Sad Anniversary

Victoria, Regina et Imperatrix: 24th May 1819 – 22nd January 1901

15 responses to “Sad Anniversary

  1. Agreed – it is a sad anniversary. Not every change in policy since the death of Queen Victoria had been bad (for example, like Sean Gabb I agree with the legalisation of homosexual acts), but the vast majority of policy changes since 1901 have been bad.

  2. There was plenty of that in victorian times, and sex shows at the rich and
    famous households, live as well, and yes I now what I say, I had access
    to one of biggest victorian collections, not so moral as they claimed you
    know. history all comes to light in photographs. Not for the eye’s of the
    victorian poor though, and what about prostitution, just look at sexual
    disease rates in government and establishment at the time. particularly
    army and peelers.

    • Without antibiotics, there’d be just as much pox about now as then. Re prostitution, Victorian England was poor by our standards. Selling your body for sex was generally more lucrative than slaving in some dreadful factory. For many women, of course, it still is.

  3. Yes, you’re right sean, and it is their right to do so, but victorian england
    was not a moral place, the laws were used against the lower classes to
    try and stop disease, homosexuality was rife in victorian times amongst
    the upper classes, what about the sodomites who abused children.
    Woman must have rights over their bodies, not westminister or the likes
    of the extremists!

  4. Anyway, sean no one has the right to take control of another persons body
    of free will, god didn’t even do that to Adam and Eve!

  5. Surely Albert’s death was the sadder event?
    Useless father but rational consort. With him still alive, no emotional appeal to the Widow of Windsor for an “empire” and probably encouragement of home, rather than overseas, investment.

  6. Well yes, we have to keep the wheels turning, not much industry left now.

  7. Karl – the collapse of British manufacturing industry is truly terrible.

    Britain is not New Zealand (a bigger country than us – but with less than a tenth of the population). We can not feed ourselves – we must export (to pay for food imports) or starve.

    And what are we going to export?

    “Financial services” – that fraud is comming to an end.

    And yet government policy is about dementedly subsidising (via “cheap money” from the Bank of England) endless developments on what farm land we have left.

    Not for factories – for housing estates.

    The future is going to be very bad indeed.

  8. What can I say paul, it’s proven we are the most over populated country
    in europe, the sums will never add up it’s impossible,blame that TB and DB
    for thier rediculous law and order policy, many of the good boy migrants
    brought in to replace workers for minor infringements of the law, are now
    doing life for murder rape, and yet they still pursue this brain dead policy,
    still peaking at 4,000 per day so my sources tell me, sunk or what!

  9. Of course paul, look at any point on the compass, in every area mismanagement, deficete, where sunk, with no mathmatical salvation, everywhere you look taking water in the form of deficete, the suicide rates have started to rocket, even former millionaires are drawing their lugers, what terrible things to witness in our lifetime.

  10. Lets face it paul, certain people should never be allowed in the bridge, paticularly those who’s destiny clarifies they will run a ground, why let
    these people run a country for over a decade one may ask. We all pay
    the price for the their actions!

  11. The people I would really like to see leave are a lot of Oxbridge educated types – whose families go back centuries, but who have no respect for the traditions and principles of the country.

  12. The trouble with those oxford types is they have the false percecption of
    “Demigod” status, my father got selected to go their after top student marks,
    this was back in the 50’s, he said the same thing, “Pompus” mainly people from very
    rich backgrounds, who didn’t need to care if they suceeded or failed, mainly
    had alot of money to fall back on if they went tit’s up, nothing has
    changed, this is still the way it is today! They don’t care about people or
    their country they live in a bubble! Mind you he did say some were O.K.

  13. Karl – the problem with the “good, intelligent, student” is that they are good at absorbing stuff and taking that stuff to its logical conclusions.

    That sounds good – how can it be a “problem”?

    It normally does not occur to such people that the stuff they are so good at learning – is wrong.

  14. This is the problem, they obsorb the book and nothing else, that is
    clear, learning the wrong stuff, by people who teach the wrong
    stuff, now I understand their abnormailities, and I thought the cause was
    inbreeding to the point of stupidity, god only knows how they get these
    top jobs!