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Review of “Everyday Drinking” by Kingsley Amis

by Foseti
Review of “Everyday Drinking” by Kingsley Amis

“Your writing,” she stated, “is getting more and more biased and entrenched in reactionary fuddy-duddyism.” An excellent summing-up, I thought, of my contribution to the eighties’ cultural scene.

This is a difficult book for me to review.

On one hand, the subject is very important and should be given its full due. On the other hand, Amis is a wonderful writer and it’s difficult not to set the substance aside and quote him a lot. Continue reading

What UKIP doesn’t tell you

by Edward Frostick

I’ve just been reading UKIP’s policy, which is nothing more than an unthought out scribble of ideas without any thought as to how to achieve them; that or they’re lying. From what I know of UKIP it could be either.

It say it wants a relation with the EU similar to Switzerland’s. Well what it wants and what it might get could easily be two different things. But supposing they’re right. What will that mean. Well, UKIP doesn’t tell you that it will mean adopting much of EU law. There would be no opting out, and no say in further EU law imposed on us. If we don’t accept it, the association is terminated.

UKIP says it wants a free trade agreement with NAFTA. Has it approached NAFTA? No. Would it get it? Probably not, for two reasons. Firstly, the whole purpose of NAFTA membership is to impose rules on its members. For example, member states can’t refuse imports from member states. That means member states cannot refuse to allow entry of goods considered harmful or detrimental to health, including foodstuffs. Secondly, any application would almost certainly be rejected if we had associate membership of the EU. Washington told the Tory rebels that joint membership with the EU would not be allowed. There’s no reason to believe that associate membership would be any different.

I think UKIP has a lot of explaining to do.


Swiss Girls on Bicycles

A Brief Argument for English Independence

A Brief Argument for English Independence
by Sean Gabb

The normal English response to Scottish nationalism is to ignore it, or to see it as an irritation, or to try shouting it down with reminders of all that shared history, or to point out the value of English subsidies and to wait for common sense to win the argument. None of these, I suggest, is an appropriate response. None takes into account that England and Scotland are different nations, and that the loudest and most energetic part of the Scottish nation has decided that the current union of the nations is not in Scottish interests. This does not make it inevitable that the union will be dissolved. It does, however, make this desirable. Scotland may or may not have suffered from the union. But the union has done much to bring England to the point of collapse, and it strikes me as reasonable to say that England can never be safe while there are Scottish members in the Westminster Parliament. Continue reading

This is the main problem with “austerity”

by His Grace The Devil

Note: I disagree with His Grace. We can all agree that the Tories are crap, and for the reasons he gives. However, there is an abiding hatred of Labour as the party of English destruction. I voted UKIP in the Police Commissioner election. I’d vote UKIP if there were a bye-election tomorrow in my constituency. I will vote UKIP in the European and council elections – I always do. I send my Conservative MP nasty e-mails about once a week. He’s even stopped replying to them. But I know I’ll vote Conservative in the general election – and it doesn’t matter how often I say I won’t. I’ll get to the day, and then ask if I really want Labour back. It doesn’t matter how awful the Cameron Government is between now and then. I don’t think I’m alone in this.

Add to this the following: (1) the disinclination of many Moslems to vote for a party led by a Jew, even after his nose job, and despite his lefty atheism; (2) the general apathy of non-white voters; (3) the probability that a Tory/SNP deal will pass a redistribution bill to cut the number of Labour constituencies; (4) a strong SNP performance in Scotland; (5) a LibDem meltdown.

I predict a big Conservative win in England, if on a lowish turnout. This should be enough to give an overall majority in the Commons. Independence for Scotland will then smash Labour for good – which will be our opportunity to stop voting Tory in general elections. Until then, Mr Cameron has every reason to look smug. SIG Continue reading

The US and Ethnic voting – Why white America (and the rest of the West) has to play the ethnic card to survive

by Robert Henderson

The US and Ethnic voting – Why white America (and the rest of the West) has to play the ethnic card to survive

Robert Henderson

White liberals get dangerously over excited

Even by the demanding standards of adolescent inanity set by them in normal times, white liberals have been getting dangerously over-excited following the Obama re-election. His victory has induced industrial quantities of self-indulgent masochistic politically correct fantasy, revelling in the belief that the USA is locked into an inescapable demographic trap. *[They say that it] will mean, within a generation or two, the end of the white majority and the dominant culture which has shaped the country not only since independence but in the previous one hundred and eighty-odd years of the American colonial experience.(*Edited by blogmaster, to facilitate comprehension and shorten overlong sentences.)

This , the white liberal fondly and ludicrously imagines, will mean the triumph of political correctness with a wondrously multicultural and multiracial USA of the future standing as the very model of social and historical development at its Continue reading

The Many Monopolies

by Rad Geek

The Many Monopolies

The following article was written by Charles Johnson and published by The Freeman.

We libertarians defend economic freedom, not big business. We advocate free markets, not the corporate economy. And what would freed markets look like? Nothing like the controlled markets we have today. But how often do we hear mass unemployment, financial crisis, ecological catastrophe, and the economic status quo attributed to the voraciousness of “unfettered free markets”? As if they were all around us! Continue reading