Global Warming strikes in Jerusalem

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  1. I found this funny. But hasn’t it been sufficiently argued that cold weather and record snows do not refute the existence of climate change and global warming? Warmer air holds more moisture which has been a factor for greater snow fall. Besides, ‘weather’ is what will happen this week, ‘climate’ is what happens for decades.

  2. You have to draw a distinction between ‘Global Warming’ (which is so 20th Century) and ‘Climate Change’, which is what they are now calling it (for obvious reasons). Climates change – that is what they do. My own corner of S.E. England has at various times in the past been a tropical jungle and buried under a layer of ice half a mile thick. I find the notion that we should ‘fix’ the climate forever in its present state just to suit ourselves the height of arrogance. We must do what every living creature has had to do since the dawn of time – adapt or die.
    And what is the government going to do to prevent the Earth’s magnetic field flipping, as seems to be happening again today? That is what I would like to know – preferably in time for the next election so I will know whom to vote for.

    • I wouldn’t go on about the magnetic field. When the global warming scam eventually collapses under the weight of its own absurdity, there will be tens of thousands of activists in search of another meal ticket.

  3. Some of the “globel warming” people are sincere (for example James Lovelock is) and some are not sincere.

    There is a simple way to check the level of insincerity.

    Ask the globel warming person if they are in favour of nuclear power – from Mr Lovelock one will get the passionate reply “yes – and put all the waste in my back garden”, but from most of them one will just got horrified responses.

    If the world was in mortal danger (as they claim) then the would not be stuck in a childish 1960s “Nuclear Power – No Thanks” mindset. They would “get serious” as (right or wrong) Mr Lovelock is.

    By the way……

    The globel warmng people may be able to explain away rain (although they aalso claim lack of rain as part of their theory – which is somewhat problematic, at least the late Karl Popper would have thought so).

    But snow and freezing temperatures?

    Oh well it must be all the Russians one finds in Israel………

    The Russian Orthodox Church in Jerusalem looks astonishing at the moment.

  4. On one occasion in the 1980s, I found myself discussing climate, food, ebergy and human needs with a young bearded banker (yes they did exist then) and his young woman, at a party.

    His thesis was that “Man is using too much energy, and eating too much food. If we all ate less food, the starving poor the world over would have more to eat because we here are eating too much and depriving them. Eating all this food means we consume too much energy resources.”

    I asked him what his solution was. It was “Look everyone in the world has got to go back to being subsistence farmers. Then, everyone will have what they need.”

  5. Yes David – when people (including me) how bankers support this or that leftist politician for selfish reasons (they want more hidden bailouts – via their financing of deficit spending), another factor is being ignored.

    This other factor is that some bankers (even some very important bankers) are raving leftists.

    For example Bank of America has been run by such people for years.

    Greedy yes – but also (at the same time) believers in leftist ideology. After all they are university people, And the sort of people who do well in a bank are the sort of people who do well in a university – i.e. people who are intelligent but not wise,. people who are very good at absorbing (and repeating) what they are taught, but who do not “waste time” questioning its fundemental foundations.

    After all what use to a bank is a banker who asks such questions as “is fractional reserve banking a good idea?”. What the bank needs is someone who is good at playing the game (academia needs the same sort of person), not someone who questions the rules of the game.

    Of course there are contradictions here – for example I doubt the young banker you mention really wants to be a subsistance farmer. Even if he managed to become the tiny percentage of the present population who would survive such a policy (the vast majority of people would die).

    But perhaps he squares this circle by seeing himself as a tribal chief – or, perhaps, as the witchdoctor.

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