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Guilty Before Proven Innocent In Ireland

by Dick Puddlecote

Guilty Before Proven Innocent In IrelandSimon Clark reports on the ‘next logical step’ (© every professional prohibitionist organisation, everywhere) on the never-ending path of smoker bullying. This month, it is banning smoking in cars.

But this part should be worrying to anyone who is interested in personal liberties and the proper application of judicial process. Continue reading

Economics and Its Ethical Assumptions

by Roderick Long
Economics and Its Ethical Assumptions

The following article was written by Roderick T. Long and published with the Mises University, May 20, 2006.

When I was given the title “Ethical Assumptions of Economics,” my first thought was to say, “economics has no ethical assumptions.” But then I thought this might not be the best way to earn my keep here. So I’m going to talk about some senses in which economics might have implications for ethics. Continue reading

Neigh More Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

by Matt Wardman
Neigh More Don’t Ask Don’t Tell


It is official.

Section 5 is changing.

It will soon no longer be a criminal offence to enquire as to the sexuality of a horse if that is deemed ‘insulting’ to a random third party.

But I want to ignore the funny cases, saying woof to dogs and ‘scientology is dodgy‘ to the public, and examine changes that will actually be made to legislation. Here the picture is depressing.

Theresa May has said in Hansard that the Government will remove the word “insulting” from Section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986: Continue reading

7 Reasons HMV Closed

by Carps

HMV was part of the fabric of the British high street but – like Woolworths, Jessops, Currys, C&A, Ethel Austin, Borders, Virgin Music and a slew of lesser known names – at some point in the last decade time caught up with its business model. A lot of people speculate as to why it failed.

Here are my thoughts. Continue reading