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Vera Baird and the Ineptocracy

by Matt Wardman

Note: “Deficit? What Deficit?” SIG Vera Baird and the Ineptocracy

Vera Baird PCC of Northumbria

We maintain a healthy interest in the Life and Times of Vera Baird, known as the ‘Towering Inferno’ (apparently she explodes when insufficiently respected).

Our Vera is now perambulating – presumably at significantly less than 98mph – around the North-East, telling policemen what to do.

And she managed a mention in Parliament yesterday.

Here’s Paul Flynn, Labour MP for Newport West, asking a question about the outgrageously outrageous cost of “Deputy Police and Crime Commissioners’ Salaries”, while channelling Roget’s Dinosaurus: Continue reading

A Considered Opinion on the European Union

by Roger Dewhurst

Democracy can work only with small populations, a few millions or less. Only then can the electors know their elected representatives and their elected representatives be so few in number that they can have any influence on outcomes.

An elected representative is someone you can telephone, someone you can email, someone who has regular meetings with his electors, someone whose address is listed in the telephone directory, someone on whose door you can knock without being assaulted by the fucking gestapo. It more or less works in New Zealand with a population of four million. It worked a hell of a lot better when I first came here when the population was around two million. In those days I could knock on the door of the Prime Minister and he would open it himself. On one occasion he did just that, for me. There was no policeman standing outside.

If you think democracy can work in a federal Europe with many different languages, many cultures, armed gestapos, many traditional hatreds, several hundred million people, and next to no countries which have actually experienced ‘democracy’ for more than a generation, you have nothing but shit between your ears.