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Surviving a Personal or Societal Disaster

by Gary North

Budgeting for a Lifestyle Contraction
Gary North – January 09, 2013
Reality Check

Note: I’m just finishing a novel that has survivalist themes. Richard Blake praises it highly. SIG Continue reading

Bad DREAM: Immigration “Reform” is an Unworthy and Unrealistic Goal

by Thomas Knapp

Note: Abolition of the State might easily reduce the amount of immigration into a territory. SIG Continue reading


Global Warming strikes in Jerusalem

Met Office Accused Of Fabricating Misleading Forecast Data

It would appear that the Met Office have deliberately fabricated a new version of their Dec 2011 forecast, in order to avoid making the original version look too ridiculous. Is this really what “science” has come down to? –Paul Homewood, Not a Lot Of People Know That, 10 January 2013

I don’t think it really matters at this point as nobody is paying much attention to anything the Met Office says concerning events more than a week out. They have basically made themselves irrelevant by pretending to speak with authority and then badly missing the prediction. Now they are trying to pretend they were right on the money the whole time. Nobody believes that. It is pure desperation. Actually, whoever approved that graph for publication should be immediately sacked. It is just a flat out lie. –crosspatch, Not a Lot Of People Know That, 10 January 2013 Continue reading

Fear, Violence and the Absurd

by Trevor Hultner

Note: I don’t suggest he should be deported, because it’s none of my business what people do in their own country – and because it would mean his coming back to England, and I’d rather have Abu Hamza back here than him. However, why is anyone in America paying attention to Piers Morgan? He’s a resident alien.

In a normal country, such people should have the right to life and property. Of course, they should have the legal right to speak as they please. But it strikes me as bad manners if they use this right to demand changes in the law. They don’t perfectly understand the ways of the country in which they find themselves. They’ve had no ancestral part in the formation of the country. Neither they nor their children have any obligation to share in the consequences of what they recommend.

I find Janet Daley irritating for the same reason as Americans do Mr Morgan. Some years ago, when she was banging on about the need to scrap the double jeopardy rule, so the alleged killers of Stephen Lawrence could be locked away, I suggested she should clear off home to America. She hasn’t spoken to me since.

I’ll make a partial exception from this rule for the Irish, and a larger one for people from the white dominions – ie, Germaine Greer, Peter Tatchell and so forth. Then there are variable exceptions for foreign immigrants – variable according to their degree of identification with the country. Outright foreigners should have a right to speak, but none to be heard and taken seriously. SIG Continue reading

The Date Of Guilty Knowledge Is Past For E-Cigs

by Dick Puddlecote

The Date Of Guilty Knowledge Is Past For E-Cigs It’s not often you see common sense being exhibited on the usually pro-EU EurActive website, so relish this like you would your personal celebrity heart throb in a bath of chocolate. It’s an object lesson in how to turn entrenched anti-smoking rhetoric back on the accusers. Continue reading

Who Let the Dogs Out?

by Anna Raccoon

Who Let the Dogs Out?

Cry havoc! and let slip the dogs of war,
that this foul deed shall smell above the earth with carrion men, groaning for burial.

William Shakespeare

I have been pondering this matter for days now, since before Christmas. Small details permeated my conscience, building up a picture that I could not bear to look at.

A news item, celebrating the inexorable rise of IVF births, how ‘wonderful’ it was that so many children should be created in a laboratory, by implication far from contact with nasty, smelly, dangerous, men. TV adverts that show smart, capable women leading imbecilic men by the hand to conclusions that would be obvious to any child. A Guardian article reviewing Steve Biddulph’s new book ‘Raising Girls’, which dealt exclusively with the need for girls to have ‘Aunts’, even pretend Aunties, as a ‘second person’ in their lives in whom they could confide – an article which managed to exclude all mention of men; ironic considering that Biddulph is justly famous for his book ‘Raising boys’ which championed the importance of men in their upbringing. A horrified quote from a former head-teacher that ’30 years ago it was considered ‘normal’ to involve parents in school outings, or for a child to see his head teacher alone in a room with a shut door – quelle horreur! Naturally they wouldn’t dream of doing such a thing today…Another newspaper report detailing how aggressively the rape laws are construed today. A newspaper report today, claiming that ‘One in Twenty women have been raped’ – the demonisation of men is almost complete. Surely the publication of the Yewtree report today, one of seven separate ’investigations’ – though I can scarcely credit an official record of ‘allegations’ as an ‘investigation’ – will complete the process. Continue reading