be that it has been kicked down the road simply to give the authorities two months to think about whether the Crown Court case should proceed.

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  1. And four Somali girls caught on CCTV beating a Rhea Page and calling her “White slag” get off scott free.

  2. Voldmort au Vent

    I can think of two reasons for preventing free speech on racial matters in the UK:

    1) The authorities are frightened of the truth, i.e. that our gloriously vibrant multi-racial society is not so glorious after all, and that whites should take account of this and begin acting in their own defence.

    2) The authorities are frightened — as Sean Gabb suggested once to Yasmin Alittlebit-Bolshevik — that the white population is so malevolent and stupid that it will be persuaded by lies to reject the G.V.M.R.S.

    In either case, it’s clear that the laws are intended as the first step in the permanent dispossession of whites, who will either recognize the truth about race or act malevolently on lies about it.

    But I won’t develop that theme. Or Mr Gabb might be moved to point out again that he is a Good Boy and does not believe Bad Things about people with No Power to harm him and No Involvement in the thought-crime laws.

  3. This case has echoes of the past with our own case.It seems the prosecution is not confident with the initial case,and therefore a better chance of success lies with a premeditated assault charge on the police.
    A month after being charged with racial aggravated harrassment 10 police arrived in 2 vans and a car in response to a fabricated complaint by some of the neighbours who had orchestrated the original racial aggravated harrassment charge.They smashed the door down concussing my husband by splitting his head open.3 officers charged him while I was thrown into the the living room be a police officer so I could not see what was happening.They batoned him 4 times and bundled him into the kitchen where reinforcements arrived.They kicked and punched him mercillessly while he was prostrate on the groung, and ratcheted the hancuffs behind his back so tight that the wrists were bleeding, and tossed him into the police van like a sack of waste..My husband was charged with assault for trying to defend himself aginst 10 police officers on an unlawful arrest and break in.
    The police shall we say constantly embellished their case, and one of the officers was suspended for perjury twice,but as far as I know he is still the community police officer.
    The truth will always prevail usually under cross examination.
    When my husband was charged with this further charge of assault his solicitor submitted a plea of Not Guilty and asked for trial at Crown Court by jury.
    Subsequently all the racial aggravated harrassment hearsay charges were dropped, and he was reverted back to magistrates court charged with assault.
    The prosecution are scared stiiff of Crown Court for these cases, where the retired Chief Super at college told me you need a 90% certainty to obtain a conviction but only 50% in Civil Court before a magistrate.
    Another point is that Croydon Magistrates Court is a very intimidating place where you all meet on the first floor, the defence and prosecution witnesses alike, and this becomes like a baying lynch mob for the defendent with a lot of provocation. This is best avoided by demanding a trial nearby if possible.Wimbledon is much better and more secluded and probably Kingston as well.
    There are definite sinister elements involved and all I can suggest is, stay strong Emma as you have the support of everyone here and everybody is behnd you.
    Also a very interesting by Ricky Tomlinson on the Shrewsbury 7 in the news yesterday although unconnected to this thread.

  4. Fazer, my understanding is that the judge was of the opinion that the Somali girls, being from a Muslim background, were not used to our culture of drinking and hence had a little bit too much to drink. Apparently alcohol is a mitigating factor if you manage to frame it right.

  5. More to the point, there’s a good argument the case shuold be thrown out
    in law, the delay on this case is far to long for justice to be served as one
    would expect, in law cases tried before a magistrates court, should be con
    cluded within 12 months, evidence layed within six, regarding any allegations
    of police assualt, we al known these charges are trumped up to strengthen
    prosecution cases, they are normally alway’s based on the word of the
    police with no independent witnesses, why does the CPS not do something
    about muslims who wage war in public office by maladministration of the
    law, against those who hold democratic views on immigation, join the
    justice for emma campaign, JUTICE FOR EMMA- JUSTICE FOR EMMA-


  7. Yes, L.Flint, I agree, good job you’re not unfortunate enough to live in Norfolk, with this corrupted, Tory justice authority, officers regularly get away with purjury. care of the this local police coroner and his cronies, it’s ironic that when gulity verditics are established agianst police during trials, for purjury and planting evidence, those barstards in the I.P.C.C. and local resolution teams delete thier crimes from the computor systems, it’s as bad as it gets when inspectors forge signatures on statements of complainants to get officers off the hook, and make Blackmail visits to their homes, you certainly wouldn’t want to express any democratic views about Ireland in this county, with that Chloe Smith and her anti republican “Goons” running the justice mafia!

    • Hi Karl,
      I used to live in Cambridgeshire not far from the Norfolk border.The police were called to a big department store after an audit on the painting and decorating and furniture departments.They discovered the abnormalities to be occuring on wednesday evening and staked the place out,where they found one of their own inspectors loading paint and furniture into a police van.The inspector was quite young but decided to take early retirement and has set himself up in the retail market on the other precinct.The road safety officer for the council informed me 3 shops were under the microscope for dodgy retailing but refused to elaborate.I got a strictly no comment with a chuckle.The son was actually worse and used to threaten customers who complained about dodgy practise, and his father had to have a word with the magistrate when he allegedly assaulted a customer and his father put him on fishing leave.It is probably similar to gardening leave.They say it takes a thief to catch one .

  8. Yes I do recall, we had a similar example some time ago, £36,000,00 pounds
    worth of leather jackets so some one said. We had one here also caught
    with a prostitutes, punishment, two weeks in sunny spain. I could tell you
    many examples but somewhat scary for the faint hearted.

    • Hi Karl,
      I had better not complain too much as we used to rent a nice villa in Feurteventura.My ex used to work with this guy from the council and I did not read too much into it at the time.Apparrently his dad was in the local drugs squad.They had quite a big property portfolio and a cottage at Hunstanton and then suddenly sold the lot.The villa in the canaries was extremely nice, better than anywhere today, and next door to the lido centre so you could share the facilites there.I went to some dingy old doss hole recently and the residents trashed and fouled my room and nicked my passport leaving me with no way to get home.The rep and local plod were very unhepful and the consulate was in Gran Canaria.I found some smart looking officer lounging with a fag.I pleaded for help but the officer said he was on siesta puffing a column of smoke in my direction.I pleaded for help again but he rebuked me sternly .”Siesta 10 minutes”.I got the message and returned in 15 minutes.The officer told me he was going to find an interpreter for me a lady who was a travel agent before joining the police.I enquired how I would get through the airport with no passport.The officer laughed out loud.”Don’t worry my friend,if I write a letter you can go anywhere in the world my friend”.
      I was stunned and suddenly realised my friend might be quite up in the police,like as suggested to me later by our spanish students at uni the commander of the National Guard with 90% recruits from the army.He was right about the letter and I guess I coluld have flown around the world instead of back to blighty.
      I hope I did not disturb the Commander’s siesta too much sprawled along a bench cursing the multitude of english tourists bustling by.disturbing his sleep.

  9. Voldemort au Vent

    Sean Gabb wrote:

    Many thanks

    For keeping quiet and not getting you into trouble? A strange thing for a libertarian to say. I would have thought you’d be condemning the thought police, not thanking me for my restraint.

  10. Well of course, in reality these goons control everything, they have the power
    to destory peoples live, in south america you can get off just about any
    crime if you pay the cops, 20 dollars for drink driving, I note what you say
    about drugs, and police wealth, we have had cases here where the drugs
    cops have run drugs rackets, taking drugs under the prevention of crime
    act and then setting themselves up as dealers within the establishment,
    there’s been some interesting cases here in the CC’s, but they normally
    don’t get publicised than’s to the dodgey magistrates and judges. Who’s
    polcing the police, where’s the tax man I say.

  11. Of course take a bit of advice, keep away from these kind of people, they
    are extremely dangerous, I tried to sue them, ended getting ambused in
    my own garden, and then off to hospital with internal bleeding, of course
    as one would expect all the evidence went missing care of the local
    police coroner, they use little tricks like using a false warrent of another
    person, or someone elses fine account, make a photocopy and put your
    name on it, they like tipex, of course it is the norm for the army to jump
    from job to job, one minute in Belfast, next in police, next in prison service,
    problem with this is they contaminate other arears with their own conflicts.
    I believe better to recruit police from their own arear, there’s to much corruption, the police or their families are in all arears of public authority,
    if you make a complaint, you’ll probably find their wives working at the
    local doctors surgery, of some other office like DWP. As they say, we have
    way’s of making you silent! Police best well avoided. Not good to write to
    much about what goes on.

    • Hi Karl, I agree totally with what you say.Unfortunately the wife has totally messed up and overdosed and is unfit to move.So it was impossible to move from the problem, and we were sitting ducks waiting for the next episode to begin.The matter was further complicated by the Local Authorities being empowered with the same powers as the police and probably more aall completely free to the prosecution using taxpayer funded legal services to serve draconian injunctions,ASBO’s and evictions based on hearsay evidence.I have never been able to establish if the accusations were coming from the neighbours or the Local Authority backed by their own community police or vice versa.The persecution has been going on along a time and has unfotunately crippled my wife,who is unfit to move and anorexic now.Grafitti was dubed inside the garden and all over my car with cunt written on it which the police claimed I had written myself.I had to scrap the car becuase it was varnished metallic. A lot of strange people were mobilised at the beginning swelling the ranks of hostile neighbours to 30-50 in numbers stoning us and shouting vile abuse at the wife calling her a prostitute and aids carrier.It broke her spirit and finished her.She is unrecognisable now,completely wrecked,unable to do anything. I have never been able to fathom out if presure was from the neighbours or from the local authority with the police entrenched in the middle.The ringleader next door had according to my wife been employed by the local authority,either as a midwife or district nurse before she retired.I suspected she was using her contacts to force our eviction using the council.s legal services free of charge while it was costing me 6000 quid a time .I have never had a reply if this ethic woman was a former employee of the Local Authority.The husband is a writer on the leger stones at the Roman Catholic Church for the local historical society,posible a freemason,and some other antagonists are ex police. At the same time the old resident at the end with ulcerated legs disappeared and the lady next door who wandered around at nigh in her nightclothes but was harmless and good mannered.There council houses were identical to ours and were then cleansed the furniture dumped in the street,redecorated and put up for sale.They are both occupied by large immigrant families and perhaps this was the real motive. Another point I remember is that they used their own children to stone us and abuse us backed up by the parents and then claimed falsely we were abusing the children.This cases has been going on so long this tactic is impossible because the children are now 17-22 years of age like the swansea ballboy.

  12. This is what they do, they operate illegal networks within the system, it’s

    the same here, they had connections in the health service, were able to get
    rid of evidence, committ harassment, do whatever they like basically, there’s
    two many of them in authority positions, X police everwhere or relatives,
    this is why you will not beat them, they do drive people to suicide, this
    is what they do, the problem is they have all got to much on each other
    this is why they help each other out, no good going to lawyers, my cases cost over 70 grand,
    the coroners and lawyers, are able to tip of the police and get rid of all the evidence against them, including videos, interveiw tapes ect.
    They make allegations, like you’re gay, in the I.R.A. Burglar, armed robber,
    they deliberately fabricate slander to damage your character and use this
    as a defence if the case goes to court, or forge medical records to give the
    false impression you’re paranoid and it never happened, they are absolute
    evil bastards involved in serious organised crime.

    • Hi Karl,
      I came up against the old beak a rather formidable gentleman accused of putting up a surveillance without planning permission which the police instructed me to put up when the Sri Lankan broke into my house and threatened to kill me.The police cautioned him.Anyway the Local Authority attempted to serve a straight commital to prison but I was too frightened to open the door.Here I was shelling out another 6 grand for legal defence again.Gues who is in court why it if it isn’t our old local community police officer who perjures himself again after 6 months suspension as a civvy,claiming he served the documents in the hand.The Judge however does not believe him and reminds the housing officer that should he incarate me my very young barrister in a mini skirt would sue him in the court of appeal for 20000 pounds for wrongful service under subsection such and such a number.I am sure my barrister did not have the faintest idea what he was taliking about but the judge seemed to be instructing her as he liked her appearance.The judge then dismissed the officer telling him he was sure he had better thing to do fighting crime then wasting his time in a court room.The law works in mysterious ways.
      I was arrested the following night as I biked home from work at 11 pm in my cycle gear.I was left freezing on the pretext of waiting for a police van that never came.It was the same community police officer and 2 burly henchman.I should have seen it coming but they were in an unmarked car and they knew when I would returm home.I was scared particularly when they stopped at the local nick for something because this is rogue outfit.They returned and threw me in the cell at Wimbledon.They refused me any communication hoping to avoid representation and charged me with a trumped up racially aggravated harrassment from the same neighbour 50 yards from my home when I left for work with 40 minutes to ride 14 miles.The Judge insisted on taking the second case and dismissed that as well and awarded costs of 12000 pounds,He said he was determined to unravel this case once and for all and reminded the neighbour if she was found under cross examination to be telling lies in a comittal she would be going to prison instead.My sombre mood lifted espescially when she never turned up in the afternoon with a migraine.

  13. Of course once they start banding it about you’re a republican, you get real
    big shit then, every goon in the police court and health service is out to get
    you, they circulate this rubbish amonst themselves, another part of their
    conspiracy to evade justice, trying to sue them can escalate into something
    very serious.

  14. PS. You ask to see copies of confedential files like I did, the stuff they fabricate is unreal, enough to give you a heart attack, I had two in one
    day nearly died, the lies they fabriacte is beyond all belief, They probably
    holding lots on you as you tried to challenge them legally.

  15. Hi Karl,
    They have got my wife’s medical records and they were condemning my wife in court with a character assassination based on medical reports.My barrister objected stating he had no acccess to the records which he must have to conduct the defence.The Judge ordered the report to be delivered to the defence but it never has.Her Doctor says she has never granted premission to the Local Authority,yet some time ago her records were stolen form St Georges Hospital.Why would anyone steal 2 clapped out computers from a hospital?We are certainly not keen on an electronic database.
    When I have been removed from the house some police arrived at the house according to my brother in law who was keeping an eye on the place.They were backed by 2 doctors in white coats.My wife was staying at her father’s and they called round there 2 miles away but he denied them access on private property and stated he was authorised to care for her in her husbands absence.

  16. They made a false set in my case, destoyed the originals, falsely claimed
    I had been in mental hospital, the cheif executives are all part of the establishment they work with the police and conspire with them, same
    as the G.P.’s came round house and stole a lot of evidence from the files, you
    should check the records closely, they will probably entered numerous
    false entries, that’s why they had to realease me, so many people came to
    the secret tribunal, there was nearly a riot people got angry about what
    they had done as everyone in the community knew they had lied and
    fabricated the records, they shreded them after the case, and made another
    false set and history, care of Norfolk MH Trust, I still have all the files,
    no lawyers will touch it, due to the IRA aspect allegations. They do this
    everytime, destory the files, the interrogation tapes where all lost by
    the barister, they were breaching the Genever Convention, using the
    hospital as cover to detain alleged political prisoners. Still all going on,
    have lodged further complaint they tried it again making false entries
    in records I was an alcoholic, they have again come unstuck, Dougdales
    lawyers are witholding the facts of the case again, that smith woman won’t
    reply, asked for file and then refused to return it. Don’t let them in, there
    has been reports of suspicious suicides, there was one when I was there
    surrounded by rumors and allegations, they are bastards, they use the
    shrinks to silence and frighten people, to withdraw compalints agianst
    the police. I was lucky people knew what they had done and got me out,
    they soon backed down when a large number of people turned up and said
    they would call in the BBC if they did not release me, they were horrified
    to witness people being detained abused and questioned about the IRA,
    some of the witnesses are still scared.

  17. They are evil, they kept me detained in a room with a blacked out window,
    it had a fan in the wall thay vibrated all the while, subjected me to sleep
    deprevation, illegally druged me according to the staff statements and
    subjected to interogation for over two weeks about what I knew about
    the IRA and a 250,000 robbery I knew absolutely nothing about, not
    to mention the physical assaults I was subject to by the police. Better
    not to tangle with them, but like me you sound as if you are in a bit two

  18. I never recovered from it still get flash backs, it made my mother and father
    ill he developed heart problem, my mother became really ill from the shock
    and develped cancer died shortly after, I blame on this and what she, witnessed, she married into US airforce was not ignorrant woman, she
    could not believe this was going on in the U.K.

  19. They didn’t come for me in white coats, all wearing civilian clothes, 6 of
    them, two in uniform, have they stopped now, they normally try other tatics,
    since smith became involved they have subjected me to tax investigations,
    helped themselves to my capital, stopping wealfare, and general harrasment,
    ie blocking access to health care, as I have said this is what they do, just
    be carefull, try and get a none bent lawyer, very difficult these day’s. They
    may try and take your wife again, if you go out and leave her on her own,
    my family could not stop them due to the fact they were making criminal
    allegations, the matter had previously gone to court and established no
    case to answer, but they find way’s round the law, this is the big problem.
    there has been a lot of cases in Norfolk where they allege computors have
    been stolen, or medical records going missing during litigation, you are
    not alone they don’t get stolen, they get rid of them! Thats what worries
    me about smith she is a stratigic planner.

    • Hi Karl I am very disturbed about your report and I understand you have suffered a great deal at the hands of the state and my suffering is puny compared to yours.I am sure you have an indomitable spirit and truth will always prevail.As my barrister famously stated ,You have had all morning to read yoyr notes and you cannot a common story between you.You are just a bunch of liars.No futher questions.There was a big difference betweenbelting the living daylights out of the innocent and months later recounting the statements before a barrister under croos examination,and they failed miserably. As I said Karl reading you posts my problems are minute and the situation had quietened down over the years,but the principals are the same and I have the utmost sympathy for you and your family and I am truly upset to hear this suffering. Pardon me for ignorance but I know little about the Irish question and I have no political allegance as I hav e studied hard recently and believe there is a secret agends and these political parties fulfil a secret timeline 50-100 years in advance based on satanic principles and this is why there is no justice for ourselves, and we have been deluding ourselves,thinking by voting for someone else it would make a change for ourselves.Our politicians here are derived from the Bullindon Boys of Oxford,and the similar club at whose name eludes for the moment,nut featured Leon Brittan,Ken Clarke,Peter Lillee,Norman Lamont etc .Most of these are facing accusations from the Jimmy Savile enquiry and the boys clubs in Northern Ireland,North Wales and scattered across the Uk..I seem to have read that Michael Collins did not have an identity rally although how he managed this I cannot imagine.I don’t think ha had a bank account or natonal health insurance number and was impossible to track.I tried to disappear when I was hounded by bailiffs and respossessed and lost my life savings of 67500 in a mortgage fraud.I hid in the side streets of cambridge I grew up in off the radar,but they can still track you from the cashpoints,although I flitted generally homeless I felt an overwhelming sense of freedom living on the streets. I was reading about John Dee the occultist and magician,navigator,and astronomer who transcended great religous disturbance by appointment as adviser to Henry V111,Mary Tudor,Queen Elizabeth 1,and James 1 and was celebrated at the London Olympics 12 in the tempest as Prospero.He was charted the passage to America and trained navgators and established the first communes in Virginia,for the British Virginia Co.Communism is not a Russian ideal but something executed in the time of the James 1.The fist slaves were captured Irish men separated from their families as they were 10 times cheaper than African slaves. One of the famous explorers lived nearby in Bedington which was Sir Walter Raleigh and Queen Elizabeth used to visit him frequently in this dross place,while Dee was from nearby Mortlake.Another old resident whose family still live here is Thomas Cranmer,and it is interesting to note the colonisation of America was being prepared decades earlier and definitely trancended religion.What religion the ruling elite are I have no idea but my guess is Luciferian. Who is Smith?Is it Jaqui Smith our former Home Secretary,one of the Blair Babes?Our MP suggested I have the wife sectioned and is a former Chief Whip and sister to the the former Chairman of the Labour Party,and leading fund raiser with Lord Levy in the cash for honours scandal.The sister accompanied Tony Blair to Iraq with a lot of banknotes to establish,please try not to laugh democracy.It is peculiar how all the MP stickers are red in London and Blue in the rest of the counrty. I am an old pro cyclist and used to crah badly at high speed and I can remember pain thresholds far in excess of what I suffered recently and my father was a huge champion in East Anglia and was awarded the Rothschild Cup 3 times In Ely for the1 mile scratch and was champion at all distances from 1/4,1/2,1KM,5 miles,pursuit,team pursuit and 100km road race and hundreds of scratch and handicaps. I realised second place was never going to be an option for me and that my father had taught me how to win and not only that but given me enormous mental strength and resolve.He always challenged injustice and was always there to help other people and died quite young.I am and fell really ancient and I have never been in any trouble before.I have an unblemished record and I hope that is how it will stay as I work in a college and before that at Cambridge University.Yes the cells are blackedout so you have no knowlege of what time or day it is and it is disorientating you know the purpose it to break you but in these civil cases they can only hold you so long and you just have to adapt,in the knowlege you are better than this cesspit and always will be.

  20. Interestingly, they assured me and my family I would be paid £20,000
    compensation for the human rights violations I suffered, still have the letters, after two years all the evidence went
    missing and they denied I was ever there, despite a big fat copie of the
    files to the contrary and medical records confirming they detained me and
    alleged I was a suspect republican.

  21. Very well written, I must say we established the reason for the blacked out
    window and constantly vibrating fan in the wall, as you say trying to break
    you, they failed in the end to get any intelligence on the IRA despite the
    most horrific human rights allegations ever witnessed in Norfolk, they
    could have never suceeded, how could i give them information on something
    I knew nothing about, I am certainly not in the IRA as they suggest, I think
    both me and you at least can see that.
    Of course, like you the case has cost me greatly, I lost my pension, was
    left effectively bankrupt living on the charity of those who witnessed my
    injustice, the case still goes on, will never work again as a result of the
    false files compiled against me. The point I was trying to get across, is the
    fact these are very dangerous people who run the establishment, I read
    your case, I identified the hallmarks, which indicated you could be heading
    for serious problems with them, I knew this having gone through your
    experiences at the early stages, that was my concern, just trying to relay
    to you, the specific dangers you can face with these people, and what transpires as they go through the legal process, hopefully, if your case
    had died, you should get no more trouble, they have probably found other
    victims to keep them in jobs, so there is every chance they may leave you
    alone, I hope so. Incidentally, they did catch the robbers, they got 5 years
    in the end, never got an apology in saying that, whats more they turned
    out to be black.

  22. You guys are funny, if you don’t like us blacks paki’s and foreigners then fuck off out of OUR England you bunch of cunts. Or get a weapon and unleash your anger. Or shut up (like you do) when you see us, just carry on walking past shy shaky and scared. You lot can write but not fight. Lol you worms. Fight if you feel strong, or back down before you get smacked down. Ben R

    • Hi Ben,
      Thank you for your intellectual prose.I am a Clan member and our family has therefore been in this country a lot longer than you have.The pipers led the batallions in the Second World War armed with bagpipes.Why don’t I put you forward and watch you mess your trunks.

  23. Ha ha I’m shaking in my Doc Martens.

  24. Not asking you to shake and I’m not threatening your punk arse. I’m just saying there are a lot of people typing shit but when they see a black Asian or whatever race you don’t like, you act like there is not a problem. Be real to your dirty racist selves like that trash Emma west did. But none of you will because you are scared and are pussies deep down (unless there are a group of you). Anyway you racist do make me giggle lol. Fuck you all specially Emma west. Glad the bitch lost her son. What did she expect? Maybe her son is with a black or foreign family now. That would make my day, it would actually make me smile the whole way through 2013. Lol

    • Hi Ben,
      Thank you for comment and I am shaking in my Doc Martens.Emma is probably not shaking either and just sees your world for what is actually is.

  25. And Karl your story about the police and you being stuck without a passport had me in stitches (literally) I was laughing so hard my belly was stinging. Don’t trouble a policeman when its siesta you inconsiderate knobhead. He’s the law. Don’t holiday in places where you don’t like the population, go Russia or somewhere where it’s predominantly white. Then you’ll really feel at home. Maybe you’ll stay there and never return I hope. I love your hate racist people xxx ben lol

  26. Just shiting myself ben really am, bend over and look at your own arse.

  27. Don’t worry Emma, we’ll keep on fighting for justice. Justice for Emma, Justice for Emma. Justice for Emma!

  28. Well actually, I have no problem with the Russians, I have met a few in my
    time, and they were good company, unlike some!

  29. Secondly ben I’m not a punk, and judging by your tone i wouldn’t shake your
    hand either, thanks, but no thanks!

  30. When you say pussies, is that slang for the word virgina, sorry for my lack
    of understanding of such language.

  31. God people like you, you hate Anglo people so much, it’s hard to digest!

  32. Secondly, you say get out of my own country, well there’s one for you, tell
    you the truth mate, would fight to the last drop of blood and dying breath
    before I would take that option! End in Glory at least.

  33. Stop making me laugh and be real to yourselves, your stupid dead grandparents and to your racist dead ancestors. P.s you need to be a clan member because as an individual you are nothing. Power in numbers my friend power in numbers……………..

  34. What has happened to the black lady who ranted on a bus, was arrested by the Met in August 2012 and bailed (for further enquiries?). Her name was never mentioned in any part of the media.If I was Emma I would certainly like to know who she was, so I would know what treatment she recieved from our impartial judiciary.

    • According to my mates at work this is not an isolated incident and she is mouthing off all the time on public transport around the Hounslow area.I will try and find out more.

  35. Nobody, knows, I’ll have look, see what I can Trawl.

  36. Nothing at the moment, leaks from the woodentops, indicate she was held
    for a sort time, released on bail, she lives in Hackney. Police still looking
    at evidence, they should get a move if they intend to charge her, time limits
    may become a defence issue, they are still looking at at a video. she
    has been banned from using buses in London, God, how does one police
    that rediculous ruling.!

  37. Well yes, quite likely, I lived in east London for a time many years ago, impossible to police a ruling like that, whatever demeted person thought
    that one up. The justice system is an outside lunatic asylum.

  38. Have to say, it does make you wonder, just how much they are spending on these cases, are they really worth bringing before a court I must question, if i were a prosecutor, doubt I would have pursued resources on such cases, a warning should suffice for first offence, when I saw the FOI figures for how many people had been let off with GBH in the tory heartlands, 5,000, someone’s got the their priorities wrong in the CPS, just look at this weeksdisclosures people let off with rape, and the rumours hundreds on the state pay roll let off with sexual offences. God, Who knows who is running the justices system, Buster Ceaton perhaps.

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